BOOM! James Woods Just DEMOLISHED ‘Dirtbag’ QB Colin Kaepernick In EPIC Twitter RAMPAGE…


Just like the rest of us, conservative actor James Woods is disgusted by the dirtbag, anti-American 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.



As we have been reporting, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem in Friday’s pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers because he was protesting “black oppression” in the United States… Whatever. Yawn…


James Woods has a brilliant idea on how to punish the BLM, Muslim QB by hitting him where it counts- the pocketbook!

Woods is calling for a boycott.

If we really boycotted all of the games and they fired this , people might think twice about behaving like this…



Does anyone have a list of his endorsement sponsors? Relentlessly boycott his sponsors.


He also slammed the NFL for allowing anti-American/ anti-police/ pro BLM garbage while forbidding the Dallas Cowboys from honoring the 5 Dallas Police officers who were ambushed and MURDERED by a racist black maniac.


Kaepernick was adopted by a nice white couple after his black dad knocked up his white mother then abandoned him like a bag of trash. Wonderful.

He claims that America is oppressing blacks while at the same time we have a black president and most of the important officials are all blacks. And guess what- they are all failures.

Police chiefs, officers, judges, teachers, entertainers, sports figures and the list goes on- there are MILLIONS OF SUCCESSFUL BLACK PEOPLE THAT ARE LIVING THE DREAM- INCLUDING THIS SCUMBAG QUARTERBACK!

My friend Carmine Sabia at BizPac Review writes that most who responded to Woods’ boycott idea loved it, except for one lefty who used the liberals new favorite catchphrase, alt-right, to attack him.

Woods responded to the liberal d-bag:

. , I’m fine with this sitting on his pampered ass, just as long as his sponsors can handle a boycott.

Good list to have if you have had it with the NFL’s embracing of thug culture.

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yes, money talks…it won’t change his mind though, and that is the problem. Misguided fool that he is. Who are his pals?


Even 49er’s fans are fed up.




God Bless.

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God Bless.

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