BOOM: Armed Thug Enters New York Bar, But THIS Time…

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The progressive socialist left never ceases to amaze. Every time there’s an Islamic jihadist attack the leftists use the tragedy to further their crusade for gun control. 

That’s exactly what they are doing in the aftermath of the second worst Islamic terror attack in U.S. history- the Orlando massacre. They are blaming guns. They don’t care if the attack was committed by a Muslim maniac who screamed Allahu Akbar while he mercilessly mowed down 100 gay people. They insist it’s all because there’s guns in America. It’s insane.

What the left NEVER acknowledges is the fact that armed citizens prevent tragedies every single day! Here’s a perfect example.

As reported by An armed man was gunned down by a retired NYPD officer as he allegedly robbed patrons at a Queens bar on Monday. The fatal shooting happened at Parkside Pub on 149th Street in Whitestone at 3:53 a.m.

Police said 24-year-old Andrew McClean walked into the pub waving a gun and announced a robbery. He took money from the cash register and then stole from some customers before the former cop fatally shot him, according to police.

 The cop, identified by police sources as 69-year-old Robert Beardsley, retired in 1975. His police officer instincts kicked in Monday. He fired one round hitting the robber in the head killing him.
Allen West writes:
So why don’t we hear about this from Barack Obama or Jeh Johnson? Does anyone believe that ol’ Robert Beardsley will be on the Today Show, or maybe he’ll get to be on with Stephen Colbert?

You just have to admire one shot, one kill…to the head. Now, perhaps the liberal progressive media would have preferred McClean to have successfully robbed, then shot everyone in the establishment. That would have played much better in the news, I presume.

The fact that a 69-year-old former police officer used a firearm, legally, and lethally, to take down a criminal — who perhaps had a criminal record — is something that should be celebrated. Except this doesn’t fit the narrative of the liberal progressive media and the socialist leftists who seek to disarm Americans.

Consider this, at a time when President Obama is releasing scores of criminals from prison, why does he ramble on about gun control? The report doesn’t say anything about how McClean acquired his weapon — and regretfully, thanks to Officer Beardsley, he cannot tell us. However, one can presume it wasn’t attained through legal means.
This is the perfect example of how important it is to fight for our 2nd Amendment rights!

God Bless.



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