BOMBSHELL: Secret Gay Wedding Held At White House… Spread This Everywhere



A ‘secret’ gay wedding was held at the White House… Yes, you read that right. I guess it really comes as no big surprise considering what we have all witnessed going on here in our country lately.

I mean, we’ve had the Muslim Brotherhood there partying with Hussein. We’ve had illegal aliens hosted there. We’ve had the equivalent of the BET awards  held there. We’ve had Bowe Bergdahl’s parents praising Allah there. Who knows what the hell goes on there? I shudder at the thought frankly.

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett apparently conducted the marriage of the 2 gay men without Obama knowing… LOL yeah right!

Apparently Lovett used his White House privileges to sneak the gay dudes in and performed the wedding in the Rose Garden.


CHARLIE SPIERING at Breitbart reports:

“We were very nervous. They were nervous because they were getting married. I was nervous because I snuck into my boss’ house to perform a wedding against his wishes in his backyard,” he said. “You can say what you will about the first same-sex marriage at the White House, at the very least, it was quite rude.”

Lovett revealed the secret wedding of “Justin” and “Steve” during an Aspen Ideas festival feature of “The Moth Radio Hour” podcast over the weekend, according to Mike Allen’s Playbook. The episode has not yet aired publicly.

After the ceremony, Lovett says the gay men “kissed modestly” and he filed the paperwork with the address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – the official evidence that the ceremony took place.

How sweet… 


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