BOOM: This THUG Picked On The Wrong Man’s Wife… Turns Out He Knows How To Use A Bottle (VIDEO)


Oh this is beyond excellent! This black dude thought he could do whatever the hell he wanted because… well, slavery and all that crap. Well bro, you just got taught a lesson in how NOT to behave in a civilized world. And NEVER disrespect our great women! I’ll call this- ONE AND DONE! EPIC!

This big black man at some outdoor dining place learned this the hard way when he allegedly dropped offending words to or about an attractive blonde, who happened to be with her husband. The offended husband confronted the man, who appeared to be quite proud of what he did.

The wife tried to intervene and stop her husband from taking it further, saying the whole things not worth it. The husband was having none of it and when the defiant man refused to back down and instead emphasized that he was indeed talking about the wife, the husband grabbed a bottle and showed the bully what happens to men who talk sh*t about another man’s wife.

Don’t ever speak ill about another man’s wife, not even if you look bigger and stronger than him. You never know what you gonna get.

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  1. …Who says Chivalry is dead? KUDOS!

  2. Way to go buddy. The bigger they are the faster and harder they fall.

  3. Well that settles that….

  4. Gloria Nicole says:

    black savage…about 200 years behind….the rest of society

  5. Grizzly907LA says:

    He should have exterminated that black savage!

  6. should have used the bottle and slit that tree apes throat ear to ear

  7. its faker than wwe… just saing

  8. And another one bites the dust! Hey Hey And another one bites the dust!

  9. Barbara Winters says:

    Good for him. And all you other guys join him

  10. Just watching that riles me up.
    I’d say the guy was very controlled. He should have thrown the broken bottle in his eyes.

    I’ll bet he got it good when they got home that night.

  11. that serves him(bully) well..!tsk

  12. Excellent!

  13. Steven Thompson says:

    Ouch. Don’t mess with his wife like he said

  14. Now that is the way to negotiate!!!! LMAO!!!

  15. It’s fake,dummies…from a prank show. Did anyone wonder why their voices were clear as day from 30 ft away? Are you gonna pull the story now…..of course not. Because your site has zero integrity and you could care less.

  16. Charles Neal says:

    Hot damn! Donald Trump, you just found your Secretary of Defense.

  17. and how many years in prison is he facing for assault?

  18. johnanaguski says:

    A wonderful happening.

  19. John Berryhill says:

    Wow, I didn’t think hitting a black in the head would do anything

  20. DixieAngel_76 says:

    Heh. White lives matter!

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