BREAKING: Massive BOMBSHELL Proves Obama Shut Down Cali TERRORIST Investigation


Philip Haney worked for the Department of Homeland Security for 13 years identifying terrorist groups and tracking radical jihadists- that is until Obama came in and instantly shut the program down!

Now Haney is blowing the whistle on how the Obama administration pulled the plug when his administration took power.

In an op-ed published by The Hill, Haney writes that there are terrorists in our midst and they arrived here using legal means right under the noses of the federal law enforcement agencies whose mission is to stop them. That is not due to malfeasance or lack of effort on the part of these officers; it is due to the restrictions placed on them by the Obama administration.

I was a firsthand witness to how these policies deliberately prevented scrutiny of Islamist groups. The two San Bernardino jihadists, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, may have benefited from the administration’s closure of an investigation I initiated on numerous groups infiltrating radicalized individuals into this country.


We created records of individuals, mosques, Islamic Centers and schools across the United States that were involved in this radicalization effort. The Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah Mosque in San Bernardino was affiliated with this network and we had identified a member of it in our investigation. Syed Farook frequented that mosque and was well-known to the congregation and mosque leadership.

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Haney also said that they were investigating the Pakistani women’s Islamist group al-Huda, which counted Farook’s wife, Tashfeen Malik, as a student.


But, our Muslim in chief BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ordered the program to be terminated. Haney writes, “Obama’s DHS shut down the investigation at the request of the Department of State and DHS’ own Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Division. They claimed that since the Islamist groups in question were not Specially Designated Terrorist Organizations (SDTOs) tracking individuals related to these groups was a violation of the travelers’ civil liberties.”

Haney noted that “these people were almost exclusively foreign nationals,” and asked,”when were they granted the civil rights and liberties of American citizens?”


That’s not all Obama did. Not only did Obama shut down the program but they erased all of the vital data that had been collected. The very data that could have been used to stop numerous terrorist attacks including the one in San Bernardino, California was wiped clean because of Obama. Unbelievable.

Haney revealed how the DHS and the Department of Justice retaliated against him for wanting this information out for the lawmakers and public to see by subjecting him to “a series of investigations and adverse actions, including one by that same Inspector General. None of them showed any wrongdoing; they seemed aimed at stopping me from blowing the whistle on this problem.”

Haney was finally able to honorably retire from the government and now it going public with his story to warn the American people about what Obama is doing.


Haney closes with an extremely powerful statement:

“My law enforcement colleagues and I must conduct our work while respecting the rights of those we monitor,” he said. “But what I witnessed suggests the Obama administration is more concerned with the rights of non-citizens in known Islamist groups than with the safety and security of the American people.”


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