Blacks Back Donald Trump For President In Record Numbers… Liberals In PANIC Mode

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Donald Trump confidently says he will win the Hispanic vote as well as the Black vote. And he is right! Trump’s message resonates to people of every ethnicity. And that’s because he doesn’t just talk the talk. HE WALKS THE WALK!

Think about it. Who and WHAT was Obama when he mysteriously entered the picture? I’ll tell you- he was nobody and nothing. His achievements? There were none unless you credit him for his ‘community organizing’ skills. LMAO, Tony Rezko can tell you all about it. Corrupt. Scandalous and the Kenyan totally screwed the Black Americans out of MILLIONS of dollars that were supposed to improve their communities.


But, never-the-less Obama won thanks to morons, freaks and rigged polling machines. Oh, and the Black Panthers.

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Enough about Obama, he’s almost finished destroying America as much as he can in 8 LONG years. 


Don Peebles is one of the most successful and wealthiest business leaders in America. Why is he important? For one, he has a lot of good things to say about Trump and secondly, he is Black. An extremely successful Black man that has accomplished amazing things. And we LOVE success! I mean, it’s fine to have a bunch of under achieving losers rooting for you but it’s much better for America when ultra successful entrepreneurs to have your back.

“You look at someone like Donald Trump, there is no resentment to Donald Trump in the African American community. There is aspiration. They want to emulate him because he is showing that the American Dream is possible,” Peebles said during an interview with Bloomberg.


Conservative Tribune reports:

“African Americans, unlike other progressive aspects of Democrats, actually admire success and want to emulate it,” Peebles explained.

Should Trump be elected, he very well could be the catalyst to motivate the black community to move away from a growing dependence on government assistance and more consistently pursue their dreams of entrepreneurial success.

After all, Trump’s stance on the nation’s welfare system will be vastly different than President Barack Obama’s. Between rolling back welfare and providing minorities with opportunities that their current, anti-American dream president hasn’t in his two terms, the black community could be on the cusp of a new-found prosperity.

Peebles’ endorsement of The Donald is HUGE, considering the fact that he’s a Democrat who once served on President Barack Obama’s national finance committee (H/T The Daily Caller).



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  1. Blacks need to wake up. Democrats have played them for over 50 years from when Johnson flipped and finally supported civil rights. Dems made a big flourish over supporting something Republicans had been pushing for decades. Conservatives believe in equality not victimization. More blacks live in ghettos than ever before. They are poorer than any time in the modern era except the depths of the Great Depression but we are headed there. If we do not reverse illegal immigration then the 95% black youth unemployment will spread to other segments and we will see ALL family members from 18-65 in black households UNEMPLOYED. It isn’t that they don’t want to work, or can’t work, the JOBS are taken by NON-citizens from fast food entry level to engineering positions, technical fields, and trades like masonry and roofing. LOOK at the numbers. Blacks have been beaten down as never before. It is a wonder they have not blamed the true perpetrators. Their own politicians in cities like Detroit and Chicago where most the precincts are controled by other blacks. And by white liberals who keep hooking them on benefits that they lose the minute they start earning anything decent. We MUST have a transitional plan so that families which remain intact have incentive to do so, continue to get some benefits while getting an education, training, or when they have two jobs. Why work two jobs to stabilize if you get food stamps by only working one? They need control of their own money, own banks and lending, and ability to raise up neighborhoods. This can be done. But not by the handout mentality. It’s a trap. And it’s worked. Maybe Trump can break the cycle. I believe he wants to see everyone who wants to work, working a decent job.

    • You need to wake up….Trump is not getting the Black vote nor the Hispanic vote nor Women’s vote, that leave only people like you, old white and racist as hell. Nice try goober.

      • Elaine Haney says:

        He’s getting this woman’s vote.

      • Wow with my mixed background is sure is hard to be racist against myself moron. Trump may get a majority of all the votes. You obviously have not spoken with blacks in business, blacks in education, blacks in technical fields. They are fed up watching their communities DIE under this President. And they want a businessman. Hispanics too. Americans who are not illegals who are Hispanic believe in the American dream because so many are living it now. You need to network more with real people and stop listening to liberal media. I know every race in business and they are all excited about a possible new choice instead of a Bush, a Clinton, or some communist Sanders.

        I also am not OLD, not as described guy. Try again. Kiss the Native American portion of my butt. Blacks are waking up, little by little. Personal friends in the Frederick Douglas Society can attest to it. You know nothing. Enjoy the ride.

        • Yeah, but your also an idiot…so you don’t count

          • Hahahah . Dude. I have held multiple positions as VP in companies helping them grow, established dozens of brands, secured over $4 Billion with a B in contracts for companies in 35 years of business experience, and teach, as well as mentor. I was asked to run for State Senate in the last election cycle because of my beliefs and abilities. You calling me an idiot is just plain silly. You have no idea who I am, but you want to reassure yourself you are not an ignorant person. I hate to break the sad news to you but…

          • Oh, and I can speak as someone who has sat down with or been in the same room discussing policy with Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, other Senators like Tim Scott, reps, and leaders in business and global politics like other heads-of-state. You my friend never even got invited.

          • DemsAreDim says:

            Some one who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re and you’re calling him an idiot. (BTW you’re means you are, I was afraid you wouldn’t know what I was talking about.) Now shove this up your ass…..see the difference?

          • Excuse me, but there ARE some of us Dems who DO have some sense, LOTS of us, actually and we WILL be voting for Trump. P.S. Female Democrat of 20 + years.


          • shirtsbyeric says:

            It’s YOU’RE also an idiot. If you want to insult someone, do it correctly.

          • windows r so hard says:


          • LastinLine says:

            ok, so now we know you just “Jumped The Shark” lol


          • windows r so hard says:


        • SubSumeYou says:

          Same here, of mixed background and a patriotic, Constitutional Republic American citizen.

          I recognize Donald J. Trump for his own achievements as an independent and successful business entity who genuinely is dismayed at what’s been happening to America by both political parties and is horrendously damaging, abusive and murderous.

          The American democrats have served this sole purpose continously especially towards deceiving the electorate of American citizens ( Blacks) even in circumventing the Constitution in everyway in efforts to remain as public servant employees and unlawfully reap from it.

          • What is really revealing. I happen to live in a mostly black Democrat district of Charlotte where I ran for State Senate twice. I campaigned hard but there was a wall to break through that no one even used to approach. It will take years to get commitment to vote for Republicans. My friends who also ran for Senate and other positions, who happen to be black, also lost races, not because of skin color, but because of perceived stereotypes of conservatives towards the black community. We have a black police chief but the man who ran for sheriff and is eminently qualified (great guy by the way) who is black, lost. He received all kinds of derision in the campaign. As did another State Senate hopeful who is black. These exceptional men (and women) out there who put themselves forward are the only ones who I think can really motivate and rally their communities. Many blacks DO support Trump because he is a man who built something in this world. They respect him. He didn’t steal money like politicians do. He employed people and became one of the wealthiest people on earth. We should applaud that ability and apply the lesson learned. He could possibly be the greatest help to black communities in terms of advancing training, employment, education, and income growth opportunities.

        • Well said. Checkmate.

      • LastinLine says:

        You need to lighten up Francis…
        You are going to pop a blood vessel lol

        eh, Anyone with a hope and dream to sell will win the “Poor’s” vote.
        That Kenyan man proved that (twice)

        Minority’s and woman who understand the spirit of the American dream and a real chance at a better life respect Donald Trump for building the wealth he has and the skills he commands to right this Nations financial and domestic issues.
        America Matter’s and you hanger54 appear to be the only racist in the room.

      • Tom Meadows says:

        From your comments. have you EVER ben awakeIn any case you have bin drinking WAY TO MUCH DEMOCRAT KOOL-AID

      • Joseph Matovich says:

        You are in for a rude awakening. hope you have a backup plan after the election. the Hispanic vote is in Trumps corner, those American voter. we don’t care what your illegal friends think they only can vote in Illinois and California anyway.

      • windows r so hard says:

        Lol. Ok bruh.

      • ShihTzuHappens~ says:

        Here’s some food for thought.

    • SubSumeYou says:

      Well said, well expressed. Thank you.

  2. martiniolives2 says:

    LOL, one black guy. Nice try, though. Everyone else recognizes Trump for the egomaniacal racist, misogynist that he is. He still offers no concrete, workable plans to support anything he’s so far said he would do. Following him is as smart as following Palin.

  3. Patty Williams says:

    I am a white Christian who loves her country, her military, and her flag. I suppost Im a walking talking race crime. Im not voting for Trump, he is too much like the left. Ill be looking for someone who can lead this nation, and beat the left.

    • SubSumeYou says:

      You’re a walking, texting liberal.

    • You mean like Jeb Bush, or one of the other RINO’s? In the long run Jeb has the war chest to out last all the other as it is massive. The only person Trump is taking poll numbers from is Jeb. People that vote for Carson or Cruz wouldn’t vote for Trump. So he is only hurting Jeb who is basically Hillary in drag. The GOP want him because he is so like hillary but without her problems he will pull some of her support and with his plan to make illegals legal citizens he will pull a lot of the hispanic voters. But REAL conservatives will never vote for him, not that the GOP care. They just want to win even if that means putting a RINO in the White House, that is why if Bush ends up getting the nomination, the GOP once again will be scratching their heads wondering how they lost!

    • windows r so hard says:

      OK. Go vote for ANOTHER Bush or ANOTHER Clinton.

      You need to pull your head out of your ass.

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