BOOM: Man PHOTOBOMBED Set Of Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow With EPIC Sign…


If you despise Chris Matthews and Rachael Maddow as much as I do then you will LOVE this! The two liberal hacks at the failing MSNBC network were together to talk about… well, to talk about the usual filth they ALWAYS talk about.

They were discussing those wonderful Democrat candidates- you know, Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton who is a proven liar and a criminal scumbag and Bernie Sanders, an insane Socialist Anti-American old man that needs to go retire in China. Lol, Bernie Sanders… What a mess that dude is. Wonderful candidates the democrats have huh? Unbelievable.

As the two libs were spewing their garbage live on TV a hilarious thing happened. In fact it was so perfect that it’s almost a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence!

Via BizPac Review:


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews were joined by a hilarious and appropriate backdrop Friday night.

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 Maddow appeared with Matthews to share her thoughts on the Democratic forum when a sign appeared in the background that read “Don’t Believe The Liberal Media.”

The sign had the Media Research Center logo on the boom right and a link to the group’s website on the bottom.

It was the most appropriate thing that happened during the segment where the two heaped praise on Hillary Clinton.


I hate to say it but they both sound like they are under the influence of cocaine. And look at her face! For God’ sake! That is seriously a face only a mother could love. What’s with those glasses? And her haircut is ugly as sin. LOL!

And they WORSHIP OBAMA AND CLINTON! What kind of brain dead idiot would watch these morons? 

Michelle Jesse at Allen B. West adds:

Putting aside the hilarity of the sign placement, the impact of liberal media bias on our elections is a dead serious issue and it’s heartening to see a strong, concerted focus behind stopping it led by the folks at Media Research Center.

Now, of course, the other important factor in getting one’s message out is reaching the maximum number of people. OK, well getting out in front of MSNBC’s disappearing audience is a start, at least…

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