BOOM: THIS State Just SLAMMED The Hammer Down On Illegal Aliens… Obama Is FURIOUS


The Governor of North Carolina has signed one of the toughest bills in the nation to crack down on illegal aliens in the state. Advocates for illegals are stunned. 

The bill bans any policy that interferes with the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

WashingtonExaminer reports:


The Protect N.C. Workers Act, HB 318, reins in local and municipal policies that disregarded federal law by providing sanctuary or “safe” cities, and public benefits like food stamps, for individuals illegally in the U.S.

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“We cannot allow our local officials in towns and cities in North Carolina to make up their own rules that conflict with our nation’s laws and our nation’s values,” the governor stated during the bill signing.


The law also requires public contractors to verify a job applicant’s right to work in the country through the Internet-based E-Verify program. The Federation for American Immigration Reform wrote that this provision will make it harder for illegal aliens to find employment, which would discourage illegal immigration and protect citizens’ jobs.


Fox News Latino reported:


Protesters say the bill would harm immigrants and North Carolina businesses that rely on immigrant labor.

“We are doing what we can do,” Xochitl Hernandez, an immigrant organizer originally from Mexico, said during a break from Monday night’s demonstration. “It’s going to hurt all of North Carolina. It’s not only us.”

The legislation, approved largely upon party lines favoring Republicans, prevents government officials or police from accepting identification cards issued by the Mexican consulate or by other consulates to affirm someone’s identity. The cards, which bill supporters argue are unreliable and favored by immigrants in the country unlawfully, also couldn’t be used to confirm one’s identity to obtain a driver’s license, insurance or Medicaid coverage.

Also barred would be ID cards issued by local governments or outside organizations, although they could be used by police when a person stopped has no other ID. Several other types of ID remain acceptable.

The measure also prohibits local governments from approving policies that supporters say improve uneasy relations between police and immigrants and encourage crime victims to come forward.

There’s millions of American Citizens out of work in this country. No business that “relies” on immigrants will have a staffing shortage, unless the business is specifically refusing to hire American citizens, because the illegals accept lower wages.

I say defund sanctuary cities completely. We can’t afford to have more lives lost because of these places protecting those who need to be in prison, preferably in Mexico.

There is a huge difference between the people who migrated to this country the legal way and the ones who hopped the fence at the border. They are called illegal immigrants for a reason.

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