BOOM! Open Letter To President Trump Goes VIRAL! “Thank You”


Thank You- An Open Letter To President Trump- God Bless Texas

Yesterday afternoon, the state of Texas finally took a giant leap to making Texas GREAT AGAIN. Texas signed and passed into law a bill that banned the abortion of children over six weeks. This move is the boldest and most strict law that has been tried since Roe V. Wade in 1973, from what we have been able to find.

As you can imagine, this sent the left into a panic frenzy with the cries of evil GOP enslaving women for birthing units like in the idiotic show “The Handmaids Tale.” The lunatics on the left somehow think it’s the hardest thing on earth to keep from becoming pregnant. They act as though they just walk by a breathing man and suddenly boom, they’re pregnant. They forget in this modern day and time, there are at least a dozen different paths to preventive birth control.

Late last night, in a surprise vote not many of us in the pro-life circle expected to come, was a vote from the Supreme Court on whether or not they would step in and deny Texas the right to make laws on abortion or not. The ruling came down to one vote, like most landmark cases in our country we were a singular vote away from life or death LITERALLY.

The split decision as most of us would imagine went leave alone Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Alito, Coney-Barrett, Thomas, leaving the three lunatic liberal judges plus the Bush era cancer sore Roberts to vote to block the law from going into action.

This bill from Texas and the silence from the Supreme Court could be a very good indicator of the bill in Mississippi banning abortion much more liberally at fifteen weeks. This of course was struck down in the the Federal Courts prompting the Supreme Court to take the case up either later this year or sometime in 2022.

This refusal to challenge harkens us back to what I brought up and a few others in the Conservative/Pro Life circles have been saying. Either the Supreme Court will be FORCED to show us they are not pro life, and the GOP mantra of vote for us to repeal Roe V. Wade is dead, or they will have to finally step in and roll back Roe V. Wade giving President Trump a MASSIVE win even after he is out of office.

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It’s times like this that we have to stop and remember to give thanks in all the madness in our world we’re seeing today. Our news cycles have been DOMINATED lately by tragedy after Tragedy, and more insanity from the woke moron’s in the white house with the demented in chief.

I give thanks if this ruling is an indication of how the future will go with the Supreme Court given the justices President Trump appointed hold fast to their vote’s from last night. I thank God, and I give a thank you to the 45th President of the United States of America for giving us justices that while haven’t gotten a lot right lately, have nailed one of the biggest issues of the Conservative movement for nearly forty years. The pro life movement was what brought Catholics and Protestants together for the first time in ages way back when.

For any of you who hear the tired old line from the lunatic death cult on the left say “keep men of of women’s uteruses” just share with them this clever ironic line I found while scrolling the internet today.



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God Bless.

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