#BLM Member OUTRAGED At Racist Message On Truck, MAJOR Detail Leaves Him HUMILIATED


College campuses have become bastions of liberal snowflake ideology filled with students spending their days intentionally seeking out things to become offended over, and to be quite honest, it’s getting rather tiring.

One such example is a white supporter of the #BlackLIESMatter “movement,” who spotted a racist message scrawled on a pickup truck at Iowa State University. However, one major detail left him seriously humiliated, and he undoubtedly deserved it.


Nick Thuot was apparently wandering the campus on Monday when he came across a pickup truck with the words “White Power” written across the back. Being a supporter of the #BLM terrorist group, he immediately became upset and posted a picture of it to his Facebook page, and outrage ensued.


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The post reads:

“To anyone who thinks that this sh-t isn’t real, I just saw this truck in a lot here at Iowa State University. Racism is still rampant in this community and in our country. Fellow White people: what will we do to change our legacy of violence and hatred?”


Of course, no act of racism goes unpunished on today’s college campuses, and almost immediately, reactions started rolling in.

#BLM Member OUTRAGED At Racist Message On Truck, MAJOR Detail Leaves Him HUMILIATED


#BLM Member OUTRAGED At Racist Message On Truck, MAJOR Detail Leaves Him HUMILIATED

#BLM Member OUTRAGED At Racist Message On Truck, MAJOR Detail Leaves Him HUMILIATED

Seeing the two words right next to one another, even though there was zero context to them, even prompted the self-loathing liberal to call police for an apparent language violation.

#BLM Member OUTRAGED At Racist Message On Truck, MAJOR Detail Leaves Him HUMILIATED

“Hey Limay! I intentionally took the photo and excluded the license plate. I notified ISUPD of the ca and they informed me that they would send an officer over to investigate. I’m realizing that I should not have utilized a system that has historically and contemporarily let people of color down to hold the individual accountable. I messed up and I’m owning that.”

Please. Can you even believe what you just read? Yeah, neither can we.

Anyways, someone suggested to the social justice warrior that perhaps he was mistaken, and without knowing the driver of the vehicle or why the words “White Power” ended up on his truck, perhaps he was jumping to conclusions- a big mistake with social justice warriors, because once they get something in their heads, it’s all but as good as true.

Here’s Thuot’s response:

“It seems to me that you’re going to pretty significant lengths to justify/rationalize this racism. A proclamation of White power is without question racist. There is no other way to interpret that.”

Again, please. But as it would turn out, Thuot’s social justice crusade came to a screeching halt when the folks with The College Fix were able to catch up to the driver of the vehicle. Why? Because as someone suggested, the driver had nothing to do with the message.

In fact, it was vandalism.

…the “WHITE POWER” message scrawled in blue Sharpie was vandalism, and it was “irritating,” the truck’s owner told The College Fix in a phone interview.

Before Derek Jensen was alerted that his graffiti-stricken truck was locally infamous, an Internet mob was forming – and the police were investigating his truck.

He told The Fix that he filed a police report that day, and expects the perpetrator to be charged with vandalism if caught. “It’s just irritating when people are messing with stuff they shouldn’t be messing with,” he said.

Yeah. So here this guy faced a virtual lynch mob over something he didn’t even do, all because the sensitive snowflakes of ISU couldn’t simply ignore something they didn’t like.

You know, they say life is hard, and it’s even harder if you’re stupid. With that said, it must be extremely hard for college students these days.

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God Bless.



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  1. Scooter Tramp says:

    Black Power, BET, Ebony, NAACP, Miss Black America, Black Lives Matter, Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Muslim Caucus, Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys aren’t racist but replace the word black with white and it automatically racist. SMH!

  2. Phuck those nyggers. The word white power isn’t any different than brown or black power. I remember a few years ago when a nygger couple was trying to defraud their home insurance and spray painted swastikas and white power all over there house. An investigation was done and it all the evidenced pointed at the nyggers. How did they get caught you might ask. The swastikas were backwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if some nygger put white power on that truck. White people wouldn’t write it in like that but would rather use a sticker so as to not ruin the truck. The nygger who posted it is probably the one who did it

    • Millennium says:

      ” The nygger who posted it is probably the one who did it”
      Ding Ding Ding…We have a winner.
      NO person would write that on their truck. Total vandalism.

  3. Black lies matter and don’t you ever forget it. If it weren’t for the white people working how would the blacks get all that free stuff and get free or low cost college? Of course if they weren’t black, they wouldn’t get to the front of the line to get to college. How many blacks at that school are there only because of affirmative action? Lived that affirmative crap in the ’70s when in the military. So many blacks had to be promoted each cycle even if their scores were lower than any other person not just the white people. Granted some blacks earned their promotion and some just got it because of skin color.

  4. Why is “WHITE POWER” a racist remark but “BLACK POWER” or “ASIAN POWER” not?

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