BOMBSHELL: Joe Biden’s Ancestors OWNED Slaves According To THIS Report- He’s DONE



Well now, it turns out that the great champion of the left, Joe O’Biden’s family owned black slaves.

That’s right my friends but you will NEVWE see this reported by the GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED MEDIA.


Obama’s family owned slaves.

Kamala Harris is also a descendent of slave owners.

It’s true.

It’s not a conspiracy theory as the left would have you believe.

Biden is a racist

Biden has been a racist for his entire life as we have pointed out in several reports.

The dude is a complete phony and I suppose we can give him the benefit of the doubt due to his mental deterioration even though he appears to be semi cognitive when he is pumped up with whatever drugs they inject him with on the rare occasion he has anything that is relevant to say.

Those moments are extremely rare as for the most part he can’t even complete a freaking sentence without screwing it up.

For about a decade now, we have all heard the media and the leftist insanity raving with their woke culture and cancel culture.

These clowns and buffoons have called for everything imaginable under the sun to be canceled, erased, and or for people to be silenced.

We have watched Aunt Jemima be erased, the Founding Fathers be renamed and then the demand they be erased for being slave owners.

All of these people screaming and gnashing their teeth for a ,”holy and pure”, new world really should be very careful who they call racist over slave ownership.

We have all watched as Governor “Black Face” Northam in Virginia was caught on film wearing the abhorrent black face.

When confronted with the issue, the Governor just shrugged it off as a different time.

No one in the woke party called him out on any serious note.

No one pushed for him to resign or be brought before the high and mighty Twitter council of blue check marks.

In fact ole Black Face Northam is still in office and is currently battling Covid19 in one of the most locked down states on the East Coast still!

The irony of the situation is Ole Governor Black Face is a licensed Medical Doctor.

You can’t even make this stuff up anymore folks!

Now onto Joseph Robinette Biden, former Vice President of the United states, Senator of 47 years and now our President.

The man who eulogized the late high positioned leader of the KKK Robert Byrd. Sleepy Joe, the man who is a walking talking GAF machine, and has been for the half century he’s been in the public spotlight.

The same Joe Biden who has groped in public numerous women, children, and somehow is still walking free.

The man who sold our country out for personal financial gain to China and others is untouchable thanks to the DEEP STATE.

Slave Owner

Yes this Joe Biden is a descendent of slave owners!

It was recently discovered that former Vice President Joe Biden’s ancestors reportedly owned a large number of African-American slaves (source):

Robinette Biden Family Tree


Source here


Joe Biden has always touted his middle name Robinette with a sense of pride and dignity.

Through out the past few years, fake news media has tried and tried to say there was no proof of Biden’s family owning slaves.

Even the great “Fact checkers” at Snopes have said it needs “More Proof.”

As you can see above, the family tree is very clearly laid out back to a time of slavery.

Joe Biden Ancestor Jesse Robinette Slave Owner


Here we see a legal ledger of the human chattel the Robinette/Bidens owned.

There are plenty of more documents that were published today by TheBlaze Tv and Glenn Beck.

These records were all dug up and verified by an anonymous genealogy company who shall remain redacted for their own protection from the outrage mob, and high courts of Twitter blue check marks.

Joe Biden has been trying to tell us lies for decades now about himself, his policies, and so on.

Joe Biden has tried to maintain his “Lunch Box Joe” image, and being from a hard working Irish family.

Well Joe, the proof is in the pudding pal.

Now we see you are just another white male who descended from a slave owning family.

By the woke parties own standards and demands, Joe here should give up all his wealth, and his seat to a more deserving person of color.

This has me thinking, maybe the reason Joe picked Senator Kamala Harris from California in case he dies during his presidency.

However folks, VP Harris ALSO is a descendent of slave owners as was brought to light by our friends over at the Washington Free Beacon.

If we go ahead and listen to the leftist loons about how we should live our lives, we have a serious predicament here with sleepy Joe and his Ho Kamala.

The left says they’re racist’s for owning slaves in their lineage.

So how can these two “fine” folks actually hold the most powerful seats in the land if they can’t even match up with their own religious zealots commandments?

The answer is that they are part of an extremely powerful globalist elite club and has the DOJ, FBI, IRS, MSM and global elites in his pocket.

Coincidentally enough, Harris’ relatives also reportedly owned slaves as we previously reported.

H/T The Clover Chronicle


BOMBSHELL: Obama’s Family Owned SLAVES… Spread This Like WILDFIRE!

BOMBSHELL: Obama’s Family Owned SLAVES… Spread This Like WILDFIRE!


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