Former Top BLM Leader SLAMS Fraudulent Movement: “I learned they had little concern for rebuilding Black families” [Video]


Black Lives Matter.


We get it.

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White Lives Matter too in case you wondered.


But the actual BLM organization is in fact a complete mess with their message against Whites, Police and America in general.

Black Lives is imploding and is starting to crumble.


We recently learned that on one the leaders who is a self proclaimed ‘trained Marxist’ has stepped down after she pocketed MILLIONS of dollars and bought multiple properties and mansions.

She’s a freaking millionaire.

It was never about helping Black people- it was about getting rich as f**k.

Well another Black Lives Matter has come to the realization that the BLM organization is garbage.

From 100 Percent FED Up:

In a stunning turn of events, Rashad Turner, former BLM activist and founder of the St. Paul BLM division, came out with a video condemning the official Black Lives Matter movement as having little to no concern for helping Black lives and Black families.

In the recently released video, Turner explains why his passion for helping Black individuals and families succeed in life, just as he could have led him to join the BLM movement and establish activities in St Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately, he became disillusioned with the organization as he did not see the movement engage in activities that actually helped the Black community.

Turner briefly recounted his traumatic childhood when his father was shot when he was just two years old and had to be taken care of by his grandparents as his mother did not have the means to support him. He learned from his grandparents the importance of education in getting ahead in life and devoted himself to that end, with all that hard work paying off when he became the first in his family to obtain a college degree. This enthusiasm initially led him to join the BLM movement and why he subsequently left after finding out the truth:


As it turns out, BLM had as one of their expressed goals to “disrupt the nuclear family structure.” When it became clear that BLM did not actually care about Black lives and especially Black families, Turner stuck to his principles and left the organization and became the President and Executive Director of the Minnesota Parent Union and continues to help the Black Community to this day.

Rashad Turner’s denouncement of BLM comes as “Denver BLM leader and school board member is under investigation for sexual abuse,” in addition to the hypocritical attitudes of members of the leadership.

One can only hope for other principled people that BLM and other such movements misguided abandon them and bring their talents to more deserving organizations and movements.

Finally we just may be seeing the decline of this phony organization.

It’s time.

Soon they will be a distant sickening memory.


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God Bless.

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