BLM Thug Thinks He Can Take On Small Cop, Seconds Later He’s Crying Like A Baby…


When a cop issues a simple order, you need to follow it. When you don’t, you will pay the price. But apparently, a young black thug in Fresno, California, felt differently — and he wound up paying a huge price.

TheBlaze reports that an expletive-laden cellphone video showing a Fresno, California, police officer wrestling a high school student to the ground is quickly going viral.

The black thugs resisted the police officer and yelled “Black Lives Matter…”

Yeah, we know. You matter. Hands up- don’t shoot and all that other bullshit you demented scumbags spew. Hey, as long as y’all are getting paid by Soros and the Democrats why in the hell not be paid for trash? Obama’s mother was paid for being a prostitute so this is right up your alley.

Personally, if I were black and couldn’t tell funny jokes or throw a ball in a hoop I would be pissed off. Of course, there’s always grunting obscenities to crappy prefabricated “music” and declaring yourselves rappers. I hate rap. No talent- pure GARBAGE.


Fresno police on Thursday provided TheBlaze with the following account of the incident:

On Monday, Aug. 15, traffic officers were assigned to areas surrounding schools for the purpose of keeping students safe on their first day back to school. At 7:30 a.m. a traffic officer riding a police motorcycle turned northbound onto First Street from Barstow when he saw a student beginning to run westbound across First Street, north of Barstow Avenue.

The student was not in the crosswalk and the pedestrian crossing light was blinking red.

The officer told the student to go back onto the sidewalk and cross the intersection in the crosswalk when the signal changed.

The student ran behind the officer to the crosswalk and immediately entered into the intersection within the crosswalk but against the red signal. The officer told the student to return to the sidewalk until the signal changed. The student smiled at him and continued to walk westbound against the red signal.

The student then entered the crosswalk to walk southbound on the west side of First street on the appropriate signal.

The officer made contact with the student on the southwest corner of First and Barstow for the purpose of issuing him a citation for “pedestrian walking against the red signal” after the warning was ignored. The officer directed the student to stop walking and to come over to him as the officer was parking his motorcycle.

However, the individual kept on walking. The officer told the student a second time to stop and “come here,” however the individual laughed and continued to walk away. The officer ordered him a third time with the same result. The officer then grabbed the student’s arm to prevent him from leaving and the student pulled away.

As a result, a physical confrontation occurred between the officer and the student and the officer took the student to the ground and placed him in a headlock until another officer arrived to assist with handcuffing the individual. The student was determined to be 16 years of age.

A second person who had been walking with the 16 year old began to videotape the encounter and yell at the officer who was on the ground with the 16 year old. This person was within 5 feet of the officer and at one point said he would break the officers nose.

When the officer attempted to detain him for obstruction of justice he ran from the officer.

He did return a short time later and the officer attempted to detain him again, but the individual ran again. When the person returned the third time the officer arrested him for obstruction of justice.

The 16 year old was arrested and booked at Fresno County Juvenile hall for battery on a police officer, obstruction of justice, and being a pedestrian walking against a red signal.

The second individual was arrested for obstruction of justice, transported to his mother’s house, issued a citation and released.

An internal investigation was initiated for the purpose of determining if the officer violated department policy during the detention and subsequent arrest of the 16 year old student and the individual who was with him.

The investigation will also look at whether the officer used appropriate de-escalation tactics during this encounter.

The officer was wearing body worn camera which has been reviewed as part of the internal review.

The officer did receive a cut/abrasion to his elbow as result of the physical confrontation.

There were no apparent injuries to the 16 year old, but he was taken to the hospital to be examined at the request of his mother who responded to the scene.

Source- Dave Urbanski At TheBlaze

Yeah, it was just jaywalking but laws are laws.

Thanks to Obama blacks feel that they are above the law. Just claim discrimination and all is good.

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