BOMBSHELL: Will Smith Just Got Caught Donating $150,000.00 To THIS Terrorist Organization…

The “Nation of Islam,” a chapter of the Black Panthers, has received a large donation for their Justice or Else march. Louis Farrakhan disclosed that Will and Jada Smith made the huge contribution of $150,000.


This is such a HUGE disappointment to see. Will, I thought you were better than this. How could you turn on America and support Islam? I am definitely writing you off of movies to watch. You are a traitor to this country.



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The head of the Nation of Islam religious group held a rally at the Tindley Temple United Methodist Church in the Men In Black star’s native Philadephia, Pennsylvania recently and revealed the couple had made the sizeable contribution in support of the organization’s efforts to raise $1.8 million for the cause.


During the rally, Farrakhan also called on other celebrities to donate. The Justice…Or Else! march took place on 10 October (15) at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Farrakhan’s Million Man March.



Earlier this summer (15), rapper The Game met with the spiritual leader to discuss plans for the march, which is expected to draw thousands to the capital following a series alleged police brutality incidents involving black youths across the U.S.

Louis Farrakhan is just as racist as any KKK member. I’ll be damned if you’re going to fight fire with fire and think you deserve to win any debate. I’m willing to help good people seek justice and fairness, BUT I have no desire at all to help out this loudmouth, angry, vengeful racist who calls others racist from the hilltop!


Nation of Islam has not only the evil of Islam, but also the racism of Farrakhan and his ilk. The worst of two worlds. For someone that has made all his money out of the pockets of hard working Americans and then turn around and donate to one of the most racist factions on the planet, that is enough for me to say he is no better than the black panthers he is supporting. Sorry, Will, but choices have consequences. 



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  1. I don’t have to say anything else, but share this piece of
    information. He is off my list of cool celebrities. Primary Rules of
    islam –

    1. Infidels must be converted to islam. Qur’an:8:39 “Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.”

    2. Infidels who will not convert must pay a tax to islam. Qur’an:9:29
    “Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the
    protective tax in submission.”

    3. Infidels who do not convert or
    pay the tax must be KILLED. Qur’an:9:5 – “Fight and kill the
    disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie
    in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”

    Supporting Rule

    • All members of islam are allowed to LIE to Infidels if the LIE supports the growth of islam. Taqiyya

    Ask a muslim i.e. anyone who follows islam if they are allowed to pick
    and choose which parts of the qur’an to follow? The answer is, they
    can’t pick and choose which parts to follow. Doing so is called apostate
    which would lead to their own death for they would be killed by a
    fellow muslim. To follow islam is to adhere to every word in the qur’an.

    This means there is no such thing as a Moderate muslim. For someone to
    follow the qur’an they must submit which means you must submit one way
    or the other.

    They really are trying to convert you, tax you, or KILL you.

    I stand by my words; islam is Fundamentally Bad for America.

    • Lol, islam is such a joke and to prove it, check out their Shylock God, allah. “Kill the infidels if the won’t submit and say I am the one true God–well…unless they give us some money, then we can buy all those goats I’ve been telling you guys about. Mohammey, get the Vaseline and bring those sexy goats my way….

    • So your logic is “share this blatant lie and intentional misinformation”? Why am I not surprised?

    • Jayson James says:

      You’re flat out wrong. I bet if look at the Holy Scriptures, you will see similar verses. The 5 Pillars of Islam are Declaration of Faith, Five Daily Prayers, Obligatory Charitable Giving, Fasting during Ramadan, and the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). Also, The Nation of Islam is not a branch of the Black Panthers, it existed before the Black Panthers. If you’re going to denigrate someone or organization, how about checking it’s history and checking the facts.

  2. Enemy of America, as is EVERY bit of islam.

  3. Well, it explains why he can have as many women as he wants and Jada just takes it. Guess she converted too!

  4. This story is a bunch of Bull Sh*T, simply because the Nation of Islam has no association with nor never been a part of the Black Panthers..

  5. Another dumb ass Hollyweirdo , just another fool I won’t waste my money to see !

  6. Will is short on historical knowledge. Muslims have slaughtered hundreds of millions , enslaved millions, and continue their terrorism of black people today. Black Africans that were not slaughtered were forced to fight in the muslum armies that invaded Europe for 1200 years. There were 575 known major battles to drive the invading muslums out. Most of the muslum armed was killed or run back to Mecca. Estimated 260 million killed in this insanity before any modern wepons existed.
    Now Will, which side do you wish to have a muslum slit your throat from?

    • I think we Christians own the most bloodshed award.

      • Then you would be WRONG, John.

      • Do a little research and read up on the Muslim invasion of India. Or how the Buddhist of Afghanistan were slaughtered even though they did not resist. The invasion of Egypt and the slaughter of the Copts and the heads piled to the horses bridles in Spain.
        For outright numbers the various forms of Socialism from Communist to NAZIs were the all time killer champs.
        You are probably a great guy, so don’t swallow the wrong pill. The Koran teaches to kill the unbeliever, the New Testament says to be an example to and pray for the unbeliever.

      • More people have been slaughtered in the name of Jesus the Christ than any other person in history. The reason for the separation of Church and State is so that the US Government can do it’s evil and dirt in the name of “democracy” instead of in the name of Jesus. This article is a joke BUT IT WILL CONVINCE ignorant and manipulated minds. OH WELL

        • Barry Alan Togal says:

          No such thing as separation of church and state in any American document………….

          • So this is where I ask what planet do you live on?

          • Barry Alan Togal says:

            Evidently your last name is Minded. You do not have a grasp on the Simple basics of the Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights. You do not understand the crucial differences in life. By the way, I live on planet Earth. Where people are respectful of others, and are able to have a conversation, and or a debate about the issues of our world without resorting to primordial emotions based on misplaced anger issues that you have never addressed. That’s why you are SIMPLE MINDED.

          • 10/10/15 #JusticeorElse. We can show you better than we can tell you because you’re not listening anyway.

        • BS you simpleton.

      • realetybytes says:

        Once prodded to defend themselves, they were better at killing! That’s how the savages were driven back to their sewer!

  7. No more Will for me

    • Boo hoo you think he cares

      • realetybytes says:

        He will when his box office bombs cause people he wants dead won’t go see his movies.

        • When did he ever say he wanted people dead

          • realetybytes says:

            You give that much money to people sworn to destroy America and, according to the most recent statements of the madman Farrahcant, pledged to kill all the whites, you are responsible for their claims, desires and actions.


            I think he decided to give the money BECAUSE of Farracants desire and orders to kill whites. I believe he deserves to be called a racist who wishes whites dead, so I doubt if we will ever spend money on him, money he will use to promote our deaths , again. #WakeUpAmerica

          • Who said any of what your claiming… Lemme guess your going off what u heard. You must be cause Farrakhan never said that, y’all got the KKK a government that lies steals and murders her own people and y’all worried about Lil old Farrakhan why do y’all fear him? Is it BC you know we have been getting unjust treatment and we will fight for or rights!

          • realetybytes says:

            When you start off lying, I find it time to say goodbye:


            islam is a deathcult that need to be eradicated from lands of free people.

          • Christianity has shed more blood so what are you talking about

          • realetybytes says:

            Not in the past 500 years they haven’t, liar. And if they do call for anyone’s murder, I’m for wiping their lying pious asses off the earth, too! ANY man’s religion is corrupt, causes death and pain. But are you suggesting that the savage islamists be given permission to even up the count? Oh, yeah, LIAR!
            “Only Thing wrong With islamophobia is THEIR description!”

            Done with your lying islamist enabling posterior!
            Be, or get, well!

          • You’re talking history.
            Christians do not go around killing.
            Islam is killing thousands if not more..nowadays.
            Or haven’t you heard about the beheading’s? 9/11?

          • Once again thank your govt for 9/11 and lies we live in a Christian nation but how did we get here? The Muslims didn’t bring us and why are we even having this rally because blacks and still not treated fairly in this so called Christian nation. America needs to take a look inward before she point any fingers they killed the Indians with that same Bible they hold in their hands

          • Listen to ANY speech Farrakhan has ever given… they’re ALWAYS full of hate for white people! Where have you been? Makes Sharpton look like a choir boy!

          • And ever since we were brought excuseme kidnapped from Africa everything that America has done is always full of hate including murder us something Farrakhan has never done to any white and he’s not against white people cuz he speaks out for poor white people he is against the injustice is done to the minority in America in the people in power just happened to be white

          • Y’all love to play the damn victim boy

          • if you can show me where Farrakhan pledged to kill all whites i’ll paypal you 100 bucks right now lol….. I’ll wait

          • “10,000 in the midst of the million … 10,000 fearless men who say death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny”(FARRAKHAN’S WORDS HENCE THE QUOTATIONS).“Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breasts of those whose children have been slain. So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,”(FARRAKHAN’S WORDS HENCE THE QUOTATIONS). I suppose in all of your infinite intelligence you didn’t notice that the part about “to kill whites” wasn’t in quotations right? Lol I suppose that as bright as you are you never realized that quotations mean that words placed in between them are the exact words a person said, and the words outside of the quotations are the words of the writer huh? As brilliant as you are you never once thought “hey why i don’t I pull this quote about killing whites from an unbiased, credible source…. Better yet… Why don’t I just pull it right from the horses mouth”?
            Why is it that you and all the people in support of this nonsense feel as though “tyranny” means white people? Lol. Why do you people think this “retaliation” he speaks of is against “white people”? Why can’t it be against “MURDERERS AND THOSE ALLOW THEM TO COMMIT MURDER WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE”? Do you fit that category? Does the average white citizen murder black people? Does the average cop just live to murder black people? I don’t think so, why do you people just assume this man is too stupid to know the differnce between white citizens and tyrants? I can guess why smh

          • You can not sugar coat it, HE SAID IT!! ANTI-AMERICAN PROMOTING TERROR!

          • Retaliating against murderers is “terror”? You people are insane, you lying, paranoid, racists are trying to twist this man’s words and act as if he’s calling for the deaths of innocent white citizens when he clearly stated “kill those that kill us”. Last I checked “innocent white citizens ain’t murdering black people”.
            That’s your guilty concious that makes you feel that way. Your concious is so guilty that your brain wont even let you analyze simple math and realize that assembling “10,000” to kill “270,000,000” is just plain stupid.
            Nothing I say matters anyway because you people are going to believe what you choose to regardless, even if god almighty himself told you all the complete opposite. So whatever, have a nice day smh

          • Smh…. “Show me where FARRAKHAN said it”! Not some biased interpretation by some paranoid, propaganda spreading, liar that fears black unity. Listen to “FARRAKHAN’s” speech and point out where he said he “pledges to kill all whites”. I’ll wait lol

          • Farrakhan says it all the time!

          • It shouldn’t be hard at all for you to “show” me then right? Lol I swear “you ppl” are full of it, how did Chris Rock even come to your mind? What violence or act of terror has been carried out by “such a group”? I don’t expect you to answer that question, obviously you’re set in your (most likely) racist ways smh.

          • Because Chris Rock has proven himself to be racist time and time again with his humor, I am not racist, however, I believe you are, with the term”you’s people” it’s pretty obvious!

          • “You ppl” = “you racists” genius. Now tell me how the hell Chris Rock has “proven himself racist time and time again”? Lolll, please tell me you’re trolling and not seriously this demented

          • If you notice, the part in ur “intentionally fictionalized” link that states “to kill whites” is not in quotations right? That means Farrakhan didn’t say that and it’s the interpretation of the writer.
            Everything on the net isn’t truth lol

          • I’m not the least bit surprised that you posted a link from a known white supremacist website lol. You’re the exact reason #justiceorelse is necessary, It’s people like you that will make the puppet masters successfull in their instigation of this brewing race war.

          • Watch any of his speeches!

          • You keep saying that, but you still haven’t “provided any evidence”! That man has never, not even once condoned or participated in any type of violence against “innocent” white people. He does speak on fighting back against those that wish to oppress not only black people but all people. The same way “the oath keepers” do lol, but I guess the oath keepers have the right complexion huh?
            The fact that you’re saying ignorant things like things like “he says it in every speech” let’s me know that you never even listened to any of his speeches. Your speaking purely from the perspective of someone else lol, you shouldn’t take “word of mouth” as “fact”. Not only is that irresponsible, but it’s outright stupid lol.

  8. To the Devil racist who wrote this lying article. Clearly attempting to tarnish a good man and the best God fearing people on this earth the Muslims in America who have neither boomed, attacted, or anything period even close to illegal or other. You are showing your face and your nature Minister Farrakhan is always correct, you Sir are a devil because 1 you are a lier, 2 you are deceitful 3 arrogant 4 haughty 5 prideful 6 feel like you are better !!
    The nation of a Islam has absolutely nothing to do with a Black Panther movement lier!
    You call him a racist why because he called you one right?
    Did he lie? Hell No. You are, did your people not rape, lynch, terrorize, maim, beat, didn’t your evil racist people change our natural names and our natural Islam religon??
    Weren’t you Christians when you turned us into subhuman and you was in church saying this is what God wanted????
    Who then has a terrorist religion?
    Who preach and acted out acts of violence and hate?
    See the devil is a lier and the people of God our emerging you must not that God has choose one of our own to give justice only in words in words of Truth God hasn’t punished you yet but it’s coming from.God not men God will deal with you!

    • Wow, Carl. God, not YOU, judges. Your master Farrakhan called for the killing of 10,000 cops and whites. Going by your words, God is clearly not in either of you. You are spiritually bankrupt.

      • “Your master Farrakhan called for the killing of 10,000 cops and whites.” Lollll…. YOU ARE A STRAIGHT UP LIAR. The man called on “10,000 fearless black men that don’t mind dying”, his purpose for doing so isn’t to incite some sort of war against cops and white ppl you idiot lmao. The purpose of those “10,000 fearless black men” is to go into their own communities and stand in between these wars that are claiming so many black lives. Those 10,000 fearless black men are being called upon to clean up their communities because clearly no one else can or wants to.
        You racist pigs automatically associate “large number of fearless black men” with violence against whites and cops lmao. Start reading for yourself instead of letting some jackass with his own agenda use propaganda to sway your mind into supporting his “cause”. In the event that you do start reading for yourself(which i doubt you will), ALWAYS…. check the source of the info genius.
        Also…. “GOD” never said “man can’t judge”, that wasn’t god…. that was 2pac you moron lmaoooo. “GOD” said “The righteous man judgeth”….. meaning “man can and should definitely judge the actions and character of those around him if he himself is living a life which is favorable to the most high”.

        • Wow, you called me a racist pig, an idiot and a moron. You think I’m going to listen to what YOU have to say? Lol

          1. I know about what God says about judging. 2. I’m not a racist. 3. Now, how many of those 10,000 fearless men have actually shown up?! Did you? Or were you too busy behind your computer?

          • Uh… Its not time for the 10,000 to show up yet genius lol, the 10,000 will most likely be mobilized after the demonstration on 10-10-15 smh. Your ignorance is typical, I don’t exactly fit the bill of the “10,000”. He asked for men that “dont mind dying”, I have 3 small children that I am responsible for….so “YES” I do indeed mind dying lol.

          • Yes, well, there’s always a reason to NOT stand up. Wonder how many will die between now and the magical date of 10-10-15?

            Really, you have no business even speaking on this subject. You don’t mind OTHER “fearless” black men to step up, WHO HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, as long as it’s not you.

            Wow, no wonder black on black crime is a problem. People like you. All mouth, no action, full of excuses, insults others. LOL you, sir, are a typical joke. Good day.

          • Your whole aim is just to spew ignorance out of your mouth lol. First you say “he calls for the deaths of 10,000 cops and white people”, then you switch to “oh my god It’s Obama’s fault”. Now your saying “you shouldn’t be typing…. You should be standing up for a cause that I myself think is racist against white people. In fact if you’re not willing to sign up for a cause that will put you directly in the crossfire of a gang war you shouldn’t even speak on this issue.
            Lol what is your angle? What point are you making? It sounds as if you’re just bitching about black people trying to find a common ground to stand on lol.
            It’s typical but still troubling how you’ll just ignore the blatant lies in this article though… The photoshopped pics, the propaganda you’re being fed and focus on “black on black crime being a problem” lmao. You’re a typical racist, you blame all the problems of this nation on blacks and muslims. You do realize that white on white crime is pretty damned high too right? You do realize that all races kill their own race mainly right? You do realize that if you ain’t out here killing black people unjustly or supporting the murderers that are, that you shouldn’t even be the least bit worried about Farrakhan or 10-10-15 right? The more you type the more you expose your true RACIST self.

          • Lol Dear God, don’t you get tired of blaming everything on racists? If black on black crime is no big deal, then why all the talk from Farrakhan?

            I blame everything on blacks and muslims? No, we have a spiritual problem in this country. THAT’S the problem. Nice try tho.

          • Yep, no sense in wasting your breath!

        • Stalk them and kill them,’ Farrakhan says, calling for 10,000 volunteers to kill whites

          ‘Stalk them and kill them,’ Farrakhan says, calling for 10,000 volunteers to kill whites

          MIAMI (Christian Examiner) – In a sermon reminiscent of the fiery rhetoric of an Islamic State preacher, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, now 82, said in Miami the time has come for 10,000 black volunteers to kill white Americans.

          “Death is sweeter than watching us slaughter each other to the joy of a 400 year old enemy. Death is sweet. The Quran teaches persecution is worse than slaughter.” – Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam Leader

          In the sermon at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Farrakhan said he was looking for “10,000 in the midst of the million … 10,000 fearless men who say death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny” to retaliate against white Americans because of their alleged oppression of black people. SOURCE

          I have heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words; what’s a video worth on the market of TRUTH today?

          Far too many, on BOTH sides of politics today will scream and pound their chests and call for JUSTICE, they will tell you that Black Lives Matter and will call you a racist if you tell them that ALL Lives Matter, especially if you happen to say White Lives Matter and Police Lives Matter too.

          This degree of violent anarchy from the Blacks and Black Muslims in America has reached a boiling point. Don’t you find it strange that when a radical such as Farrakhan makes his plea for Blacks to kill Whites that all of a sudden there is a sudden tremendous spike in the number of Police Officers being gunned down on the job?

          Does that strike anyone other than ME as far more than a coincidence?

          “So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling.”

          You can call me every kind of racist in the book, frankly, I don’t give a damn if what I have to say sits well with everyone or not but here’s the deal; if some WHITE group, say the Klan for instance, or some other radical bunch of WHITE people had said anything even close to any of this, don’t you suppose that the Obama regime would be going after them with everything the Department of Justice could muster?

          Have you heard so much as ONE WORD from Barack Obama or Loretta Lynch in regards to Louis Farrakhan and his highly inflammatory hate speech?


          So, let me ask you this; how many Police Officers have been killed in this United States of America in the last few days?

          7 lives in 8 days

          Have you heard Barack Obama speak so much as ONE STINKING WORD about ANY of them?

          My friends, Barack Hussein Obama has given people like The Black Panthers, Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan carte blanche to say and do whatever they like with NO FEAR of prosecution.

          I can hear it now, “Oh but WHY did you bring the Black Panthers into this racist blast you’re making against Farrakhan and his people? They didn’t do anything to be blasted like that…”

          Why do I attack the Black Panthers as well? Here’s why; Black Panthers Call For Killing Police In Texas: ‘The Only Good Pig Is A Pig That’s Dead’.

          I never go to a fight unarmed and I never make accusations without solid proof, that link tells ME all I need to know.

          There is a small war taking place right now in this once great nation and it is being allowed to happen by the racist regime of one Barack Hussein Obama. It’s not a major war, not yet, but only because the bastards haven’t yet thought of a way to get all the guns out of the hands of those nasty old White people.

          And rarely a day goes by that Obama and Company don’t try to come up with a new and an acceptable way to get our guns, but listen closely; if they ever DO get our guns what follows will be a slaughter akin to those massacres you read about taking place in Africa.

          Christian Examiner

          • Smh…. Again “CHECK YOUR SOURCE”! How about you pull up the actual speech Farrakhan made genius? It’s public record, it’s all over the internet. Listen to it for yourself lol. He did not say “I need 10,000 fearless black men to retaliate against white people” lol. He said “death is sweeter than living under tyranny”, people like you (and the source of ur misinfo)”ASSUMED” that he meant “white people” when he said “tyranny” lol.
            FYI gang violence is tyranny, drugs dealers and murders clinching neighborhoods is tyranny. I challenge you to show me where Farrakhan says he needs 10,000 black men to go kill white ppl. You still haven’t showed me anything where he states he’s calling for the deaths of 10,000 cops. Stop cherry picking and get ur info from the horse’s mouth, not the jackasses warped mind.

    • There is only one race–the human race. I have never abused a black person. In fact, Dr. Ben Carson, George Washington Carver and Dr. Martin Luther KIng are three of my heroes! Love is a choice. Hate is a choice. I have chosen to love everyone. See

    • Thank u. I am so happy that my people are finally coming together. As long as they kill us and we don’t do nothing; their happy. Thanks Will Smith. I hope that they’re asses go straight to hell. They are the terrorists.

    • Mike Fountaine says:

      there must be some truth somewhere in this. If not, it’s called lawsuits.

  9. No more Will movies for me!

  10. These people like Smith converting are doing this hoping they will be spared. WTSHTF Cowards do this and I am ashamed for you. COWARDS

  11. While I would never contribute to the Ku Klux Klan, why would that be any different than a donation to this equally violent and prejudiced hate group? If your money is used as bounty on white lives, Mr. Smith, will you be proud of your donation?

  12. Hasan Salaam says:

    Message From the Honorable Silis Muhammad
    C.E.O. of The Lost-Found Nation of Islam

    Several years ago, while on a trip to England with a group of lawyers from America, a white male lawyer said to me: “So the Nation of Islam is like the white KKK.” He spoke these words after learning I am a representative of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam.

    I was struck speechless by his comparison. How could he possibly compare the Nation of Islam to the white KKK? I reasoned that he knew very little about the Nation of Islam, or that he was making mockery.

    Today I am struck again because I have viewed a story which follows the line of this man’s thinking. The story is in a film entitled “A House Divided”, which has been prepared for a Japanese audience, and eventually an American one. In the story the white KKK is depicted as wanting separation and a pure white nation. The Nation of Islam is presented in the same breath, as wanting separation and a Black nation.

    These two views, while on the surface appearing to be equal, are at the base, opposites. It is my desire that the people of the earth know the Lost-Found Nation of Islam so that they cannot be tricked by false comparisons.

    The one essential difference between the KKK and the Lost-Found Nation of Islam is that the work of the Nation of Islam is a divine work. It was prophesied in the Holy Books for a Nation to be established to show and prove man can behave in a Godly way, in his daily practice of life, here on earth. The Nation of Islam was set up by Almighty Allah, God Himself, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad (to Whom all praises are forever due). It was set up for the purpose of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. It is the prophesy of the Holy Books being fulfilled.

    We, the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, are the teachers of the “religion” of the books. The message is the “religion” of Truth. It is through the practice of speaking pure truth that peace can be had, here on earth. The “Truth” in the revelations of the Holy Books is brought to life in the existence of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam.

    The aim of the Nation of Islam is to recapture the role of a “model people” and to bring peace to all nations of the earth. Thus, the Nation of Islam is in the act of reconstruction: or otherwise stated, it is in the act of the general “resurrection” of the dead. This is the premiere business of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam. It is a spiritual force: one which is activated by a spiritual message. The spiritual message is delivered by a spiritual teacher.

    The white KKK, on the other hand, does not aim at the establishment of God’s kingdom here on earth. Rather, it aims at the preservation of the race of peace breakers of the earth. The core nature of the white KKK is evil. It was established for the specific purpose of practicing evil, overtly. And evil has been its practice; which you all well do know.

    It has been the practice of the KKK to engage in the public hanging of black men. It has been its practice to engage in public castrations of black men. It has been its practice to engage in public burning of black men. It has been the practice of the KKK to engage in public dragging of black men, by a rope tied to the saddle of a horse. Theirs has been the practice of public cobbling, or maiming of black men. It has been their practice to publicly flog black men. It has been their practice to set fire to the dwelling places of black families. It has been their practice to cut open the stomach of pregnant black women so to instill fear in the hearts of other blacks. It has been their practice to rape, and to gang rape black women as well as to murder them and little black children. It has been the practice of the KKK to take the land of black families. The list could go on and on.

    In what way do the above said practices of the white KKK evidence an aim at the establishment of “peace” on earth, or the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth, or the establishment of themselves as highly moral minded, or noble role models to which other nations of the earth may aspire?

    The Nation of Islam is not a mere separatist group, comparable to the ill fated separatist group, the white KKK. To the extent that you, the reader, buy into that concept, you aid the will of the enemy of peace. In the future let no one, great or small, take away from the story of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam. It is a divine Nation. It is from Almighty Allah, God Himself.

  13. coldshot1723 . says:

    He did not convert to islam. The rest of the story might be true but he is not a muslim.

  14. LOL LOL LOL LOL This article SO FULL OF LIES that all I can do is laugh. Terrorist? You can’t name one act of terrorism committed by ANY Nation of Islam member. Anytime a black man supports the cause of someone who is not controlled by white money or the white power structure the lies and devlishment starts to go to work. LOL LOL LOL, the person who wrote this article is a fool.

  15. First of all you moron the Nation of Islam is not a part of chapter of the Black Panther Party

  16. Lms if you’ve ever been harassed by terrorists and I’m not talking about America’s Police Department because my likes would be going crazy y’all are just some scary fake Patriots

  17. Track Addict says:

    You people are some of the most ignorant, uninformed idiots this planet has ever seen. The saddest part is you actually feel you are justified in your ignorance. First of all the Nation of Islam is not a part of nor affiliated in ANY way with the Black Panthers. The mere fact that you would start this whole article off with that incorrect “fact” just shows & proves the attempt to try to bad mouth not 1 but 2 Black organizations. But simple minds do simple things…2nd of all, there is not one single person in THIS country that can claim some type of moral high ground over ANYONE else in this world. No other country has dropped nuclear bombs on millions of innocent people, enslaved an entire race of people, while systematically erase their entire true history, attempted genocide on a race of people who not only allowed your ancestors entrance into THEIR land, but taught those same savages how to survive & now you many of the ancestors of those illegal immigrants complain about others coming into a land that your forefathers stole.

    Oh & lets not forget your wonderful & peaceful Christianity which had an entire era in the history of mankind committing atrocities all over the world in the name of their so-called god. The same “god” that told your ancestors that Blacks weren’t full human beings. And lets not forget the beloved Catholic church & its blatant attempts (successful in most cases) to wipe away the truth behind all of the pedophiles within their church. Moving priests around instead of defrocking them in part because the molestation & taking advantage of children has been a practice of the Roman Catholic Church for CENTURIES!! So FOH all of you dumb ass, foolish & uninformed mongrels. Your ignorance is child like.

    • Has anyone told the black panthers they aren’tpart ofthe Nation of islam? They certainly believe they are! Most are muslim, have become so, and follow the koran, and you want us to believe they’re not related!

  18. Soooo… I guess we’re just going to pretend that we don’t see these blatant lies and photoshopped pics? Lol, most of the people supporting this PROPAGANDA are white too lol…. What a shock! But yet “Farrakhan” is the racist

  19. Wow… the stupidity here is profound. Because it says Islam, everyone is shitting themselves. It never occurs to anyone that the Nation of Islam is NOT the same as Islam. Does anyone here actually know any members? Of course not. I do. And she happens to be one of the sweetest and kindest people I know.

    This is just another blind rage of the idiotic masses.

  20. The NOI is one of the largest racial hate groups in the United States yet does whatever it wants with virtually NO consequences. No one in the Black community speaks out against them and our national news media does absolutely NOTHING, even when calls for violence against white folks are made. Something VERY wrong with this picture. Will and Jada are a disgrace for this.

    • Explain what hateful acts have they committed? Black people with common sense know that they are a group that is fighting for black people. Finally, they have not made a call for violence against white people, that’s a manipulated lie made up by the media.

      • You’ve got to be joking, you could start with the murder of Malcolm X. And he absolutely did call for racially motivated violence, just because he denies it doesn’t make that so. Just watch the video and stop making excuses. It is a disgrace to Black people around the world. I don’t support them and want no part of them.

        • I figured u was a ignorant mf and your comments prove it. That Malcolm X lieis so old that lt ain’t even worth addresding, believe that bs if you like. And he called for retaliation against those who kill us and have liars in the justice system let them walk time after time. If you don’t understand standing against injustice then so be it, who cares. Finally if you scared sit yo as on the sideline and us real men will handle business. 10/10/15 ain’t for punk mf’s

          • Fortunately anything you “handle” will land your triflin ass behind bars where you belong.

          • That’s your best response? You a fuckin sucker.

          • You’re going to “handle business”? Just what, exactly, is that “business” you’re going to handle? Looting and burning businesses to the ground? Ambushing and killing police officers? Yeah, you be “real men”…NOT! You and your ilk are nothing more than chickenshit pieces of trash, so if you’re going to handle business bring it on, punk ass bitch.

          • Who and where are the wild fires affecting? The majority of white people have no idea of what time we are living in. Who and where are the floods affecting? The devil loves to take what you say and make truth a lie, so I’m not surprised by any response I get. 10/10/15 – #JusticeorElse

          • Soooo… I guess it’s safe to say that you support those that murder black ppl without consequence? You’re all for the gang and drug violence that plagues black communities across the nation huh?
            Can you show me where Farrakhan or the N.O.I ever encouraged “rioting”? Or “ambushing and killing cops”? Are you really sitting here taking these isolated incidents and writing off an entire movement for unity amongst a people that are in dire need of it along with all the people of this nation living under tyranny? Why am I not surprised? I’m willing to bet the farm thst you’re white too? Lol typical

        • you are a smart guy Dat. Unfortunately, many of your same race are racist haters and continue to lie about their intentions. IF there were not 73% out of wedlock black births and the dads stayed around to raise their kids, we surely would not have the false claims of discrimination against blacks. For some reason, blacks….. not all obviously but many, have violent tendencies. They say they are revolting about being held down. Colin Powell, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell and yes, our fake “Christian” Presbo, twice put in office with the help of whites………..have not been held down. Take responsibility, stop blaming others, stop having kids you can’t support and raise, stop the “Taker” mentality, get proper educations, learn proper English, pull your damn pants up, stop looting your own neighborhoods (that is just brilliant), get jobs and contribute to society. Stop blaming others for your failure to do what is right. I am voting for Ben Carson…………yes, old “whitey” is supporting a great black man. I carry heat just in case anyone of any color thinks he/she can get funky with me or my family. Hope I never have to use it, but I will be prepared to do so, so be careful about who you think will be an easy target. One will never know until 16 pieces of lead starts flying their way. Defeats 2-8 fists every time.

          • What on earth are you talking about? Lmao… Look man, “sagging pants” and “bastard children” don’t justify Jim Crow(which ended a short 50 yrs ago). Being “unemployed” is not what made the writers of the constitution state that “black ppl are considered 3/5’s human”. LOL why do white people try so hard to make it seem as if black people somehow deserve the treatment they get from white America?

          • Everyone’s own actions create their own consequences..

          • Lmaoooo are you serious?! The black slaves “actions” is what caused the writers of the constitution to consider them 3/5ths of a human being? The lawmakers were forced by the actions of Black people, to create Jim Crow laws? Black people brang the bombing of Tulsa Oklahoma’s “black wall street” was a consequence brought on by black people’s actions huh? You cannot be serious please tell me your trolling me

        • What a disgrace to black people all around the world is pussies like you that will do anything to appease your “massa” you f$!&ing faggoat, if your bitch ass even listened to his speech you’d see that he spoke of retalition against “those that kill us”…. He spoke of “fighting against tyranny”…. You racist, paranoid imbeciles associate “those that kill us” and “tyranny” with “white people”. You same racist, paranoid, imbeciles never seem outraged when groups like “the oath keepers” or any of the various militias speak of “fighting against tyranny” though. You morons don’t even realize that Farrakhan is talking about the same enemy that these militias, Alex Jones, oath keepers, etc. Are talking about. All you people see is a black man talking about fighting and you just assume he means fighting the average white american citizen that is being f@$#ed just liked black people are. TYPICAL

    • Aljah Muhammad says:

      Perhaps because they have never committed any hate crimes….I guess you did not see the picture of the prayer service Min. Farrakhan was leading before speaking recently with um….SEVERAL WHITE COPS praying with him, along with Black cops…so how come one of the largest racial hate groups, as you say, let the white cops pray with them???..I’ll wait.

      • LOL yea like the Murder of Malcolm X wasn’t a hate crime huh. You’re an idiot.

        • Aljah Muhammad says:

          I am not going to debate about the murder of Malcolm X (of course the real hate came from the COINTEL government program) as a hate crime…..If that is the case, you could consider just about every murder within each others race a hate crime, but I think you are smart enough to really know what a hate crime is. I just want you to answer the question about the white cops in prayer with the NOI, and then I want you to show me cases of the NOI doing hate crimes to whites….I’ll wait.

          • Source?

          • Aljah Muhammad says:

            Assuming you are talking about my first statement…Just look up COINTELPRO and read it thoroughly….For a very good resourceful book, read the book The Assassination of Malcolm X.

          • realetybytes says:

            Designation “hate crime” racist claptrap. I don’t care who kills who for whatever reason, their death deserves no more punishment than murderer of my or anyone else’s child.
            If not found insane, EXECUTE PUBLICLY ALL MURDERERS the same way they killed their victims! If it wasn’t “cruel and unusual” to them, we can use it to snuff out their filthy murderous lives!
            Malcolm was killed by NOI because MLK, jr. started to make sense to him.

          • Aljah Muhammad says:

            Despite the fact that the NOI did not kill Malcolm, I am curious to know what exactly made sense to Malcolm from MLK?..Especially since Malcolm still banned whites from joining his OAAU organization.

          • This is a pretty good article on the subject, more if you look for it.

          • Both fought tremendous fights, paths not so far apart, nor impossible to meet. That scared people.
            BUT, that said, real good chance I don’t know what the hell I’m talkin about, just remembering….not always real good at that…Where’s my keys…?

          • Smh…. Truth just doesn’t matter to you at all does it? Lol show me one document stating that N. O. I killed el hajj Malik el Shabazz because he “MLK jr. Started to make sense to him”.

            If not found insane, EXECUTE PUBLICLY ALL MURDERERS the same way they killed their victims! If it wasn’t “cruel and unusual” to them, we can use it to snuff out their filthy murderous lives!

            As long as the murderer isn’t white and the “public” nor “executioner” is black huh? Lord knows if thats the case it would be called “terrorism”

      • Recognizing_Truth says:


      • Because it would have made them look bad! Not hard to figure out.

  21. Anyone who comes to take Black people away from you cruel bastards is an enemy to you.

  22. Amin Muhammad says:

    You racist white people are total hypocrites and deserve Hell fire.

  23. Don’t know how any person in their right mind could convert to that bullshit “religion”. It’s not even a religion, just a cover for rape, decapitation, and pedophilia.

  24. Arizona Patriot says:

    Anyone that believes anything this website puts out, deserves to remain stupid.

  25. I would like to make sure this is verifiable, be careful what you share

    • Awhile back, I read an interview where Jada Pinkett Smith said that she ” liked to walk behind Will and off to the side, so that she had a good look at anyone who was approaching him”. I read that statement to my husband, we looked at each other and said “they’re now Muslims”!!! Sadly, this is probably true. No Will Smith movies in our future.

  26. There is a reason why Arab muslims call blacks Abed.

  27. Shhh! Here’s the link, do your part. Help make 10.10.15 possible. Capitalization Counts!

  28. This crappy site keeps making money every time you visit and comment. Stop feeding the trolls wallet.

  29. Rochelle Hopkins Fitzpatrick says:

    So fitting..

  30. I would bet my bottom dollar that Will Smith was not the only Hollywood entertainer of color donating to such a group! Bet Chris Rock was right on the top of the list!

  31. “Gun-free zones get people killed. The only person who’s safe in a gun-free zone is the person with a gun.” Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr

  32. Why would anyone expect better from them? They are what they and can never be elsewise or better.

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