A Louisiana rapper who calls himself Maine Muzik wants to kill Donald Trump because he’s afraid that TRUMP wants to take his “momma’s food stamps.”

Poor little black bitch.


The video features the thug saying how he will “to go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump is trying to take food stamps away from my mamma and that’s all the f*** she’s got.”

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What an idiot. What’s he even talking about?


On the same week Muzik was visited by police for posting a video to his Instagram account where he, and a gang of thugs, showed off a stockpile of weapons, pledging to ‘go to war,’ he released the video threatening Trump.

While it’s difficult to understand what this illiterate waste of oxygen is saying, with the help of my friend Carmine Sabia at BizPac Reviewwe’ve done our best to translate it for you.


“I really want to go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump trying to take food stamps from my mamma and that’s all the f**k she’s got…” he said. “As long as the m*ther f***ing government let us keep food stamps… we gonna be good, but the first time this n***a pass a law talking about he taking Louisiana purchase, sh*t going to get ugly.”

“You gotta understand them (inaudible) love Fruit Loops. They love t

hat s**t so if you take that s**t n***a it’s coming with the madness and a n***a ain’t gonna play about that,” he continued.

He even declared his allegiance to the the Muslim terrorist group ISIS.

“And I ain’t worried about ISIS because they just called me, they want me to f*ck with them now…” he claimed. “Ya, we got them drums bitch and grenades but I’m scared to throw them.”

Here is the scumbag in all his glory but I must caution you on the graphic language:

“Let’s get it, nigga, a hundred round nigga, let’s go to war!” he then says, before adding, “take the government to war, take the army to war, I go to war with who the f*ck I want to.”

“I really want to go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump wants to take food stamps from my mama. And that’s all the f*ck she got, bitch,” the man states.

“As long as the motherf*ckin government let us keep food stamps, we gonna be good,” he adds, before warning that things will get “ugly” and “bitches gonna go down” if Trump takes away people’s Fruit Loops.

“We want war, we gonna declare war….we got the drums bitch and grenades,” he concludes.

Earlier this week, the USDA announced that more than 1.1 million Americans have dropped off the food stamp rolls since President Trump took office in January 2017.

Before Trump was elected, there were numerous rap videos and performances that called for his assassination, with some even being celebrated by the media.

As we previously highlighted, a track entitled “F*ck Trump Anthem” contained a number of violent threats towards the presidential candidate, including a vow to cave Trump’s head in with a shovel and a promise that if he visits Baltimore, Trump will “die”. One of the lines in the rap also talks about filling Trump with hollow point bullets.

The track was hailed by as a powerful “viral protest song,” who noted that it landed a “barrage of verbal blows on Trump”.

Wow! How is it that this thug isn’t locked in a cage?

I’d say this merits a visit from the Secret Service. Dude is a menace to society.



F these a holes.

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