BOMBSHELL: Obama Makes MASSIVE Move To RIG The 2016 Election… Here’s What He’s Doing


Obama is going all out to get as many illegal aliens that have been turned into ‘legal’ voters to participate in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. After all, that’s been part of the plan all along. How can they vote if they are illegals? Amnesty… Obama built this.

After almost 8 long years of complete failure under Obama and his Democrats, Americans are seeing the light and Obama knows this. So he is actively recruiting illegals to flood the polls to make up for the real Americans that are bailing on the Democrats in favor of a party that can make America great again.

We all know this but there is something else that Obama is doing that many people don’t know about. He is gearing up the federal government to put a fast track on making immigrants into legal citizens at an accelerated rate in order to get them legal so they can vote next year. (H/T Right Wing News)

 at The Federalist Papers Project reports:

While there is nothing inherently wrong with President Obama encouraging legal immigrants to pursue citizenship, the motivation for this sudden push should be obvious.

Obama wants to effectively rig the election in favor of the Democrats by enlisting the support of all of these new citizens.

Plus, “Many groups collaborating with the campaign on training workshops are advocates who seek citizenship for undocumented immigrants as well and who have been alarmed by the tough tone of the Republican campaign.”

“We want to build off the negative energy,” said Tara Raghuveer, policy and advocacy director for the National Partnership for New Americans, a coalition of immigrant groups that is holding dozens of events during the campaign. “People are hearing the hate and racist xenophobia on the national stage from the presidential candidates. They are angry and this is an opportunity for us to organize.”

Obama and his advocates are basically using Republicans’ opposition to illegal immigration to paint all Republicans as xenophobic bigots who hate all immigrants, including the 8.8 million who are here legally.

Mind you, according to a study from the Center for Immigration Studies conducted last year, new immigrants have always favored the Democratic Party (H/T The Washington Examiner).

Why do they favor the Democrat Party when many of them actually live a conservative lifestyle? The only reason I can come up with is that they fall for the Democrat’s lies and B.S. 


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