Thanks to the weak leadership and the radical ideology of the radical leftists and the Biden Administration’s complete incompetence our country is now on HIGH ALERT for terror attacks right here on American soil.

That’s what happens when you kiss Iran’s, China’s and others asses.

And that’s what happens when you have a demented, corrupt and compromised senile pile of garbage as our president.

Biden DESTROYED everything PRESIDENT TRUMP accomplished across the board and now we are facing the most critical threat- TERROR ATTACKS right here in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Biden’s weakness and total incompetence when it comes to being the strong leader we NEED that makes our enemies fear us has resulted in a whole new era of terrorism.

With our borders wide open MILLIONS of potential terrorists have entered our country and now we have terrorist cells organizing in most, if not every state.


This is a coordinated and planned plan by our enemies and are a legitimate threat that now exist because of several policies and failures from the Biden admin including the lack of leadership, the appeasement to Iran, the weakness displayed on all fronts, the prioritizing of woke garbage in our military and in America in general, and the list goes on and on and on.

We have a corrupt DOJ, FBI, CIA and a compromised Pentagon among other agencies and judicial systems.

We have simply opened the door for our enemies to get filthy rich selling oil because the left wants their green fantasies more than they want AMERICAN DOMINANCE.

They have divided the country and have prioritized all of the wrong things that kept America safe, strong and independent.

They have spent TRILLIONS of dollars on nothing but complete GARBAGE.


The bottom line is that as a result of everything I mentioned and so much more I didn’t mention AMERICA IS ON HIGH ALERT.

In the next days, weeks, months and years we are now vulnerable to extreme dangers that President Trump would NEVER allow.

Believe me I could go on and on and unfortunately I will be reporting on the devastating events that will DEFINITELY be occurring and it’s killing me to see and experience but we are looking at extremely bleak days for as long as Biden and the COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS hold the cards.

It’s frustrating as all hell and on so many levels.

Okay, with that being said we have a report, just one of many that will follow about a bomb threat at the world famous Santa Monica pier in Southern California that fortunately didn’t have a tragic ending.



With the start of the war between Hamas and Israel, our nation is on high alert currently.

As a result, threats, real or otherwise, are not being taken lightly; such is the case in this instance.

On Monday afternoon, October 9, the Santa Monica Police Department was forced to evacuate Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier after a man made claims of being in possession of a bomb and scaled the iconic Ferris wheel.

The incident began around 3 p.m., with police deploying a crisis negotiation team to attempt to resolve the situation peacefully.


Thankfully, by 4:30 p.m., shortly after talking with the man, he began descending from his perch and was quickly apprehended by police without any injuries or explosions reported.

The ordeal began when witnesses heard the man making comments about having a bomb before scaling up to one of Santa Monica’s most beloved attractions –the Ferris wheel.

The police were quick to respond, setting up an effective perimeter and beginning talks with him in an effort to persuade him into surrendering himself peacefully.

Thankfully, their efforts paid off as he began working his way down from his post just before 4:30 p.m. however, due to safety concerns they could not start the Ferris wheel while he was clinging onto it so those stranded had to wait until he descended for themselves before leaving their seats.

In addition, firefighters used lifts for additional rescues but none were removed from any rides while this was occurring due to its immobility during negotiations.

It wasn’t until 5:15 p.m. that Pacific Park reopened back up for public use again but officials are still yet to release further information regarding this matter as they continue investigations into what exactly happened that afternoon, although it is believed that no crime has been committed due solely in part of mental health issues affecting the perpetrator at hand.

As seen through video footage taken via Sky5 cameras we can see officers blocking off entrances and escorting civilians out while firefighters attended using specialized lifts for rescue operations. This prompted widespread panic amongst patrons who had come out for some fun only moments prior.

However officials have now confirmed that no explosives devices were present upon apprehending him nor were there any reports of injuries aside from minor distress suffered by visitors who had witnessed the scene play out first-hand.

Meanwhile the HAMAS TERRORISTS and other JIHADISTS are emboldened by Biden’s weakness and have called for members of the Muslim community to sacrifice and engage in JIHAD with their “blood and souls” in order to advance the Palestinian cause.

We Americans actually have to live in fear of TERROR attacks by MUSLIM extremists and other FANATICS taking place anywhere and anytime.

The world is insane and it’s only going to get worse until Trump gets back in The White House.

Our country is a mess.

We have to take our country back and take drastic measures to return back to the days when America was safe and powerful and respected.

In the meantime be prepared for the worst and be ready to fight this evil.

This is serious.

Serious as a heart attack and I do NOT like it at all.




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