BOMBSHELL: Trump’s Statement Had Liberal Scumbags FREAKING OUT… This Is EPIC



President-elect, Donald Trump has released a statement that nobody should be allowed to burn the American Flag and if they do, there should be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a mandatory year in jail.

Many argue that the 1st Amendment protects those who wish to burn the flag as a protest and that the Supreme court has ruled that it is legal to burn or desecrate the flag as personal expression.


Texas vs. Johnson 1984

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In protest of President Ronald Reagan’s administrative policies, Gregory Lee Johnson burned a flag outside the City Hall building in Dallas, Texas, in 1984. Many onlookers said the scene was deeply offensive, a sentiment that represented the popular majority’s view on the matter.

Texas arrested Johnson and convicted him of breaking a Texas state law that prohibited desecration of the flag of the United States. Johnson was sentenced to one year in prison and ordered to pay a $2,000 fine.

Johnson appealed his conviction, claiming First Amendment protection, and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stated that Johnson’s speech was symbolic and ruled in his favor.


The Supreme Court took the case, and in a very unusual majority, the Court voted 5-4 in favor of Johnson. Johnson’s actions, the majority argued, were symbolic speech political in nature and could be expressed even at the affront of those who disagreed with him.

In reaction to the Johnson decision, which only applied to the state of Texas, Congress passed an anti-flag burning law called the Flag Protection Act of 1989.

But in 1990, the Court struck down that law as unconstitutional.

We have a few that hold office that make the decisions for the nation and in this case, they deemed it as a legal act.  But does that truly represent, We the People, or does this represent the view of those few in office that have the control over the laws?

The question really becomes, what does the Flag stand for and is burning a flag in protest something we should continue to allow?


The American flag used to be protected from people burning the American flag, or doing other offensive acts to the flag.

In 1968, Congress approved the Federal Flag Desecration Law after a Vietnam War protest. The law made it illegal to “knowingly” cast “contempt” upon “any flag of the United States by publicly mutilating, defacing, defiling, burning, or trampling upon it.”

“I fear the unintended consequences of these 17 words and the laws that may be enacted later will be far worse than the consequences of us witnessing the occasional and shocking and disgusting desecration of this great symbol of liberty and freedom.

Real patriotism cannot be coerced. It must be a voluntary, unselfish, brave act to sacrifice for others. And when Americans feel coercion especially from their government they tend to rebel. So none of us should be surprised Mr. Chairman if one unintended consequence of the laws that prohibit unpopular activity such as this is an actual increase in the incidents of flag desecration.

U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NE)
Veteran of the elite Navy SEAL Team, the Navy’s version of the Green Berets, and is currently the only member of Congress to have earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, America’s highest military honor.
Excerpted from testimony given before the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 28, 1999

The American Flag and what the colors stand for:

According to custom and tradition, white signifies purity and innocence; red, hardiness and valor; and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

In 1776 the colors adopted for the flag did not have any specific meaning, however, the founding fathers stated colors in the Great Seal did have specific meaning.  This is where the true meaning of the colors of America originate from and not eh American Flag.  Red, White and Blue


I deeply love my nation and the nations flag, I understand that it is a symbol to our nation and our freedoms.  Because it is such, it is legal to burn by issuance of the Supreme Court, it does not mean you should.

Navy Seal Bob Kerrey said it best, “Real patriotism cannot be coerced. It must be a voluntary, unselfish, brave act to sacrifice for others.”  To me, those who burn the flag are not Patriots, not grateful citizens of the United States of America nor are they protesting tyranny. 

According to our founding fathers, it is the Great Seal that is truly sacred and the true symbolism of America.  I propose to each of you to ponder this as you consider the acts of the cowardice and sheep as they burn the flag.

It is extremely offended when people burn the very flag that represents their freedoms and it does anger me greatly to watch my flag desecrated.  No soldier swears in or affirms an oath to the Flag, we do not serve the flag.  We are taught to respect and have courtesy to the Flag by saluting it and caring for it.

“I …… do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God.”

It is the Constitution that we swear to protect and defend, that means people’s rights to free agency and yes, their right to burn the flag.  Though I disagree with it and I would step in and remove the flag from their hands, for their safety of course.  Wouldn’t want them to burn themselves.

By changing the laws to allow people to burn the flag in protest, we have opened Pandora’s box to have the very ideals of America, our values and standards, to fall.   People fail to see the full consequences of their actions and tend to see what they want right now.

People won the legal right to burn our nation’s flag, but in the end, it will cost them more than they will ever know.  We must be accountable for patriotism and teach our children the truths and to respect our nations flag.






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