BOMBSHELL: General That Served Under Obama Makes SHOCKING Announcement About His Former Boss!



When it comes to foreign policy Hussein Obama is totally in La La Land. The dude hasn’t got a clue on how and why this world works or how it has remained stable, thanks to America and our military superiority.

Can you imagine if our foreign policy had been that of the Kenyan’s for decades? The world would be a done deal! Toast. History.

Obama’s Middle East policy is a joke. Actually, he has no policy. And THAT’S how the LIBS want it. Well, that is nice but the bottom line is that these people require ‘guidance.’ They need to be kept in check. I’m sure you agree.

Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, the former head of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) has a lot to say about Obama’s Middle East Policy and the ‘deal’ with IRAN. We don’t make deals bro- we tell them what it is and they obey. Real simple. Remember Ronald Reagan? “Tear down that wall”? Remember what happened when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor?

Yeah, we didn’t send some lanky dude that looks like Lurch over with a bald headed washed up Folk singer to sing lame songs- we DEMANDED they do what we say- and we bombed the hell out of the Japanese. That’s power. That’s leadership. That is what it takes to keep this world safe.

So the General says Obama’s Middle East policy is one of “willful ignorance.” In other words, he knows EXACTLY  what he is doing-purposely DESTROYING AMERICA!

“Right now, we have almost a complete breakdown of order in the Middle East,” Flynn told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace. “A new Middle East is essentially struggling to be born.”

Also , he pointed out that Iran is “clearly on the march,” and will influence the growing regional sectarian wars.

Newsmax reports:

The real confusion, Obama administration critics say, is that the United States is opposing Iranian-backed rebel fighters in Yemen, but siding with Iran in its fight against the Islamic State’s efforts in Iraq and Syria.

“At the end of the day, we have just this incredible policy confusion — never mind what our strategy is to execute that policy,” Flynn said. “We have to stop what we’re doing and take a hard look at everything going on the Middle East because it’s not going in the right direction.”

And the United States, Flynn said, is working with “almost a policy of willful ignorance … we have some major problems that we are dealing with, and here we are talking to Iran about a nuclear deal with this almost complete order of breakdown in the Middle East.”

But meanwhile, Flynn, who says he does not trust Iran, said the nation needs to keep in mind that “Iran is also a country with ballistic missiles, cyber capabilities, they are also still a state-sponsor of terrorism. And here we are dealing with them as though we’re going to give them a carte blanche — I know it will be some number of years to have a nuclear capability. Give me a break!”

So we have Obama kissing butts, wanting to give ISIS jobs and letting IRAN do whatever the hell they want.

Be sure to thank a Lib for voting for this traitor…

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