BOMBSHELL: Republicans Just SHUT DOWN Obama’s Plan For Bringing Terrorists To America!


For some reason, Obama is determined to shut down Guantanamo Bay. He has released record numbers of All-star terrorists under the guise of a trade for Bergdahl for example and others because they “have been rehabilitated…” 


Now the Kenyan wants to house these terrorists here on American soil! Coming to a city near you folks! Unbelievable!

The Republican Congress has just passed a bill that aims to make sure he won’t be able to fulfill that threat, according to Political Insider.

From the Associated Press:

Congress sent President Barack Obama a $607 billion defense policy bill Tuesday that bans moving Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United States — something Obama has been trying to do since he was sworn in as president.

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The Senate’s 91-3 vote gave final legislative approval to the measure. The House overwhelmingly passed it last week, 370-58.


Now, you might think that Obama is just going to veto the bill, but here’s why he may not:

Obama does not like the Guantanamo provisions, but so far has not threatened to veto it. The overwhelming House and Senate votes signal that should he veto the legislation, both chambers would be able to muster the two-thirds majorities needed to override it, an embarrassing blow presidents usually try to avoid.


Obama vetoed an earlier version of the defense policy bill over a dispute, later resolved, about whether defense spending increases should be accompanied by boosts in domestic programs.

My esteemed colleague SOOPERMEXICAN has this: 

I’m almost in shock that it appears that the Republicans have actually grown a spine and challenged Obama for once!!

He can either sign it, which would be terribly embarrassing for him but would save him some face, or he could be completely petulant and veto the bill, forcing them into a three-fourths overturn of his choice. That would be utterly humiliating for him.

To be honest, I’m not sure which one I’d like more!!

Here’ a little more on where the Gitmo detainees would end up if Obama got his way:

A Pentagon report expected as early as this week identifies prisons in Colorado, Kansas and South Carolina where Guantanamo detainees could possibly be housed so the military prison in Cuba could be shut down. That has raised the ire of lawmakers, especially those from the three states.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest hinted last week that the president might use his executive authority to close the prison. On Monday, Earnest said the White House is focused on working with Congress to shut down Guantanamo, but he left the door open on the president taking executive action.

So this is the way that Obama could slither out of it, and you can bet the media will barely report on it. And that’s why we need your help to get the story out!!

What do you think? Have the Republicans finally showed some guts or are we gonna see yet another capitulation to Obama? Let us know in the comments!!


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