BOMBSHELL Report On Hillary’s NASTY Relationship With George Soros Behind Closed Doors EXPOSED

Leaked Emails Prove That A Shadow Gov Rules: Hillary Aims to “Make Soros Happy”

If any doubts remain that George Soros is a string-pulling puppeteer who is undermining our constitutional form of government, then here is direct proof that Hillary Clinton, one of the most powerful and corrupt members of the establishment, absolutely hops-to when Soros makes requests.

Democracy That George Soros Can Believe In

A fresh pile of Wikileaks documents gives fuel to the fire that Soros, the “change agent” extraordinaire, is not only ordering State Dept.-backed regime change in the most contentious parts of the world, but that he is injecting cash into a basket of (deplorable) organizations designed to hijack the country, and keep a corrupt Democrat – like Hillary – in power for eight more years.

Among other documents are those that show high level Clinton aides bent over backwards to accommodate pet projects and political issues favored by billionaire George Soros, (and, of course, other “Friends of Bill” pals and Clinton Foundation donors that they hooked up).


As Mikael Thalen writes:

The email, among thousands allegedly hacked from Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta, reveals a discussion between several prominent figures – including campaign manager Robby Mook and Clinton aide Huma Abedin – regarding the organization “America Votes.”

“I would only do this for political reasons (ie to make Soros happy),” Mook tells Abedin. […] “She is having dinner with George Soros tonight,” Abedin responds.

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Several other emails released in the Podesta dump also reveal the Clinton campaign’s close ties with the nefarious philanthropist.



More and more has been pouring forth from Wikileaks, while its leader Assange appears to be under siege. It is more corruption than any one person could possibly keep up with.

Via Zero Hedge:

While it is unclear if it was done on purpose or by mistake, moments ago a folder within the Wikileaks server has opened at the address which provides a glimpse into thousands of doc, pdf, wav, jpg and various other files, as well as dozens of subdirectories including Videos, Syria-files, Collateral Murder, Japan Bribery Affair, and many others.


So-far, Team Clinton’s own exchanges and communications confirm that they obey the dictates of the “Shadow Government,” the interests of Goldman Sachs and other high powered individuals and firms.


At the same time, emails (and even public statements) repeatedly reveal what Hillary thinks of the average person in society – that they are “losers,”“basement dwellers” and “uninformed conformers” who are little else than campaign fodder, voting blocks and special interest groups.

And this constituency is nothing more than currency to buy power in the system.

No candidate in history has been so thoroughly exposed, and yet, she is closer than ever to her coveted title and place in history.

Only a master political devil could surf these waves without wiping out and crashing their political career.

Democracy is dead, baby.

It seems that nothing can stop Hillary, or even stand in her way.

The United States has broken through to the other side.

The fact that Hillary can have all this come out and remain standing is clear proof that she has crossed the Rubicon, and the republic has been sold to an elite pack of Caesars. Emperors and gods on earth, or whatever.

For all those rushing to the polls to vote against the Shadow Government, and vexed about “vote rigging” but still putting their token of compliance into the vote count anyway, do so, but don’t hold your breath for the “change” and “hope” rope-a-dope again. The votes have been rigged for some time now.

It is clear that this isn’t just run-of-the-mill political corruption; this is a supposedly-democratic system bending to the will of the very few in direct contrast to the expressed will of the people. Compiled with the other evidence on Soros and the whole Clinton game, the latest documents only multiply what has been understood for some time.

This is no game, and that is why the media and political circles – even Republicans nominally against her – are giving an open embrace.

This is oligarchy, pure and simple. And the agenda they pull has to do with much, much more than just money. They are buying presidents in order to assure their continued control.

(By the way, Soros and Hillary appear more fond of each other than many married couples. Actual photographs of them together suggest what many didn’t think was possible – that Hillary Clinton is capable of love, only her love is reserved for people who possess the charm of power.)



Factoring in the electoral college, and heavy manipulation of the process in key swing states, Trump may have never had a real chance. The electoral college is creating the same kind of buffer that super delegates created in the phony Democratic party – a guaranteed win, a check against grassroots candidates. The system has built in bias to protect the status quo.

If Trump never had a chance, he certainly had a hell of a good run. Nonetheless, Team Hillary cleared the slate of all rivals but one in the Democrat primary – and Bernie didn’t have a fair chance, either; and with Trump, she had but one hurdle to clear among a crowded field of GOP contenders, including Jeb! Bush (who folded over with ease).

As Trump’s dirty laundry is now aired weeks before the election, can we not ask how long ago most everyone in the power circles knew about Trump’s petty sins of womanizing and making raunchy comments?

In the full context of Hillary’s path to power, can the convenient character assassination of Trump be anything other than a political coup that was built in as a braking system is in a car?


At this point, what difference does it make?

Hillary’s infamous dismissal on Benghazi is proving true for all her crimes and misdemeanors.

Let’s be honest, if anything were going to stand in Hillary’s way of gaining the presidency, in terms of discrediting her and shaming her off stage, it would have happened by now. The Clinton’s compliance with the true powers makes them Teflon politicians, and nothing sticks.

At this point, the mountains of evidence have literally made Clinton corruption normalized, and once normalized, accepted by the now indifferent herd.

Deep down, most people are still suckers for the idea that the truth and justice will prevail, and that if any of these emails meant anything, someone would have intervened and ruled against her by now.

Unfortunately, we do not live in such a world. This is a coronation of filth, and Hillary gets to show the public the kinds of things that she can do and remain beyond reproach – and above the law. Her private code with the elite billionaires and trillionaires of the planet is all that matters; the Constitution and Bill of Rights have already been shredded and torn, and now they will be completely trashed, as the people shrug and swipe to the next item on their smartphone…

Your vote doesn’t matter. Deep down, everyone understands this, yet they go on acting as if it if a beauty contest is going to change the problems that we face.

Many people are feverishly backing Trump’s campaign as a rebuke of the broken system, but the wasted capital of false hope in the electoral system is counterproductive and discouraging.


BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Getting Sued Over Voter Scam

If the elite wish to pacify us all with President Trump, then they will do so. If they wish to boldly declare their grip around the American process, then they will allow President Hillary to rule with little to no checks and balances. The establishment Republicans – also trampled by Trump in 2016 – will be only too happy to comply with the ‘moderate rebel’ Hillary, and will accept her brand of slick socialism just as easily as they have accepted ISIS as a partner in Middle East house cleaning and remapping.

Can society pull things together, or is a Roman decline inevitable with the rise of dynasties and dictators?

It isn’t rocket science, it is just the pathology of corruption. In all likelihood, we are past the point of no return.

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