BREAKING: Filthy Thugs BREAK White Kid’s Jaw IN HALF… Cops And Media Have DISGUSTING Reaction


My good friend and fellow patriot Prissy Holly asked me to help get this story out and of course I said ABSOLUTELY! She told me that she feels so bad for the father. He’s trying desperately to get justice for his son. No one will cover his story because his son is white.

We are happy to help get the word out and urge you to spread this all over the place- this is unbelievable.


By Prissy Holly at Freedom Daily –

When it comes to the mainstream media choosing what events will make the news, they’re incredibly biased. If a person’s skin color does not match the narrative they’re trying to push, then chances are they’ll have no interest in covering the story about that person’s white son being brutally beaten and nearly killed. Such was the heartbreaking story of one Washington man who is demanding answers after everyone, including the media and local authorities have turned their backs on getting justice for his son named Nevin Ellsworth.

Ricky Ellsworth is desperate for America to learn about what happened to his 15-year-old son, Nevan, who was minding his own business one afternoon when all hell broke loose. It was an unprovoked attack that happened in Goldendale, Washington, when another teenager began to savagely attack his son for no reason. The brutal attack would leave Nevan’s jaw broken on both sides with injuries so extensive that his airway would become restricted as he was rushed to the emergency room in Portland, Oregon. 

Ellsworth recounted the story to us personally about how he spent nine days watching his son slowly recover at the hospital. These days would prove to be the most frustrating days of the father’s life for many reasons.


“On August 24, 2017 our 15 year old son Nevan and two of his brothers were visiting their grandparents in Goldendale Washington.  Nevan attended the Goldendale fair with his two brothers and three of their cousins.  At the fair Nevan, his brothers, and cousins were surrounded by 10 to 15 other teenagers and forced to fight the assailant. Nevan was viciously attacked by this teen, while people stood around and watched. Nevan was left with multiple fractures of his jaw.”

The father went on to describe the severity of his son’s injuries who was hospitalized for nine days at Oregon Health and Science University. It would take a team of plastic surgeons six hours to fix the extensive injuries where plates had to be placed just so his son could move his jaw again.

Nevin would go on to spend two days in the ICU followed by another week in the hospital where X-rays showed that his airway was severely restricted after his jaw being broken on both sides of his face. After a marathon six-hour surgery, Nevin would finally be on the road to a long and painful recovery. Meanwhile, his father was doing everything in his power to get justice, frantically calling and emailing anyone he could think of.

“Due to the extent of his injuries, he received plates in his mouth to hold his jaw together, a wisdom tooth was removed, two other permanent teeth in the front of his mouth are loose, and his mouth is currently banded shut.  He has limited speech and uses a tablet of paper to communicate when the pain is too much to bear. He has months of recovery with multiple follow-up appointments with the plastic surgeon team in Oregon.”

On top of the emotional turmoil of watching his son suffer in the hospital with a severe amount of pain came the frustration of local media and even the sheriff presiding over the case being completely uninterested seeking justice for Nevin. Ellsworth said he tried to reach out to the media to cover the case and to the sheriff to press charges on the teen who nearly killed his son, but his calls would never be returned.

“He was in the hospital a total of nine days!!! The teenager responsible hasn’t even been arrested! The sheriff Randy Wells in Kickitat County who’s working the case will not return my phone calls as I would like to press attempted murder charges! How can I press charges if the sheriff won’t even call me back? I’ve contacted my local news but they still haven’t got back to me. I have a GoFundMe page set up for attorney fees and further medical bills! Please help share my story and expose the evil town of Goldendale Washington! Please help share the GoFundMe page as well. All I want is justice for Nevan!”

“I contacted the FBI headquarters, attorney general, the governor of the state of Washington and the department of Justice. The governor office told me that the prosecutor and sheriff in Goldendale are elected officials who basically look out for their own citizens. This is America! You can’t just put people in the hospital and nothing happens.”

Most frustrating of all was the investigation seeming to be stonewalled which Ellsworth believes is due to the color of his skin. Had this been an assault that happened on a black teen, Ellsworth has no doubt the media and local law enforcement’s reaction would have been completely different.

“The prosecutor in Goldendale needs to do his job, it says they investigate all crimes in their county! Why haven’t they investigated this? It’s a second degree assault at minimum. Small town privilege the kid who did is friends with cops down there!”

“The kid that did this was white, but this is a case of small town privilege. I’ve heard the kid who did it, his family is friends with all the cops in Goldendale, Washington. But he still hasn’t been arrested this is 2nd degree assault minimum.”

Most frustrating of all, was at the same time Ellsworth was being ignored by local authorities and media outlets, he was scrolling through social media and saw the media frenzy involving a supposed “hate crime” of a black woman who had some fried chicken thrown at her car at a stop light.

A Black woman in Missouri says she was a victim of a racial hostility when a piece of fried chicken was thrown through her car window while she was stuck in traffic

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“No one cares. See my skin color? It doesn’t match the narrative they call news. And I know this to be a fact because today I’m scrolling through my facebook feed and what do I see? A black woman who someone threw a piece of chicken at her car and called the police and it made the news and now it’s being investigated. So I have a question for her and for her family: Did the person who threw the piece of chicken at you did you get your jaw broken because of it? Did you have to go to the hospital? Did you have to get surgery? No? None of that happened? Well then what are you complaining about? No one will even tell my son’s story. The kid who did it..he still hasn’t been arrested.”

“I truly had a lot of faith in the media. I really did. I had faith in Sean Hannity. I had faith in Fox News. I had faith in my own local news here, but I found out that they’re all just fake news…all of them. It’s pretty apparent when a piece of chicken can get thrown at a car and that makes the news, but somebody’s son being hospitalized for 9 days and you get crickets.

“This kid who did it he hasn’t been arrested he’s walking free. My son could’ve died. This should be attempted murder. But I live in a liberal state. I live in Washington so it’s a total snowflake state and they don’t care.”

Ellsworth wants everyone to know that the narrative about “white privilege” that is currently being pushed, along with the assumption that a person’s life is easy because of being white is a giant crock of BS. If there was such a thing as white privilege, there would have been immediate concern for his son, and the media and law enforcement would have made investigation into this second degree assault a priority.

“I’m upset and disgusted and I want to puke right now. When I saw that story about the piece of chicken thrown at the car..because that made the news. And now everyone is talking about it. And it’s like “wait a minute folks” if that’s really news, and if this NFL stuff is news and Hugh Heffner dying that makes the news that’s all society cares about. They don’t care about real issues like kids getting assaulted and hospitalized. I guarantee you if it was a different skin color than mine I would’ve had people banging down my door from multiple news outlets that would want to tell the story. But he was white. So I’m here to tell everybody white privilege is a myth. It’s the biggest myth perpetuated in the history of the untied states. It’s a total myth. It’s a lie. There is no white privilege and I’m a prime example of it.”

The only thing left for Ellsworth to do now is to try and get justice through the legal system. After being ignored numerous times with his phone calls to Kickitat County Sheriff Randy Wells never being returned, the angry father is now consulting with several prosecutors to find someone who will take his case possibly against the county for their mishandling of this situation.


“I spoke with an attorney who was a former prosecutor who said that what this kid did is at least 2nd degree assault but with further details it could be worse. But Goldendale is corrupt he said that the sheriff would have to investigate further just from my son’s injuries. He also said there might be a case against the county. But he hasn’t got back to me to let me know if his firm is taking the case or not. The police report is completely one sided and they’re trying to make my son sound racist and the lawyer laughed because they’re both white! So I’m kind of in limbo right now waiting for the lawyer.”

We will keep you updated as more information about this story becomes available. If you would like to donate to Nevin in order to help with legal and medical costs, you can do so at this link.

Be sure and share Nevin Ellsworth’s story and help us pressure the local media and authorities to do the right thing!

This article was originally published at Freedom Daily and was reprinted with permission from my good friend Prissy Holly


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