What Black Woman Did At Trump Rally Has Dems TERRIFIED… This Is Their WORST Nightmare


Over 10,000 people attended Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s rally in Michigan including a ton of women. What’s interesting is that many of these women are ‘minorities’- you know the people that the mainstream media claim would NEVER vote for Trump!

The liberals accuse the Donald of “sexism” and “racism” time and time again but a video taken by the American Mirror shows that women and minorities LOVE Trump!

In the video reporter Kyle Olsen is seen interviewing women from all walks of life including blacks, Mexicans, young and old. And these women are PASSIONATE about their support for Trump. Some of them have never been interested in politics until Trump entered the spotlight.

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Women like Donald Trump at Grand Rapids, Michigan rallyWomen like Donald Trump at Grand Rapids, Michigan rally


Posted by The American Mirror on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One woman, who was wearing a fabulous ‘HILLARY FOR PRISON’ t-shirt said, “I like Donald Trump because I feel like he’s actually honest with the people.”

She also said that she thinks that most of the government officials aren’t being honest with the people and are mere puppets. “I think that both parties have merged into one,” she said adding, “And I think people like Rubio and Bush an Hillary are pretty much in the same party.”

I  like this girl! Brains and beauty all wrapped into a nice package!


Next up is a wonderful black woman who says,”I like Donald Trump, I think that he’s an unusual candidate.”

She says that women and minorities are drawn to him because “women and minorities are non-traditional Republicans as well.”

“Technically minorities are supposed to vote Democrat and fall in love with the Barack Obamas and support Hillary Clinton,” she said. “But that’s not true. I think African-Americans are waking up to the fact that liberal policies are not working for us.”

These women admire Donald Trump for his success and his ability to get people involved in the election who would normally not really care.


And another woman was asked her thoughts about how the mainstream media says “women aren’t supposed to like Donald Trump.”

Her answer was spot on.

“I love Donald Trump,” she said. “I think women are far underrated if we should be stupid enough to vote for a woman because she’s a woman.”

Check out this ‘camera pan’ of the Trump rally!

WOW! People are FIRED UP! You won’t see that at a Hillary or a Bernie rally!

So there it is patriots- the Democrat’s narrative blown to smithereens. Female Trump supporters are intelligent, conservative and passionate AND they aren’t just WHITE WOMEN!

You just GOTTA LOVE IT! 

(H/T Mad World News)


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