BOOM: Sheriff Clarke Just Issued This BRUTAL Message To Obama For Exploiting #VirginiaShooting… (Video) #2a #NRA



Immediately after the horrific on-air murders of a Virginia reporter and her cameraman the Democrats jumped on the tragedy pushing their gun control agenda.

Of course Obama and Hillary and many others wasted no time in calling for greater federal gun control. Heartless and classless. But that’s liberals for you.

Sheriff David Clarke told Sean Hannity that he was disgusted at liberals for their shameless attempts to exploit the brutal murders.

“Shame on the left, shame on the Democrats for once again exploiting misery and tragedy to pursue a political agenda,” Clarke said. “Shame on the president of the United States to invoke terrorism into this horrific incident that happened in Virginia.”

Clarke said that if politicians are really concerned about reducing crime and gun violence, they would focus on identifying, arresting and imprisoning criminals.

Clarke pointed out that President Obama, on the other hand, has pardoned dozens of federal prisoners and plans to pardon more.

“This was a chance for the president to bring the country together, and once again, the divider-in-chief goes out and further separates us.”

Norvell Rose at Western Journalism adds:

The outspoken lawman who has consistently criticized Obama on a number of issues, including the president’s handling of racial strife, pointed to the U.S. Constitution in his argument that Democrats are trying to use the grief surrounding the Virginia killings as a motivator to restrict liberty.

“This document, the Constitution, protects freedom and liberty. It does not prevent horrific acts done by human beings,” Sheriff Clarke told Hannity.

Here’s the interview as seen on Hannity


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