#BlackLivesMatters THUGS Issue DEATH THREAT To Donald Trump… He’s NOT Backing Down!



#BlackLivesMatter… Yeah we know already, you were all slaves and Whites are all evil slave owners. Well, White lives matter too you racist animals. The pathetic as well as useless ‘movement’ has reached a new low. They are issuing threats to DONALD TRUMP!

That’s right, these scumbags want Donald Trump DEAD!

Trump, no doubt, already has the finest security detail money can buy but these recent threats from Blacks as well as El Chapo, the Mexican drug lord may require the Donald to beef up his security.

The ridiculous thing is this- who do Blacks want for president? Hillary Clinton? LMAO, these people are totally out of their minds!

Here is the tweet from a black named “swole pocket sarah” who wonders why Donald Trump isn’t dead yet…


I went to her Twitter page and this ‘woman’ is completely foul. I mean really foul.

Why does she hate White people so much?

To this day, I just don’t understand the the amount of hatred these people have for Whites. Perhaps it has something to do with crappy parenting.

One person responded saying they were forwarding her comment to the Secret Service.

From Conservative Tribune:

Yet another responded that they believed the escaped Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” was already on it, to which Sarah replied that he needed “to hurry up with” that.

According to the The Gateway Pundit, Ms. “swole pocket sarah” is an open supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” protest movement and apparently has no qualms about wishing violence upon white law enforcement officers.

On April 27, during the day that Baltimore exploded into rioting, Sarah tweeted about bricks being thrown at cops and how that doesn’t compare to black people allegedly being gunned down by the police.

She tweeted, “damn. somebody threw a brick at a cop. wow BUT 380 BLACK LIVES HAVE BEEN TAKEN THIS YEAR BUT A F****** BRICK HITTING A COP MATTERS MORE!

Filthy scumbag.


These people need to get a grip on reality for one thing and realize that Tweeting out garbage like this CAN result in being arrested and thrown in prison. I would love nothing more frankly.

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