BOOM: Maxine Waters SHOOK As Navy Veteran Releases THIS Devastating Campaign Ad

Joe Collins III is a Navy veteran and South Los Angeles native running against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). Unlike so many who grew up around him, he escaped the poverty and crime that has marked Waters 30 years in Congress.

As a person who spent his youth growing up in Water’s congressional district, Collins has first hand knowledge of the squalor and fear residents have been left to live in.


Collins spent 13 years serving in the U.S. Navy defending his country, including a deployment during the Iraq War, while over the same period Waters did little to fight for the constituents who elected her back home.

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Collins has released a hard-hitting campaign ad targeting the loudmouth L.A. congresswoman who has accomplished little for her constituents during her three decades in Washington while she grew rich.


There’s serious money in old-school grievance politics… just not for the constituents Waters who elected her.

Democrats have survived on rhetoric and a compliant media to continue fostering their plantation politics more than a century and a half after slavery ended.


Joe Collins III is a new school politician who wants to unlock the potential of everyone he is running to represent. He released a scathing video that has gone VIRAL!


The ad begins with Collins standing in front of Waters home, one of a number of homes that she owns: “Do you know where I am right now? Maxine Waters’ six million-dollar mansion. Do you know where I’m NOT right now? Maxine Waters’ district.”

“I survived a drive-by shooting in this house when I was a child. Gangs, drugs, violence, that was my upbringing. And where was Maxine Waters?”

“She has a very nice community, she has a really big house – and that’s just one of three or four house that she has. And meanwhile…

… she comes to the inner city and preaches the message of hatred, and a message of us vs. them.”

“And when she’s done spreading the hate through our community, she goes back to this huge mansion while the rest of us live in crime-infested, poverty, neighborhoods where people are absolutely struggling to live.

In response, Waters labeled Collins a “Trump puppet.” Seriously, that’s the best she has. Like Joe Biden, after failing their constituents over nearly five decades in the federal government, Water’s has no other way to defend herself.

During an appearance on Laura Ingraham show last night, Collins shot back…

“She can’t talk about her record because she has no record, and so the only thing she can say to try and dissuade voters is ‘he’s a Trump puppet.’

Republished with permission by Illicit Info OPINION Blog.

Maxine Waters is a corrupt, race-baiting, hateful pile of garbage.


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