Blacks Burn Down City Because WHITE Cop Killed Black Thug, There’s Just One HUGE Problem…

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Blacks rioted in Milwaukee, burned down buildings and hunted down any white person they could find because one of their own wonderful black pillar of society was gunned down by a racist white cop. One problem- the cop is BLACK.

BOOM- there goes the whole damned narrative you filthy racist savages!

That’s right, the Police Officer is black so you can all go back to your mommy’s houses and smoke your crack and drink your malt liquor. Listen to some garbage rap music and plot your next burglary or whatever the f**k it is you scumbags do.

Once again we see black people and liberals jumping to conclusions that there is some kind of prejudice against blacks but the fact is that these blacks that are getting shot by the police are dangerous animals. Criminals. Thugs.

Get a job, obey the law and you will do just fine in America.

Break the law and you will pay the price. I don’t give a sh*t what color you are. I’m WHITE and I obey the law, work my ass off and pay my taxes.

You’re black? So what? Couldn’t care less.

Obama has destroyed this country. Nice experiment you filthy liberal morons. Now blacks are completely out of control.

So sick of this garbage.

God Bless.

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