BREAKING: Entitled Black Olympian Does the UNTHINKABLE To U.S. At Opening Ceremony… ON PURPOSE


Some people, regardless of what they’ve earned, been given, or otherwise have in their lives, are never satisfied, and a certain Olympian on Team USA happens to be one of them.

Last night in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the opening ceremonies for the 2018 Winter Olympics were held, and every nation was introduced individually to the jam-packed stadium. Among them was Team USA – the most dominate Olympic team in history – which was led into the arena by four-time Olympian and Bronze medalist in the woman’s luge in 2014, Erin Hamlin.

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Hamlin charged into the arena holding a giant American Flag, leading our diverse team of incredible athletes in front of the massive, roaring crowd. Hamlin was chosen to lead the team after a tied vote among the numerous sports federations ended in a tie, leading to the most commonly-used method of deciding ties – the coin toss.


In a show of appreciation for being able to represent Team USA at the ceremony, Hamlin tweeted:

“Beyond grateful to be a part of this team and incredibly proud to have the privilege of leading every amazing @TeamUSA athlete into that stadium tonight. Let’s do this!! #TeamUSA #starsandstripes #olympics @GettySport

According to the Daily Mail, Hamlin was beyond grateful to lead our team into the arena:

Hamlin, the first American to medal in luge singles and a winner of 23 World Cup medal, has already announced this will be her last Olympics as she is retiring immediately after these games.

In a statement she said she was ‘honored and excited’ to be named flag-bearer adding ‘this is something totally different’.

‘It’s something that is because of that hard work. People acknowledge that and respect that. It’s a big privilege to represent Team USA.’

The incredible moment was one of the greatest honors she’d ever received, and she was rightfully thankful for it, but there was just one problem; the person who lost the coin toss wasn’t too happy about it, and they let the entire world know in the most despicable display of poor sportsmanship you could imagine, which is odd considering athletes should be used to losing at times.

The decision of who led the team came down to Hamlin and speed skater and back-to-back 1000m Gold Medalist Shani Davis, one of a handful of black athletes who proved themselves to be the best in their sport and make it onto Team USA. But while the Olympic are supposed to be a time of national unity and one in which sportsmanship, athleticism, and great competition, Davis showed none of these characteristics after losing the coin toss.

In fact, his reaction was quite the opposite – he took a parting shot at Team USA for letting Hamlin carry the flag and not him, then boycotted the entire event, displaying his poor attitude and inability to deal with a loss graciously, all in front of the entire world. Davis almost immediately took to Twitter after losing the toss and accused Team USA “dishonorably” denying him the privilege [keyword] of leading the team into the arena, tweeting:

“I am an American and when I won the 1000m in 2010 I became the first American to 2-peat in that event. @TeamUSA dishonorably tossed a coin to decide its 2018 flag bearer. No problem. I can wait until 2022. #BlackHistoryMonth2018 #PyeongChang2018

Notice how he pulled the race card by using “#BlackHistoryMonth2018” as one of his hashtags, despite the fact that the entire ordeal has absolutely nothing to do with race and absolutely everything to do with fairness. But perhaps that’s the problem; “fairness” to some is actually code word for special treatment, and it’s apparent that’s what it means to Davis, considering Hamlin won a coin toss fair-and-square yet he thought he still should have been the flag carrier.

Why? Entitlement, in a nutshell.

There’s no doubt that Davis is an incredible athlete who’s undoubtedly going to perform well this year. There’s no question about his athletic abilities whatsoever; however, when you bring race into a non-racial incident you’re acting in a manner that’s the exact opposite of what the Olympics are supposed to represent, which is unity, teamwork, and graciousness.

As a member of team USA he should be ashamed of his actions and apologize to both Hamlin and his team, but we all know that’s never going to happen. In fact, rather than admit he was wrong and move on, Davis tried to spin the ordeal as if he had no plans on going to the parade to begin with.

Yeah, okay.

The Daily Mail reported:

A U.S. speed skating spokesman said Davis had not originally planned to march in the parade of nations later on Friday, but would have made an exception if he had been chosen as flag-bearer.

‘Shani won’t march in the parade. It was never part of his plans. He is fully focused on his first race and is concentrating on that,’ the spokesman said.

Is that so? Then why you so mad, bro?


Davis definitely did himself and our nation a disservice by creating a controversy where there was none, just because he felt entitled to something; he took the focus off of our team as a whole and put it on himself, only for selfish reasons. Let’s just hope it doesn’t affect the team as a whole, because this is the kind of crap that kills morale and creates division among teammates, who are forced to take sides and defend either one position or the other.

Way to make this team event about yourself, Davis.

What a disgrace.

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