BOMBSHELL: Obama/Holder Fast And Furious Gun Used In Texas Terrorist Attack…



One of the guns used in the shooting at the Prophet Muhammad cartoons contest in Garland, Texas was obtained by a Muslim terrorist thanks to the Obama/Holder Fast and Furious ‘program.’ Good job you commie a holes!

As you know, our own Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry was murdered by one of these guns as well as 100’s of other people. Fast and Furious was started to supposedly track guns back to Mexican drug cartels but was actually turned into a lame and deadly attempt to confiscate Americans guns. Epic fail. R.I.P.BRIAN TERRY…



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Sputnik reports:


Nadir Soofi, one of two assailants in the Garland shooting, is believed to have bought the gun he used at Lone Wolf Trading Co. in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2009. Nadir Soofi and another assailant opened fire in a parking lot near the Curtis Culwell Center in early may wounding a security guard in the leg. Police responded within seconds and killed both shooters.

Lone Wolf, it has turned out, was part of Fast and Furious, a secret effort to sell illegal weapons to criminals and track them back to drug cartels. However, federal agents ended up losing track of many of the guns some of which were found to have been linked to the murder a of U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry in Arizona in 2010. The program became a complete fiasco and resulted in several hearings on Capitol Hill in which former Attorney General Eric Holder was called on to testify.


Soofi owned a small pizzeria in Phoenix in 2009 when he went to buy the gun. Having used false information to purchase the 9-millimeter, authorities put a seven-day hold on the transaction. However, the hold was lifted after only 24 hours for unknown reasons, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Funny, they put a 240 hour hold when I purchase a gun and if I arrive 239 hours later to pick up my firearm I have to wait a fricking hour! 


Soofi was not likely a target for Fast and Furious since he was not connected to Mexican drug cartels or traffickers and, like thousands of other weapons in the program, they lost track of his handgun.

The Garland cartoon convention was offering a prize for the best depiction of the prophet Muhammad. Soofi and his roommate and employee, Elton Simpson, arrived armed with three pistols, three rifles and 1,500 rounds of ammunition. Dressed in armor, they opened fire but were killed by local police.

But of course Holder skated because after all, he’s Obama’s bitch. This has been the most corrupt, evil, racist,anti-American administration this country has ever seen. It’s time to start taking some serious action. We need to vote all these commies out of office. We need to rally the liberals the best we can to vote for real leadership. I know, that’s next to impossible but still, if each one of us can sway just 1 lib over to our side we will win HUGE!


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