Blacks Back Donald Trump For President In Record Numbers… Liberals In PANIC Mode

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Donald Trump confidently says he will win the Hispanic vote as well as the Black vote. And he is right! Trump’s message resonates to people of every ethnicity. And that’s because he doesn’t just talk the talk. HE WALKS THE WALK!

Think about it. Who and WHAT was Obama when he mysteriously entered the picture? I’ll tell you- he was nobody and nothing. His achievements? There were none unless you credit him for his ‘community organizing’ skills. LMAO, Tony Rezko can tell you all about it. Corrupt. Scandalous and the Kenyan totally screwed the Black Americans out of MILLIONS of dollars that were supposed to improve their communities.

But, never-the-less Obama won thanks to morons, freaks and rigged polling machines. Oh, and the Black Panthers.

Enough about Obama, he’s almost finished destroying America as much as he can in 8 LONG years. 

Don Peebles is one of the most successful and wealthiest business leaders in America. Why is he important? For one, he has a lot of good things to say about Trump and secondly, he is Black. An extremely successful Black man that has accomplished amazing things. And we LOVE success! I mean, it’s fine to have a bunch of under achieving losers rooting for you but it’s much better for America when ultra successful entrepreneurs to have your back.

“You look at someone like Donald Trump, there is no resentment to Donald Trump in the African American community. There is aspiration. They want to emulate him because he is showing that the American Dream is possible,” Peebles said during an interview with Bloomberg.

Conservative Tribune reports:

“African Americans, unlike other progressive aspects of Democrats, actually admire success and want to emulate it,” Peebles explained.

Should Trump be elected, he very well could be the catalyst to motivate the black community to move away from a growing dependence on government assistance and more consistently pursue their dreams of entrepreneurial success.

After all, Trump’s stance on the nation’s welfare system will be vastly different than President Barack Obama’s. Between rolling back welfare and providing minorities with opportunities that their current, anti-American dream president hasn’t in his two terms, the black community could be on the cusp of a new-found prosperity.

Peebles’ endorsement of The Donald is HUGE, considering the fact that he’s a Democrat who once served on President Barack Obama’s national finance committee (H/T The Daily Caller).



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