BOOM: Dunkin’ Donuts Delivered THIS EPIC Slam To Liberal Starbucks…

It’s no secret that the Starbucks coffee chain, you know the place that sells a cup of coffee for $10 a cup, is run by liberal progressives and they are proving just how ‘progressive’ they are. They have decided to remove any reference to CHRISTMAS on their cups. They have also prohibited their employees from wishing their customers a “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Apparently, the bosses at Dunkin’ Donuts decided to show the progressive owned “coffee” chain how to celebrate the holidays like REAL Americans do! Take your politically correct and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

In comparison to the commie red cups that Starbucks have, Dunkin’ Donuts unveiled their winter holiday cups with the word “Joy” in red script surrounded by green pine branches. Wonderful!

I boycotted Starbucks a long time ago when they took their liberal anti gun stand and haven’t been there for a long time.




So, after the harsh backlash, here’s what Dunkin’ Donuts decided would be the best route to take, and it’s gaining a lot of praise from all over the country.

This was my coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts this morning. Anyone offended?#MerryChristmasStarbucks

Posted by Michael Graham on Monday, November 9, 2015

BOOM! Good job Dunkin’ Donuts! I like their coffee better anyways! MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS!

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