Media Blames TRUMP For Chicago Riots, But Look What Wife-Beating Rapper Did Just BEFORE It Happened


Grammy winner and full blown RACIST Chris Brown took to Instagram to blast all white people and encourage his filthy followers to ATTACK Trump supporters and encourage starting riots.


That’s right folks, he’s calling on black mobs to attack whitey. Chris Brown is a filthy scumbag. An Obama loving son of a bit*c.

I’m sick of this crap. If these scumbags want a fight, then they’ll get a fight that they will never forget. Keep fueling the fire boy. It’s working. I’m mad as hell. And so are MILLIONS OF PATRIOTS.

Okay, I had to put this nasty Instagram that this little punk posted because without it, I would look like some crazy, white rightwing wacko making this stuff up. But here’s the proof.

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I have to caution you. This is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, FOUL, CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT IS SUITABLE ONLY FOR TRASH and will make your blood boil. 


A video posted by @chrisbrownofficial on

chrisbrownofficial F*** TRUMP AND F*** THE PIGS????! TO SEE THIS EVIL S**T IS SO WRONG! GOD WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE! TRUST ME! ?? WITHOUT OUR BLACK CULTURE, ASIAN CULTURE, LATIN CULTURE, MUSLIMS, AND ANY RACE THAT YOU DONT APPROVE OF HELP YOU TO BE WHO THE F*** YOU ARE. NOT TO MENTION WE ARE THE MOST CREATIVE,OPPRESSED, resilient, And HARD WORKERS, without out us your just another simple minded scared little man. WHEN MAKE FASHION, WE MAKE WHITE ARTIST WANNA BE US, White girls singing R&B OLD VIBE SONGS and its the best thing since sliced bread? BRANDY AND BEYONCE SING CIRCLES AROUND YALL CLONES! until the poeple in these power positions start showing humility and a actual love for everyone in AMERICA and the whole world. Ain’t nobody stupid my nigga. People are so afraid to say s**t because y’all just find a way to kill our leaders!!!! WHO THE F*** U THINK CLEANS YOUR HOTELS AND WORKS HARD TO FEED A WHOLE FAMILY. US”! YOU A B**CH,, ALWAYS BEEN A PU**Y! I ain’t running for no political offices nor don’t I want to be apart of the devision of (Devil)race. FIRST THING YALL do IS BRING GOD IN it. DONT PLAY WITH POWERS U don’t understand. Ok… Ok…ok… ALL JOKES ASIDE,……F**K TRUMP! #F**KTRUMP
Wow. What an ungrateful, foulmouthed, racist, illiterate, angry little punk. 
This hateful scumbag thinks that God will listen to him? LMAO! 
What has happened to these black people? Obama appears and now they HATE US WHITE FOLK. 
Screw you. You have NOTHING to complain about. Look at this multi millionaire bitching about america and white people. Sick garbage. 
This guy is a womanizing, drug addict POS. 
That’s right. He beat the hell out of his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. He was convicted for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! 
This dude, and many more just like him are unfit to live in a civilized society. They are violent animals. 
Black dude hates the white man. Yeah, we get it. Go screw yourself.
Like the old song says, “They smile in your face, but all the time they want to take your place- the backstabbers…”
We have MASSIVE problems here in America. We need DONALD J. TRUMP to step in and eliminate this garbage. 
Let us know what you think in the comments. 
God Bless. 


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