BOOM: TEXAS Police Have EPIC Response To Attacks On COPS… Liberals Are FURIOUS #BlueLivesMatter


We already have freedom of religion in this country. The fact that there is even an organization called “Freedom From Religion” is ridiculous, in my eyes. If you give it any thought, you have the right to believe or not believe. Some put their faith in a higher power, and many put their faith in themselves. By pushing their agenda and attacking individuals and organizations it is just an attempt to force their interpretation of faith, or lack there of, on others. It’s mind blowing how twisted people in this country have become. Freedoms are being eliminated under the guise of preserving freedoms.

Yet another case of “preserving” freedoms has came to light in a Texas town recently and the attacks are aimed at, none other than, law enforcement. If you don’t agree with it, don’t look at it. It’s none of your business if the police officers believe in God or not. Obviously these police officers are children of God and pray for protection every day.

Newsmax: A police department in a rural Texas Bible Belt community has placed large “In God We Trust” decals on its patrol vehicles in response to recent violence against law enforcement officers. But a national watchdog group is contesting the decals as an unlawful endorsement of religion.


The decision this month to unveil the phrase in Childress follows a similar move by dozens of other police agencies elsewhere in the country. Leaders cite patriotism or other reasons for adding the phrase to vehicles. But the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation says the First Amendment prohibits government from establishing a religion.

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The Global Dispatch has thisAlliance Defending Freedom sent letters Tuesday to 17 sheriff’s offices and police departments across the nation after they received complaints from an atheist group wrongly stating that displaying the official U.S. national motto, “In God We Trust,” on department vehicles is unconstitutional.


“Americans should not be forced to abandon their heritage simply to appease the animosity of anti-religious groups toward anything that references God,” said ADF Legal Counsel Matt Sharp. “These departments should simply ignore the unfounded demands from these groups, especially since courts have upheld the national motto in a wide variety of other contexts for decades.”

“Decisions from federal courts have repeatedly and consistently rejected claims that use of the national motto violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment,” the ADF letter explains, noting that, as a federal appeals court has ruled, “The motto symbolizes the historical role of religion in our society, formalizes our medium of exchange, fosters patriotism, and expresses confidence in the future. The motto’s primary effect is not to advance religion.”
“Many of these same motives underlay the decision by your department and others across the country to display the national motto on vehicles: promoting patriotism; acknowledging the role of religion in our society; and acknowledging the longstanding historical practice of seeking divine protection for those in harm’s way,” the letter continues.

When people call the cops they pray to God they get there in time, so what’s the problem. The problem is the “perpetually offended” idiots out there have gotten their way for so long they jump at the chance to force their beliefs on others. It has became taboo to be a Christian in the great Christian nation that I grew up in. Some people may disagree America is a Christian nation, but to those who disagree should look no farther than the “In God We Trust” words on the money that many atheist worship in place of Jesus.


Another thing I want to point out is police vehicles are owned by the government, the same as currency. The police departments should be able to put any appropriate wording approved by their office. They (the complainers) need to get their priorities straight. Honestly worrying about what is on the side of a police cruiser should be the last of anyone’s problems, considering as a nation we have so many bigger problems, like maybe the economy or feeding the homeless. That would make too much sense to liberals and many atheists. It’s their way or it is wrong.

I say to this department and the officers who drive these vehicles- DON’T let ANYONE make you remove your decals. The ones who hate this, are the ones who want to make more trouble. Please, no giving in, we have seen political correctness destroy our nation and this is just another attempt to stamp out the American way of life.

God Bless.


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