BOOM! Anti- Conservative Restaurant CLOSES After Disgusting Facebook Post Emerges… SPREAD THIS!


The owner of a Massachusetts coffee shop said she was closing the business due to the backlash following her daughter’s controversial comments about cops on Facebook.

Over the weekend, Sophie CK, the 23-year-old daughter of shop owner Kato Mele, started a firestorm when she vowed on her personal Facebook page never to allow a “Coffee with a Cop” event to take place at her family’s establishment.

The post started a debate that took a different turn when Sophie called police officers bullies and racists. In turn, social media users called for people to ban the coffeehouse, Fox News reported.

“She has taken down her Facebook page and is receiving death threats and is hiding right now,” Mele said. “I am not of the same opinion and yet I am being held accountable for someone else’s opinion and it’s not going to stop.”

That anti police post went viral and now the owner of the year-old White Rose Coffeehouse in Lynn, Mass., told Thomas Grillo at The Daily Item she was closing the store “so I can stop being harassed.”

“I’ve lost my business and I’ve lost my daughter. I don’t know how this story just keeps building, but I need people to leave me alone,” Mele told The Daily Item. “I’m closing my business so I can stop being harassed.”

Mele fired her daughter and wrote police an apology, calling the remarks “distasteful, biased and hateful.” She invited officers to the shop Monday for coffee.

In a letter to the Lynn Police Department, Mele apologized for what she called the reprehensible affront, distasteful, biased and hateful remarks made by her daughter on Facebook.

“The White Rose Coffee House publicly acknowledges and apologizes to all Law Enforcement agencies and specifically the Lynn Massachusetts Police Department for the reprehensible affront, distasteful, biased and hateful remarks made by the manager of the White Rose on a personal Facebook page.

We do not share any of the views expressed and are, in reality, proud and grateful to all law enforcement for their strength and brave disregard to their personal safety that they risk daily which allows us to live, work and worship in a sometimes hostile world.

Amazingly, they do so frequently under unwarranted scrutiny and with ever diminishing resources. The men and women of law enforcement are heroic. Make no mistake: I am incredibly proud of them and what they do.

Effective immediately, the manager of the White Rose Coffee House is terminated for cause.

The White Rose Coffee House realizes that we have a long road to hoe to ingratiate and demonstrate our true appreciation for law enforcement and all first responders. As a beginning, I invite interested Lynn law enforcement to visit the White Rose on Monday, Oct. 16, or anytime, to help us make amends, but more importantly provide us with some guidance and suggestions that through a cooperative effort will help make an ever improving Lynn.

I look forward to seeing you all. With gratitude and sincerest support….


Kato Mele


White Rose Coffee House

For the record, police did NOT show up and the usual customers didn’t show up either so Kato Mele has shut down her business- all because her daughter is a liberal cop hating moron.

Good job.

(h/t Daily Mail)


God Bless.




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God Bless.

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