BOOM: Sheriff Clarke Just Dropped A MAJOR Bombshell About ‘Running For Higher Office…’ This Is HUGE (Video)


The great Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke dropped a potential bombshell when he spoke with Jerome Hudson at Breitbart.

Clarke said he has been on a mission of “serving his community for 38 years” and that he is open to the opportunity to RUN FOR HIGHER OFFICE.

“I’d take a look at it. I never say never,” he said.

Clarke said:

I take life one day at a time. I’m a cop at heart. I bleed blue with the men and women that I send out on a daily basis and the men and women who go out every day and put on this uniform–in these impossible environments–and try to protect law-abiding black people. The fact that they [cops] are under assault, that their characters are being maligned unfairly, smeared, brandished as bloodthirsty and racist–I feel that as I send men and women out every day. I have an obligation to be very vocal.


“That’s one thing that I ask the President. Send a very clear message about how they protect the rule of law, how they protect our way of life here in America. And they need to be appreciated,” Sheriff Clarke said. “Then he needs to stop and not pivot and smear them.”

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Here’s the video via jerome hudson.


All of us here at America’s Freedom Fighters are big fans of Sheriff David Clarke. He speaks his mind and never glosses over the issues at hand. Liberals should be shaking in their boots because if Clarke decides to enter into the world of politics he will rock their pathetic world. Yes, he is the voice of reason in the black community.


On the #BlackLivesMatter movement Clarke has this to say:

“Look, a bunch of thugs, a bunch of creeps, criminals, race hustlers, with a scattering of some law-abiding people, converged in this area and ripped the town about,” he continued. “I’d like to think this phony movement would’ve come back to Ferguson one year later to apologize to the people, the good, law-abiding people, of Ferguson, Missouri. But instead, we get this whole phony movement.

“I’m tired of people calling these [THUGS] black activists,” he said. “They’re not black activists. This is black slime and it needs to be eradicated from American society. I need every law abiding person in America to stand up and start pushing back against this slime.”

On Obama’s pathetic exploitation of the #VirginiaShooting- the horrific on-air murders of a Virginia reporter and her cameraman by a gay black scumbag Clark had this to say:

“Shame on the left, shame on the Democrats for once again exploiting misery and tragedy to pursue a political agenda,” Clarke said. “Shame on the president of the United States to invoke terrorism into this horrific incident that happened in Virginia.”

“This was a chance for the president to bring the country together, and once again, the divider-in-chief goes out and further separates us.”

Clarke’s take on Al Sharpton:

“I don’t expect anything intelligent to come out of the mouth of Al Sharpton,” Clarke said and added, “The next intelligent thing that comes out of his mouth will be the first. Al Sharpton ought to just shut up and go back into the gutter that he came from.”

And the good Sheriff’s take on Eric Holder fueling the flames of racism and cop hating in Ferguson :

“Just take a look at the history here. This isn’t the first time that he has done this sort of thing,” Clarke said about Holder. “He sat up there for months just slandering law enforcement officers all across the nation. He’s the one in Ferguson, Mo. that brought up the racial profiling term. That we were gonna end racial profiling once and for all. He invoked that into this thing, when that was never any part of what happened in the tragedy between officer Darren Wilson and Mike Brown.” 

So you can see why liberals should fear Sheriff Clarke. He is everything they HATE!

Conservative Tribune adds:

Clarke perfectly represents the millions of Americans, cops included, who toil tirelessly at their jobs everyday, who follow the letter of the law as best they can and who grow tired of the anti-American and anti-police venom spewed by D.C.’s political elites.

When Americans look at Clarke, they see a reflection of themselves — whereas when Americans look upon President Barack Obama, who frequently goes out of his way to smear law enforcement, they see a man who in no way, shape or form represents those characteristics innate to our great nation.

Simply put, Clarke is a real American, which is why we sincerely hope he runs for office one day. We’re pretty sure he’d have our vote.


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