BOMBSHELL: This U.S. General Just Dropped The HAMMER On Obama’s Secret Plan To Bring ISIS Into America… [WATCH]


Obama has proven time and time again that he has absolutely no intention of defeating the savage, terrorist death cult known as ISIS. In fact, we reported just yesterday that he is ‘cooking’ the numbers to make it sound like we are winning the war when in fact we aren’t doing ANYTHING to destroy these monsters.

One has to ask, why? Obama has the most powerful military machine in the world at his disposal, so why PRETEND he is doing a good job? I think most of us know the answer, he WANTS them to grow. He WANTS them to invade America. It’s all a part of the plan.

Personally I am sick of Obama and his lies and bulls**t and so is Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart who spoke on Capitol Hill regarding Obama’s inability to lead and defeat ISIS.


Lt. General Stewart is from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and he knows first hand how rapidly ISIS is spreading through the Middle East. He makes no bones about expressing his discontent with Obama and his inability to lead. He told Congress,

“US President Obama has no intention of being a leading part of that team. When will he learn that diplomacy doesn’t work with savages!”

Lt. Gen. Stewart Speaks on Capitol Hill

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YouTube video via DoD News

Obama’s Middle East strategies have been a failure and the threat to the U.S. from radical Islam continues to grow.


With strong men like this in Washington, it gives us hope that the dark days of Obama’s leadership are coming to an end and men with conviction and purpose will be able to take our country back for good. 

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(H/T Q Political)

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  1. Jerry Venard says:

    So, the General knows the facts, doesn’t he have the responsibility to arrest Obama?

  2. TexanForever says:

    Obama is waging his closet Jihad from within the White House itself. I connected the dots three years ago. He’s both a Muslim and a Marxist. Check his background. It’s easy to do.

    • danielistical says:

      .ANOTHER IDIOT that thinks
      Obama is a Musslim,,O K then TELLL ME is Obama a Sunni Musslim,,,OR is he a
      Shiite Musslim,,,if you dont know the difference then you certainly dont know
      jackshitt about Musslims,,and you know even less about relidgion ,,,,SO TELL US
      ALL ABOUT IT,,,,,you cant ,,, can you,,,MORE ON

      • TexanForever says:

        If you had read any of my other posts you would see that I long ago identified Lord Obama as a Shiite, sometimes called a Shia. He identifies with the Saudis. There are other Muzz divisions, BTW, but these two are the primary ones. The division started immediately after Mohammad’s death as a squabble within his family as to who would take over the movement and has continued ever since. I doubt that you would know this. I have had a copy of the Koran for thirty years and have read it twice. Have you?

        You are probably unaware that Obama said, in public, on TV, that “there is no sweeter sound than the Muslim call to prayers.” This was shown on Al Jajiera TV along with other clips clearly identifying Obama as a Muslim. And did you miss the part where he studied the Koran every day as an Indonesian (citizen) schoolboy? Looks like you are being fooled, along with other gullible low-information people.

        BTW, thanks for the name-calling (“IDIOT”). This identifies you as one who can’t carry on a rational discussion; i.e., a typical lib.

        • danielistical says:


          • TexanForever says:

            danlelistical, I just finished reading a list of your previous posts. … How long have you been off your meds?

            Also, didn’t mommy tell you that typing in all caps is called “shouting” and on the net is considered both impolite and bad form?

            Get help. Use Obamacare. Good luck.

          • Sharon Gardiner says:

            How about that ? Another Killary voter !!!

      • Just_me_and_God says:

        You don’t even know how to spell!
        While it is true that Ol’Balmy is a Shi’ite-head

        Obama is a Sunni Salafist Moslem, of the same Sect as the sect that comprises ISIS.

        The Islamic State’s doctrine stems from the “koran and Sunnah”… “There is no such thing as ‘ISIS ideology’ — it’s Islam”

        Those Moslem groups that have come out AGAINST ISIS are of a different sect, and are subject to being killed by ISIS!

        ISIS is made up of Sunni Salafist jihadists whose conflicts with Shi’ites dates back centuries. Sunni Muslims, and many of the Muslims they are killing are Shi’ite and all the others of the 73 various Moslem Sects. To the Sunnis, Shi’ite Muslims are infidels and apostates and are therefore a target.

        The Sunni ISIS believes that the Shi’ites are apostates and must die in order to forge a pure form of Islam…

        …… and vice versa!

        The Shi’ites believe that the Sunni are apostates and must die in order to forge a pure form of Islam…


        • danielistical says:

          SO you seem to think he is a shite,,,,that makes 9 for SHITE…5 for SUNNI,,AND 1 OF you idiots thinks he is a WAHHABI,,,,you are all full of it

          • Just_me_and_God says:

            So tell us, oh learned wise one, who can’t even spell, or write, or use punctuation, what is he?

            An 8 year old has a better grasp of learning than you!

          • danielistical says:

            EYE WULL SPULL EZZ
            AYE PLEEZE, EF,, ET ANOISE YEW,, SEW MECH THE BUTTER,,,,,,,that makes 9 for SHITE…6 for SUNNI,,AND 1 OF you idiots thinks he is a WAHHABI,,,,you are all full of it

          • Sharon Gardiner says:

            They didn’t say Shite, moron ! They said s–t head , you know like you !!!

          • danielistical says:

            ANOTHER DUMBASSS down TURN OFF FIX NEWS and grow a brain

        • TexanForever says:

          Thanks for the correction. I modified my post accordingly. danielistical is obviously a net-troll loon who apparently hallucinates or is on something. He/she/it gets his jollies by stirring things up on the net, probably because of an innate inability to face life in the real world. He’s likely scared of his shadow. Sorry I wasted my time with his pathology.

          A typical Obama voter.

          • Just_me_and_God says:

            It is a loon all right, a lunatic!
            It can’t even read, spell, write, or use punctuation, my guess is it’s a third grade drop-out!

      • LIA RED ROSE (YANKEE GAL) says:


        • danielistical says:

          YOU FOOL no one is going to kill me and Obama won 2 x in a landslide victorey BOTH times..““YOU

          Can you guys be more specific about which god you are talking about???? My
          favorite is Poseidon

          Reason why conditioning minor
          children into and superstitious/religious belief should be a felony. It is
          child abuse and destroys ability to think critically for life. AND HERE IS AN IDEA STAY OFF THERE PROPERTY AND THEY WOUNT CUT OFF YOUR HEAD..

      • Michelle Castañeda says:

        I’ll tell you the difference. There is none. A muslim is a muslim is a muslim. Get your head out of your butt and take a look around.

        • danielistical says:

          NO you wount because you dont know anything about what muslims are much less WHO is one or not….SCRATCH one dumbasssss

          • Michelle Castañeda says:

            Boy I can tell you’re really educated when the only thing you can do is revert to calling people names. You are what you say

          • danielistical says:

            “Your OPINION has been duly noted
            and properly filed”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            ,,,,FACTS that is if you know of ANY Some people
            can build an entire philosophy from stupidity.

          • Jonathan Constantine says:

            I’m a veteran that served over in northern Iraq as a Calvary Scout for a fifteen month tour. I can tell you that Muslims overseas are not tolerant of other religions and the aren’t with each other either. They will kill you! My area of operation over there was where isis originated. I can tell you I understand why the general is upset. Obama is not being strait forward about anything considering the conflicts overseas. He is using failed tactics proving failed though out history in the science of war. The pubic has been lied to and misled.

      • KerryandJanie says:

        I don’t think obama is a practicing Muslim of any particular sect but he definitely favors Islam over Christianity. He was raised as a Muslim until he was sent to live with his Communist Party member grandfather & grandmother when he was entering his teens. The Jesuits say “give me a child’s mind until he is seven & I will own his soul.” I believe Islam owns obama’s soul & half his mind. I believe Sol Alinsky’s theories own the rest of obama’s mind. More on what? Can you even spell “MUSLIM?” For the record, I’m not a Christian; I’m Wiccan. Hey were you looking for the word “moron,” as in imbecile? If so, you certainly fit the bill.

  3. Bruce Prentis says:

    The mudslime Traitor in Thief can’t even say Islamic terrorist, so does anyone even expect him to do anything about them?

  4. David Gearhart says:

    Obama has the muslim brotherhood and CAIR in the white house and through out his administration. Even the UN who is pro Arab has them on the terrorist list. Obama lies about everything, why should this be any different? He is the first President to call the American people his enemy. Obama says that while his race riots blacks are rioting, looting and burning our cities. Killing whites and police officers, that the whites and climate change are the biggest danger to the USA. His war on whites, police and now the Christians is going well. Obama is the greatest threat that America ever had.

  5. danielistical says:

    were no ISIS OR HAMAS or ANY of the
    religious military group operating in Iraq
    Saddam wouldn’t allow it he considered them a threat to his power,,THAT
    was before GEORGE W BUSH invaeded and
    killed Saddam….ISIS was at one time called the muhajadin,,,,and this is what
    happened to them…….

    Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan ‘In 1982, Ronald
    Reagan dedicated the Space Shuttle Columbia to the resistance fighters [Taliban]
    in Afghanistan.’

    In 1983
    Reagan along with Col Oliver North ,,,ARMED,, FINANCED and TRAINED WHAT
    include OSAMA BIN LADEN

    1983, when Reagan and the
    CIA were dancing around the idea of arming Mujahadin fighters in order to fight
    back against Soviet incursion in Afghanistan. The result was a well-armed, well-trained group of jihadis who resisted (some say defeated) the onslaught
    of superior Soviet weaponry.

    Once the Soviets retreated,
    the U.S. lost interest and pulled the funding. Osama bin Laden took interest,
    and filled the vacuum, later fathering the Taliban

    ?,,Saddam Housein

    As much as
    I am glad that Sadam is dead ,,,,THE WORLD NEEDED HIM,,,,,WHY? He kept his
    people in check (yes brutaly) and MORE IMPORTANT,, the kept the counties around
    him in check,, with threats of violence if any of them ever got out of
    line,,,,BUSH said why we went into Iraq AND he said it publicly,,,, SADAM TRIED
    TO KILL MY DAD….. George W Bush used the entire United states
    military force and eight long years of war to find Osama Bin Laden,,,,,two
    years later Obama sends just two helicopters and about a dozen men and the
    worlds most wanted terrorist is found AND KILLED

  6. TexanForever says:

    Don’t overlook the fact that Lord Obama always lets ISIS know in plenty of time when and where our pin-prick air strikes will occur so they can be elsewhere when it happens. This way he can seem tough at home while doing little damage to his brothers. Sometimes there’s a screw-up and someone gets killed. But this way Obama can look tough at home without doing any real damage.

    His Muzz buds understand the scam he’s running as Pres.

  7. paul mcenroe says:

    Why is it personally only Obama?..he is just the front man for the same interests, nothing changes internationally..there might be little tweaks in domestic politics but on the international stage there is a script and agenda..getting mad at just Obama is misplaced..unless it’s an excuse to have a go at someone with different skin colour…Ffs sake this oh he’s a muslim is just being lost in the he hell, he is an ACME produced fit the moment politician who will carry out the same agenda regardless of left or’s just methodology. The Pentagon or whoever is calling the shot’s have done nothing to stop IS..that is the truth..How can it be that a bunch of deluded backwards thinking religious loons, with no airforce, no air defence, be MORE powerful after the worlds most awesome air force has been deployed….smoke and mirrors.

  8. Herman Chambers says:

    “JOIN THE DISCUSSION” It says. Well, there is NO discussion. Just a bunch of juveniles yelling back and forth.

  9. Frederick L May Sr says:

    While we are all picking on Obama (and rightfully) where is the rest of our representatives? Senate & Congress. They have the power to over rule anything he wants to do. It looks like they don’t give a damn.

  10. Kathy Jo Wilson says:

    I am not surprised by this at all. I have said over and over, Obama has been systematically, been weakening us, and it has become more aggressive from the very start of his second term.

    This is no coincidence, he has drastically cut funding to our Armed forces, as well as their numbers by thousands. His narrow minded view on the racial issues have racial tension in this country higher then they have ever been. While also setting of local law enforcement to be targets of hate and aggression. He has alienated us from our allies while reaching out to those who have forever condemned our way of life.

    He has ruined the economy, and to those who, blindly believe him when he says it is better then it has ever been. Tell me this, If employment is so much greater then it has been, as he claims, Why is social security so drained? Because, there are not as many employed as he would have us believe, While our people struggle, he is handing out social security to thousands of illegals, that are contributing nothing toward S.S or taxes, add to that, why is our, dept, higher then it has EVER been!?!? Never has the government been shut down, before his terms, and now it threatens to do so a second time, on his watch!! Government spending has reached an all time high, sadly Most of it is going everywhere but where it is needed for WE THE PEOPLE!!

    While we are at our most vulnerable, he now wants to bring over thousands of so called refugees flooding out of, the middle east into Europe. And though Obama keep saying families, of those in this massive exodus from oppression, 97% of which are militant aged Moslem men. Forgive me but Families usually include women and children. But apparently they were not included in the picture for those wanting a new start. Look it up people, do not take my word for it!! The information is out there The havoc these refugees are causing it massive, And more and more of the European countries are beginning to struggle and fight to keep them out. And with good reason!! They are hostile, aggressive, violent, riots beatings and rapes of women and children, are rising to astronomical numbers. I for sure do not want that here, no true American would!!!

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