BOMBSHELL: This U.S. General Just Dropped The HAMMER On Obama’s Secret Plan To Bring ISIS Into America… [WATCH]


Obama has proven time and time again that he has absolutely no intention of defeating the savage, terrorist death cult known as ISIS. In fact, we reported just yesterday that he is ‘cooking’ the numbers to make it sound like we are winning the war when in fact we aren’t doing ANYTHING to destroy these monsters.

One has to ask, why? Obama has the most powerful military machine in the world at his disposal, so why PRETEND he is doing a good job? I think most of us know the answer, he WANTS them to grow. He WANTS them to invade America. It’s all a part of the plan.

Personally I am sick of Obama and his lies and bulls**t and so is Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart who spoke on Capitol Hill regarding Obama’s inability to lead and defeat ISIS.

Lt. General Stewart is from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and he knows first hand how rapidly ISIS is spreading through the Middle East. He makes no bones about expressing his discontent with Obama and his inability to lead. He told Congress,

“US President Obama has no intention of being a leading part of that team. When will he learn that diplomacy doesn’t work with savages!”

Lt. Gen. Stewart Speaks on Capitol Hill

YouTube video via DoD News

Obama’s Middle East strategies have been a failure and the threat to the U.S. from radical Islam continues to grow.

With strong men like this in Washington, it gives us hope that the dark days of Obama’s leadership are coming to an end and men with conviction and purpose will be able to take our country back for good. 

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(H/T Q Political)

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