BLM Thugs Beat 83 Year Old White Woman To Death, But What They Do Next Is Beyond Words


Meriwether County, GA- Dorothy Dow went about her evening as usual, getting her home tidy and then going to bed.  What happened next, was beyond words.

Dow, 83, was awakened by a man beating her with a gun, breaking bones in her hand and arm as she tried to block the violent attack.  Another person entered her room and then set her on fire then both men left the room.

Dow then rolled out of bed, frantically searching for a gallon of water that she kept next to her breathing machine.  With broken bones and on fire, she found the water and dumped it on herself to put out the fire.

Dorothy Dow’s daughter-in-law spoke to reporters and advised, “She said ‘I thought they were going to kill me’. They told her that she was never going to see her sons again.”

After the attack, Dorothy Dow spent weeks in the hospital on a ventilator before finally passing due to her injuries recently. The initial attack took place in August of 2016.

Justin Pierce Grady, 38, Cortavious Deshun Heard, 18, Shanquavious Keontrell Cameron, 17, Mina Christine Ellery, 17, and Angel Latrice Harmon, 17, face multiple charges related to the robbery and now murder.


It is heartbreaking to hear that these 5 garbage dwelling thugs brutality attacked an elderly woman as she slept.  Is it justice that the attackers are in jail and being charged?

No, what they did was inhumane and shows a complete lack of human empathy, they are nothing more than sociopaths and should be charged, convicted and sentenced to immediate death.

These monsters went about ransacking and stealing Dorothy’s belongings all the while she was burning alive.  Simply prison for life is not justice, nor is it acceptable that the tax payers foot the bill for these evil scumbags for the rest of their lives.

It is beyond words what they did to this woman, my heart goes out to her family and I can only hope that life balances itself by eradicating these 5.

What do you think should happen to these 5 sociopathic killers?  Dorothy showed a heroic will to live and all the while she was on fire and broken bones, she found the water and put herself out.  Dorothy fought on in the hospital, as she said, so she could see her boys.   She died from her injuries, horrific and monstrous attack by 5 sick and twisted scumbags.

May she rest in peace.

(h/t Blue Lives Matter)

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God Bless.

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