BOOM: FOX Hack Megyn Kelly Talks Sex, Private Parts, Stripping And Other Trash With Howard Stern… (Video)


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  1. Kevin Wall says:

    What Kelly’s views have to do with Trump being stupid in his manners? You do not build up Trump by trying to tear Kelly down. It shows you have no real argument. Character assassination is a tactic of liberals. Trump looked bad because he acts bad and continues in his ill mannered ways.

  2. Trump is a hack

  3. Millie Toups says:

    She is no lady! No wonder she asked the terrible question to Donald Trump, she can’t show respect to others if she doesn’t respect herself! This is a very sickening conversation to women who have respect for themselves. It is also a low blow to other anchor women all over the world , who have worked very hard to get where they are today.I have totally lost my respect for this woman! SHAME ON YOU, KELLY!

  4. lovelovelove says:

    We the people deserved better than this reality show of a debate. This was not about you Ms Kelly or Fox news ratings. Candidates should have been asked about the issues that Americans tuned in and watched

  5. I have to say I have lost respect for Megyn Kelly. I have never seen a tv reporter pose so seductively. What a hypocrite.

  6. Donna Sangster says:

    have to really scratch your head in wonder when main stream media and the liberals are passing out cigars at the questions for Trump……she says how are you going to handle Putin or Hillary if you can’t handle her but she did not ask the same type of questions of any other candidate that she did Trump. I seriously doubt Putin gives a flying fig about what anyone in the USA thinks of overweight women. Red flag when the liberals are praising you.

  7. Barbara Winters says:

    There is a big difference between Meygan’s job and the job of running the country. In personal actions, manners, knowledge, diplomacy, etc…

  8. I don’t understand all the people who have issue with the questions from Megyn Kelly. She asked tough questions but they were legitimate questions based on Trump’s past. Grow up. You people are starting to sound like Democrats.

  9. Ed VanHalen says:

    Your bosses screwed you over Megan.

  10. Kelly really degraded herself by going on this sleazeballs’ radio show.

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