BOMBSHELL News Out Of Washington- We Just Found Out What Pelosi’s “Task Force” Is Really Doing- It’s Terrifying



Folks, we have a problem.

And it’s serious as all hell.

It’s being reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ‘task force’ created to review and make immediate recommendations to strengthen  the Capitol building’s security as a result of the January 6 breach included several retired generals who expressed anti-Trump and/or pro-Black Lives Matters views.

That’s why many Republicans claim that Pelosi’s task force was not bipartisan enough.

Ya think?

Breitbart reports that one of the retired generals on the 16-member task force is Army Lt. Gen. (Retired) Karen Gibson, who has written anti-Trump commentary in letters to the editor and op-eds. She is currently the Senate Sergeant at Arms, in charge of protecting senators.

After the Capitol incident we all knew that Pelosi was drooling with anticipation to pounce and begin her draconian power grab.

The democrats told the American citizens that a task force was needed to “investigate” the Capitol “riot” as well as investigating politicians and republicans that they deem “domestic terrorists” due to “political extremism and white supremacy”.

Talk about such a severe and extreme abuse of powers that violate citizens rights as well as ignoring protection from the Constitution!

Breitbart continues:

She wrote in a July 19, 2020, letter-to-the-editor that Trump was acting like an “autocrat” and called for voting Republican Sen. Steve Daines (MT) to be voted out if he did not stand up to Trump. She wrote in the Billings-Gazette:

I am appalled by President Trump’s latest action to erode the independence and integrity of our justice system by commuting Roger Stone’s prison sentence. Granting clemency to a political ally, particularly one convicted of lying to protect him, is a tactic straight from the autocrat’s playbook.

Then Army Lt. Gen. (Retired) Karen Gibson proves yet again, her pure hatred of Former President Trump as well as proves she is a mere democrat puppet as she contradicts herself, we will get to that in a moment.

It is vital to understand the mindset of Biden’s regime and these new task forces, QRF forces and new Capitol Police, are all under Pelosi’s control, let that sink in for a moment.

Breitbart reported on how Gibson contradicts herself:

Gibson also wrote in a June 19, 2020, op-ed in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that she supported an essay by former Defense Secretary James Mattis condemning Trump, and she criticized the deployment of National Guard troops in D.C. during the summer of 2020.

She wrote:

“American service members vow to defend the unique ideals on which our nation is founded, such as freedom of speech and peaceful freedom of assembly.

Like other veterans who sacrificed to defend them, it has pained me to see these essential freedoms violated, especially on the streets of our nation’s capital, and it chills me to think of employing the U.S. military, particularly active duty forces, for domestic political purposes as though America were some authoritarian dictatorship. I cannot voice my fears as eloquently as James Mattis, so I have let his moving essay speak on my behalf.”

Contrary to views about deploying National Guard forces to D.C. during the summer of 2020, the task force Gibson served on recommended a quick reaction force that could be staffed by National Guard forces or members of the military to protect the Capitol year-round.

So it was “appalling and an extreme abuse of power” when Trump did it but when Biden’s regime took over, well now it is time to create a private militarized zone, quick reaction task force, razor wire fences and arm the National Guard.

Breitbart furthered, Another retired general on the task force expressed support for Black Lives Matter movement, whose protesters took to he streets after the death of George Floyd, sometimes causing injury to police officers and destruction of property.

Army Maj. Gen. (Retired) Linda Singh wrote in a Q and A with the Baltimore Business Journal, “The Black Lives Matter movement has spurred long overdue conversations. Now we need to use the momentum to create change.”

The task force was led by Army Lt. Gen. (Retired) Russel Honoré, who had also made many anti-Trump partisan and controversial statements.

He has referred to U.S. Capitol Police officers as “a–hats” and has claimed that they “allowed their buddies” into the Capitol during the January 6 breach, and that 30 to 40 percent of them are “Trumpsters,” according to Fox News.

This was never about investigating the Capitol incident, it was about creating a new regime task force to go after the politicians and citizens who refuse to take a knee.

The very task force that is having feds raid homes, detain citizens and creating their own private policies behind closed doors, they support Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

If that does not make the hair on the back of your neck raise due to the extreme overreach and savage abuse of power all in the name of a witch hunt, then nothing will.

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