BOOM! Conservative Tim Allen Just SMOKED Liberal College Snowflakes In The Most EPIC Way Possible [VIDEO]



In the world of television comedies, Tim Allen’s show, “Last Man Standing” is worth watching because it has Conservative values.

The main character is a conservative as is Tim Allen in real life.

Actor/comedian Allen, playing the show’s conservative Mike Baxter, defended the First Amendment by taking on liberal college professors and “micro-aggressions” which are all too often prohibited on liberal campus here in America since Obama entered the picture.

Karen Townsend at MRC Newsbusters explains that “micro-aggressions” are the words no longer allowed on campus because they may offend someone.

Today’s special snowflake college students evidently will melt into a puddle if faced with an alternate opinion than what is spoon-fed to them by professors with liberal, politically correct agendas.

In the episode “Precious Snowflake,” Mike is asked by his daughter, Mandy (Molly Ephraim) to speak at her business school’s graduation. She isn’t graduating yet but is on the committee to find a speaker for the ceremony – for extra credit towards her own graduation.

Mandy breaks it to him that politically incorrect speeches are not allowed on college campuses these days. His speech has to be approved by the liberal facility committee, too, which, of course, Mike finds to be ridiculous.

Check this out!

Transcript courtesy of Karen Townsend at MRC Newsbusters:

Mandy: Um…do you want me to give you some notes before you send it in?

Mike: Why — Send it in? What do you mean?

Mandy: The faculty committee needs to approve it after they check for micro-aggressions.

Mike: Micro-aggressions? You mean, like, midget warriors?

Mandy: No. They’re objectionable words or phrases. For instance, “Midget warriors.”

Mike:  I know what micro-aggressions are. It’s the latest liberal attack at free speech. And a lot of fun if you do them right.

Mandy: The university has a list of stuff they don’t allow speakers to say. You know, to protect the students.

Mike: From what, ideas?

Mandy: It’s just the way that my school does things, dad. Please. My grade is riding on this.

Mike: Fine! All right. Just pretend like you introduced me to thunderous applause.

Mandy: Sure.

Mike: Some lady faints in the front row. “Ladies and gentlemen –”

Mandy: Okay, stop.

Mike: No, they’ll pick her up. Come on, EMS. Get her out of here.

Mandy: No, uh, you can’t say “Ladies and gentlemen,” because it excludes those who don’t identify as either.

Mike: Hmm. But those are the only two choices.

Mandy: No, not anymore. You just have to keep it gender-neutral, okay? Please continue.

Mike:  “Hey, everybody.” “America is the land of opportunity. I stand before you as –”

Mandy: Stop! Okay, by saying that America’s the land of opportunity, you are implying that everyone has the same opportunities.

Mike: I’m not implying it. I’m saying it. If you live here and you work hard, you can succeed. That’s how this works.

Mandy: Uh…yeah, that one’s on here, too. It hurts the feelings of those who work hard and don’t succeed.

Mike: Give me that. Where’s the list of stuff that doesn’t hurt people’s feelings? That’s got to be a short one.

Mandy: You have no idea how seriously my school takes this stuff, dad. And remember the greater good here. You’re helping me scam my way to passing ethics.

Mike: This list is insane. If I go by these rules, I’ll be going against everything I believe in.

Mandy:  I know, but just for 15 minutes. Thank you, Dad.

Mike: No, no, no. Can’t call me “Dad.” What if I identify as “Mom”?


So Mike decides to write his own politically incorrect speech that includes EVERYTHING that the lib university told him NOT to say!

In this next clip, he runs it by his wife, Vanessa, played by actress Nancy Travis.

This is hilarious!?

Okay here’s the 2nd video!

Transcript, again courtesy of Karen Townsend at MRC Newsbusters:

Mike: Hey babe. Got a sec? I want to run the rewrite of my speech by you.

Vanessa: Oh, yeah, I can’t wait to hear what the new P.C. Mike Baxter has to say.

Mike: Yeah. [ Laughs ] Well, sounds a lot like the old Mike Baxter, but drunk in a locker room. But I’ll tell you, Mandy’s list was a good blueprint.

Vanessa: You mean of what not to say.

Mike: Oh, no, I got them all in there. Sit. All right, uh, okay. “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen — and all of you on the fence.”

Vanessa: Oh, God.

Mike: “To quote future Nobel Prize winner Lee Greenwood, ‘I’m proud to be an American.’ Not just because I have the right to speak my mind or carry an awesome gun, but because it’s the land of opportunity. Some whiny babies might not think so, but in America, if you work hard, anyone can be successful. Anyone. Any one.” That goes on and on. I keep doing it.

Vanessa: All right, you know what? Y-you cannot give that speech. You cannot — can not. It’ll cause Mandy a lot of trouble.

Mike: With the thought police, who have their panties in a bunch? And that’s in there. Got that in.

Vanessa: The thought police are never gonna approve that speech.

Mike:  You know who else wouldn’t approve the speech they want me to give? Me. And God, who I’m also not allowed to mention, but I do.

Vanessa: Well, for the love of God, think about this before you send it in.

Mike:  I think the problem is we’re thinking too much about this. Time for action.

I have to tell you that I REALLY LOVE THIS!

It was great to see a TV show that didn’t cater strictly to liberals.

We have to take our country back!


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