BOOM: CNN Hack Ambushes Elderly Black Trump Fan, Let’s Just Say It Didn’t Turn Out So Well…


A CNN reporter tried to get one over on an elderly black Trump supporter by asking a race-baiting question about the candidate’s alleged racism- boy was that ever a huge mistake! The Trump supporter absolutely TORCHED the liberal punk! 

“I’m sick of this race and divide!” the man exclaimed. “It’s always divide and conquer! It’s a scam! And I know it’s not going to get on CNN!”

Oh yeah, this guy is on fire!

“I’m out here making sure I express my support for Mr. Donald J. Trump. And I’m fighting back against people like Black Lives Matter, which CNN supports along with the Hillary Clinton foundation and Bill Clinton foundation, the traitors to this country,” the man told the CNN hack.

Then the reporter asked the man what he thought “about the fact that white supremacists support Donald Trump.”

What a stupid question. Black dude would have NO part of it!

“It doesn’t matter. That’s the right of free speech. I’m sick of this race and divide. And CNN is perfect at doing that. It’s always divide and conquer. People have the right to choose who they want. What the hell does that have to do with Donald Trump? He’s not a racist! I’m sick of that! It’s a scam and I know it’s not going to get on CNN. We’re sick of you media!”


Then another reporter asked the CNN hack, “Are you saying Trump is racist because some racist guy supports him?”

The lib said, “I’m just doing my job.”

People in the crowd wanted the lib to answer the question.

He didn’t answer.

Then the reporter asked the CNN hack a GREAT question! “Do Black Panthers support Obama, sir? CNN? Do Black Panthers support Obama?”

At that point the punk runs away like a little liberal bit*h!


WOW! That was fantastic! The look on that libs face when he was getting slammed with truth bombs was CLASSIC!

Let us know what you think about this in the comments!

(h/t Gateway Pundit)



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