#BlackLivesMatter Punks Try To Disgrace U.S. Flag… But These Cops & Firefighters Have A Different Idea


Black Lives Matter thugs were in Chicago Saturday doing what they do best- bitching about EVERYTHING! They gathered to protest the police, you know, the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to protect and serve Americans.

One moron thought it would make sense to climb up a flagpole and remove the American flag that was flying in front of the location where the International Association of Chiefs of Police were holding their annual conference.


Image source: Twitter

Notice how the Chicago police officer stood by as the protester took down the flag and made sure it never touched the ground. Awesome- now arrest that  fool!

Even worse than taking down Old Glory, the idiot replaced it with a flag that read, “Unapologetically Black.” Uh… who exactly is it that wants black people to apologize for being fricking BLACK? Lose the chip, people!


Image source: WLS-TV

A Palestinian flag was reportedly also on display for some reason.

And look what the Fire Department did!

V. Saxena at Conservative Tribune reports:

And while the firefighter did this, the crowd of “Black Lives Matter” thugs booed, because apparently being black racial grievance mongers matters more to them than being citizens of the greatest nation on this earth.

Regarding why they were protesting the police in the first place, protester Maria Hadden told news station WLS: “What we’re looking for today is to have our voices heard, to show the coalition of voices, to show that black lives matter.”

Really? Yet Hadden and her extremely misinformed ilk said absolutely nothing about the countless black men, women and children who are injured or outright killed every single weekend in Chicago by other black people.

Just this past weekend, for instance, six were killed and 26 injured, reported news station WGN. But rather than address a national epidemic of crime against blacks by blacks, grievance mongers like New York’s Al Sharpton continue to moan and groan about the police.

If it weren’t for the police, the climbing death toll in Chicago would likely be much, much higher. So instead of protesting the law enforcement officers who try diligently to protect innocent black men, women and children, perhaps the “Black Lives Matter” thugs should try thanking them for a change.

(H/T TheBlaze)

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