BREAKING: Bomb Just Found Near Nuclear Power Plant


Another unexploded World War II-era bomb was discovered in the water near the Hinkley Point nuclear power stations Wednesday, the third such bomb found this month in the same area of water.

The unexploded weapon was found in the Bristol Channel close to a British nuclear power station, The Guardian reported. The body of water was once an army training range.


Bomb disposal experts will carry out a controlled explosion on the 250lb (113kg) ordnance on Wednesday, two miles north-west of the power plants, The Guardian reports.

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The area has been closed off to other ships by the HM Coastguard until bomb disposal experts execute a “controlled explosion” just miles from the power plants, The Guardian reported.


“The explosive ordnance disposal team plans to detonate the ordnance at 6 p.m. today,” Ieuan Williams, of the HM Coastguard said. “Until that time we have taken measures to…clear the area of vessels to keep the public safe.”

The bomb was discovered early Wednesday when divers were working to “clear the seabed for intake and outtake pipes for cooling water for the reactors,” The Guardian reported.


Three weeks ago a 500-pound bomb was found 2.5 miles off the coast on Aug. 8. More than a week later, another bomb, weighing 250 pounds was discovered near the nuclear power station on Aug. 16. Both bombs underwent a controlled explosion.

The nuclear power station, Hinkley Point C is under construction.

“It is normal practice to check the seabed before construction activity starts on any marine project,” David Eccles, the power station’s head of the project, told The Guardian.

He added: “The safety of the public and our workforce is our priority, and we have a team of 10 divers checking the seabed ahead of the construction of the main cooling water tunnels and associated seabed structures for Hinkley Point C.”

Finding unexploded bombs is more common than you might think.

For instance, America’s Freedom Fighters reported that at least 50,000 people were evacuated from the city of Hannover, Germany after five unexploded World War II bombs were discovered back in May.

Residents and businesses are being told to turn the electricity, gas and water before they evacuate.

This was one of the biggest post-war operations to diffuse devices, mostly dropped in aerial attacks by Allied forces.

Bomb disposal expert Chris Hunter described the find as “quite a significant incident. We don’t tend to see five at once.”

Among the people moved out of a densely populated area are elderly residents of retirement and nursing homes. Transport throughout the city was also disrupted.

Mr Hunter explained that a property boom and construction work are among the reasons for an increase in the discovery of WWII bombs, as well as people spending more time outdoors as the weather gets warmer.

He said that high-explosives lying dormant for years, on devices that often have booby-trap mechanisms, can be ready to detonate any second.

“It’s inherently dangerous,” he said.

More than 70 years after the end of the war, unexploded bombs are regularly found buried on German land, a legacy of the intense air campaigns by allied forces against Nazi Germany.

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On October 9, 1943, some 261,000 bombs were dropped on Hanover and surrounding areas.

The evacuation of Hannover is the biggest of its type since Christmas, when an unexploded British bomb forced 54,000 people out of the southern city of Augsberg.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Source- AFF

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God Bless.

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