BOOM: Third Video Emerges, Shows EVERYTHING Black Teen And LIBS Did NOT Want Getting Out


Yesterday, a video surfaced online showing a white South Carolina police officer “taking down” a black female youth inside a classroom. The left has pounced all over this incident claiming ‘police brutality’ and of course the old ‘race card.’ However, new facts have emerged that paint the incident in a different light as a third video from another angle has emerged – and it shows everything the left doesn’t want you to see.

According to Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, the video showed the sheriff’s deputy, Ben Fields, being struck by the student who was being non-compliant during the confrontation.

The viral video occurred after the black student was found to be breaking the rules and was non-compliant over a cell phone, using the phone during class which is obviously unacceptable, not to mention totally disrespectful to the teacher and other students.


When a school administrator was called in, the girl still refused to either turn over the phone or leave the classroom.

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That’s when Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields was called in and the infamous video began.

The student continued to be defiant to the administrator so Fields repeatedly asked the girl to leave the classroom but again, she refused. As Fields grabbed her arm to assist her in getting out of the chair she fought back and got physical with the officer.


Conservative Tribune reports:


“When the officer puts his hands on her initially, she reaches up and she pops the officer with her fist,” Sheriff Lott said, according to CNN. He added that while the student “was wrong for disturbing the class, I’m looking at what our deputy did.”

And, while Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice is opening an investigation into the confrontation between the 16-year-old girl and Deputy Fields about “the circumstances surrounding the arrest,” other news seems to point away from racism.

Lott told reporters that Deputy Fields had been involved in a relationship with a black woman for “quite some time.”

So it looks like the racism angle isn’t going to work out so good for the libs.

Here is the initial video.

And this from Young Conservatives:

The officer has routinely been commended for his work…

Fields has also received commendations for his work in schools. He was given a Culture of Excellence Award by a Richland County elementary school, where he also worked as a school resource officer in 2014.

“Ben has been working for the Richland County Sheriff’s Office Department since 2004 and joined the School Resource Officer Program in 2008,” a Sheriff’s Department newsletter said.

“He is assigned to Spring Valley High School as well as Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School, and has proven to be an exceptional role model to the students he serves and protects.”

Here’s that other angle which shows the student attempting to punch the officer as he tries to remove her from her desk…

The left is calling the student “peaceful.” LOL!


Here’s how it all played out:

1. The girl in the video was disrupting her class and was asked to stop, but she refused.
2. The teacher called down to the front office to ask for help.
3. The officer asked the student to stand up and leave the classroom before attempting to physically remove her, and the girl still wouldn’t comply.
4. Student attempts to punch officer, while resisting arrest afterwards.

Yeah, so… I’m just wondering when this girl’s court date is? Actually, she’ll probably be invited to the White House here in a couple days. Her act of bravery is what counts!

My good friends at Mad World News add:

Look, the thing is – School Resource Officers aren’t just called for anything. They’re called when a student is being disruptive in school and all other measures to remove her have been exhausted. The fact that she says “no” to an officer speaks volumes.

What speaks even louder is everyone in the classroom. Nine times out of ten, when there is actual police brutality, everyone nearby is instantaneously outraged. Look at everyone around. They sat calmly in their seats, and reports even indicate that once the student was removed, the teacher immediately began teaching again as if nothing happened.

The fact of the matter is the girl at the school had no respect for authority, and a third video even showed her throwing punches at Deputy Fields. But that matters not to the left, who’s hell-bent on ensuring black people can behave however they want without repercussion.

So here we have yet another left-wing myth being perpetuated by the race-baiting media to the point that another man has had his life destroyed, all because one out-of-control thugstress couldn’t follow directions. This seems to be the pattern now – thug refuses to follow lawful order; thug attacks cop; outrage ensues; cop loses job and gets death threats; lather, rinse, repeat. Un-freaking-believable.

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(H/T Sean Brown)


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