BOMBSHELL: Trump’s Lifetime Friend Speaks Out… Reveals This SHOCKING Secret



Liberals would have you believe that Trump is evil and us MAGA supporters are a cult!


Nothing could be further from the truth.


“He Is A Man That Loves God”


A close friend of the Trumps has had it with the narrative-driven agenda from the mainstream media.


The elitist press corps that likens itself to the famed fourth estate of journalistic integrity has upset Paula White–leaving her no choice but to speak out.


“He is a man that loves God,” said the 50-year-old Evangelical pastor during a Thursday interview with Clinton News Network’s Erin Burnett.  Trump is, “much more hungry in his heart for God than I think people would ever imagine or suspect.”


White met Trump in 2002 after when Trump reached out to her after watching a number of her televised sermons.  Trump had been impressed with a series of sermons in particular–ones on “value and vision.”


Trump has often been private in his charitable works, often demanding that his contributions be kept on a low profile, so it is not much of a surprise that he would want his faith to remain as a private personal matter as well.


In an event with Pews and Pastors, Trump joked that doing a good job as president might be the only way for him to guarantee he will get into heaven.


The bottom line is that Trump is a great man that loves America.


He has a huge heart and is very generous.


He has helped an old lady keep her home by paying off her mortgage.


He flew a sick girl on his jet to get medical attention.


He even helped some guy fix his flat tire on his way to a concert.


He let a homeless black lady live at the Trump Tower and fed her!


We have a ton of these articles written up.


Trump is great. We need him back in the White House ASAP!



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