BOMBSHELL: Leaked Audio- Hunter Biden Admits He Smoked CRACK With THIS Famous DEMOCRAT


The United States government has been corrupt from it’s conception.

This corruption really ramped up while the Manchurian Marxist Barack Hussein Obama became president.

Now, under Biden the government is totally out of control.

Let’s focus on Hunter Biden and how what was on his laptop was covered up by the Government as well as the assholes in Silicone Valley in order to protect Demented Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential election.


We’ve all seen the pictures of Hunter smoking meth and crack and spending tons of cash he got from China for doing NOTHING with the exception of opening the door for the Communists to meet “THE BIG GUY”- his corrupt father who fraudulently won the election.

From Daily Mail:

Hunter Biden smoked crack with late D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, he revealed to a friend in a recorded call obtained by

In the January 2019 conversation, Hunter bragged: ‘I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry I swear to f***ing god.’

Hunter, 51, told his friend that he would regularly smoke with Barry in the restroom of a Georgetown bar while he was an undergraduate there.

The stunning admission in the call, which was saved on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, contradicts the president’s son’s claim in his memoir that his arrest as a teenager scared him off drugs until after college.

Hunter recorded several of his calls and saved them on his laptop.

In the call with his unnamed friend, dated January 5, 2019, he chides the friend for being ‘racist’ by suggesting Martin Luther King took cocaine – but then admitted that he smoked crack with civil rights hero and infamous addict Marion Barry, the late former mayor of Washington DC.

‘Did Martin Luther King do coke? I don’t know,’ said the friend on the call. ‘With an Indian and a black man.’

‘Oh, see, you are such a racist I swear to god,’ Hunter replied. ‘No he didn’t, Jesus Christ. You’re so f***ing funny.’

‘That mayor from D.C. did,’ the friend said. ‘Marion Barry.’

‘You know what, I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry, I swear to f***ing god,’ Hunter admitted.

‘That was in Georgetown. And he used to go to a place right next to [local bar] The Guards. And I was a sophomore I guess, I was a junior when that happened.

‘But he used to come there and drink like late, late. And I would be there, and he would go to the bathroom.’


Kari Donovan at The Gateway Pundit has more:

This reintroduces the fact that Joe Biden wrote laws about drug usage that he had no intention of following, even in his own family.

It also proves, once again, that the government covered up crimes by the Biden family by suppressing Hunter’s laptop, and that our Intelligence agencies’ leaders interfered in the 2020 Presidential election.

Naval Veteran Jack Maxey, a former co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room who has a copy of the hard drive that has been confirmed as once belonging to Hunter Biden has this:

“At this point I am just trying to save the country,” Maxey told TGP. “It needs to be exposed because this is what these intel guys are covering up to stay in business with the Chinese Community Party.”

“Let’s paint those intel guys individually as the ones who stole the election with their credentials and a compliant press,” Maxey said about John Brennan, James Clapper, Mike Hyden, and others, reminding me of two posts in Politico that falsely claim Hunter Biden’s Laptop was “Russian disinformation”.

“It must be nice to be a Biden because the FBI had the laptop and this very evidence. The Intel agencies had it. Biden should have been stopped before the Democrat Primary. Bernie Sanders people got screwed over again. Trump shouldn’t have been impeached, Biden should not have been called the winner of the election, and making these things from the laptop public, back then, would have stopped all of those things from happening,” Maxey told me.

Consider the hypocrisy of Joe Biden covering up drug crimes for his son when many other Americans were prosecuted for drug crimes.

Hunter was not specific about what age he was when he smoked crack with the Mayor of DC, but it might have been exactly when Joe Biden was trying to make a name for himself as being tough on drugs and punishing other people’s sons for the same and worse as what Hunter did.

Recall that Democrat Joe Biden, Hunter Biden’s Dad, is the author of landmark legislation on drugs that punished many Black Americans far more harshly than Biden himself is prepared to face, or that was required of his family to face, by his enablers.

So there you have it.

President Trump won the election in a landslide.


A big thanks to our good friends at The Beltway Report for the photo illustration.

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