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Truth behind OperationEuphrates Shield…


Mainstream media, time and time again, lies to the American public and gets caught all the time in their lies, twisting facts and spinning stories and propaganda.

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What is really going on in the world will never get truthfully reported to the American public.  Putin even made a public statement to the rest of the world, warning the American news that they are responsible for their lies and that their lies will lead America to war.

The latest garbage being spewed from mainstream media is that America is winning the war on terror and defeating ISIS in Syria.  Truth?

The truth is, the U.S. created ISIS and backed them with funds and weapons, this is fact and we all are aware of that now.  Let’s break this down into what is really going on in Syria and why our media is spewing lies to the sheep.

Syrian civil war launched in 2011 in reaction to President Bashar al-Assad’s brutal repression of peaceful protests against his dictatorship. Elements of what would become ISIS traveled from Iraq into Syria to fight against Assad. Those forces gained strength in Syria, which they drew upon when they re-entered Iraq as a reinvigorated force in 2013, seizing much of Anbar a year later as well as Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq.


A majority of Saddam Hussein’s officer corps helped to professionalize and join ISIS as a fighting force after the U.S. liberated Iraq.

After the, “liberation” of Iraq, U.S. forces stayed in Iraq and trained a vast number of Iraq’s police force as well as military personnel.  A vast majority of those trained, you guessed it, they became ISIS and helped organize and evolve ISIS into the terrorist group that it is today.

Once the organization was large enough and armed up, they began their reign of genocide and cleansing.  The rest of the world saw exactly what the CIA had created and spoke out against the actions of the U.S. government.

Now it lets fast forward to Obama and one of the dumbest things he has ever said, when he referred to the Islamist terrorist group gaining ground in Syria and Iraq as a “JV” team in a January 2014 interview.

Obama has done as little as possible yet just enough to keep the sheep calm and distracted when it comes to ISIS.   The mainstream media spews that we are winning the war on terror, when in fact, we created it, funded it and armed it.

Obviously there is far more to this than any of us will ever know and now that Hillary Clinton is more involved, more than any of us want to know.   If we knew more, we would find ourselves on the Clinton Hit list.

Let us fast forward to current events and why Turkey is invading Syria, yes, they are invading and not liberating as the media would have you believe.

The truth, is that Turkey has actually been supporting ISIS and other terror groups in Syria for a very long time.  In fact, Syria and Erdogan have been purchasing vast amounts of stolen oil from ISIS, until Putin put a stop to it.


The true reason for Turkey to invade is to put a stop to the Kurdish forces that are backed by the U.S. so that Turkey can continue its Islamic takeover.

“(Wednesday’s operation) started in the north of Syria against terror groups which constantly threaten our country, like (ISIS) and the PYD,” Erdogan said, referring to a Syrian Kurdish opposition political party.  ~Erdogan

Obviously saying they are simply fighting ISIS and one of the good guys, is like Hillary Clinton saying she did not kill our soldiers in Benghazi.

Another senior US official told CNN’s Barbara Starr the US assessment is that Turkey’s cross-border action is largely about trying to stop Kurdish action. “The Turks never cared about Jarablus until the Kurds wanted to get there,” the official said.

From the Kurdish standpoint, fears of further setbacks at the hands of the Islamic State made the Kurds increasingly willing to ally with Baghdad and the U.S.  then shift their military strategy from defending Kurdistan to crushing the broader threat to Iraq by the Islamic State.

Erdogan has been very vocal and publicly stating Turkey must be an Islamic nation and that he is the new leader of the Islamic Nation.

According to the Turkish government, Operation Euphrates Shield will “create a safe zone” that will be 90 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide that stretches roughly from the town of Jarablus to the town of Marea.  Proving that Turkey plans to claim the area they invaded for their own.


Erdogan has gone against Putin’s advisement with this invasion and so far, Putin and Moscow have been silent over the matter.

Russian has activated troops and air force for immediate training exercises as well as troop movements, which to U.S. intelligent agencies is looked upon as Russia getting ready to send troops to Syria.


Hillary Got BAD News And We LOVE It

If Russia and Turkey go to war, it will be an epic domino effect and will lead to U.S. forces going to war.  Let us not forget that China agreed to work with Russia and sent 5000 troops to fight in Syria as well.

The reality of Syria is that it is a powder keg to war and the U.S. and U.N. are deeply involved and it appears, will soon be forced to decide to declare war or pull out completely and let Russia and China take over.


Al Arabia



God Bless.

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