BOOM: Racist “F*** Yo Flag” Rioters Boast About MASSIVE Rally… But These Pictures Show The TRUTH



#BlackLivesMatter, #FYF911, #BurnYoFlag, New Black Panthers and other filthy, racist hate groups are making headlines and trying to expand their movements with some success, I suppose. But sometimes their expectations are dwarfed by reality. This is one of those times. Epic fail.

“F*** Yo Flag” planned to have a huge protest (riot) on Sept. 11 at Stone Mountain in Georgia. They planned on doing the typical garbage like stomping on and burning American flags and complaining about when they were slaves picking cotton, how the White man has oppressed them and they have no rights or whatever it is they constantly complain about.

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One of the black ‘organizers’ tweeted out that 2,500 rioters attended their historic hate-fest and claimed that there were dozens of law enforcement officers in riot gear with MRAP’S (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles) there to control the massive crowd.



There’s the riot police and MRAP’s (golfcart lol) Photo courtesy of LOCKED AND LOADED


They claimed that they couldn’t upload pictures of the huge turnout because the government was ‘blocking their transmissions.’ They went as far as to claim that a black police officer sent there to shut them down changed sides suddenly, throwing his shield down and standing, instead, with the F***Yo Flag supporters. ALL A BIG PACK OF LIES BABY!


Here’s what REALLY happened. 


LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Only 8 scumbags showed up to this historical rally! No riot police. No MRAP’s. It was all a BIG FAT LIE! Imagine that huh? Not hard to believe considering this whole black bowel movement is founded on lies. How utterly embarrassing! These 8 idiots showed up while their fellow agitators stayed home and drank 40 oz malt liquors and played video games or whatever it is they do. LMAO! 



Goodbye scumbags! What an epic fail! Where were their fearless leaders? Hopefully this becomes a trend and these useless racist idiots will just stay home. After all, rioting and looting takes a hell of a lot more effort than just chillin in yo crib smoking crack.


(H/T WZ)

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