BOOM: Thug Knocked Out White Woman… Mug Shot Shows He Learned What Karma Is [PHOTOS]


Iben Hunter, a black 25 year old thug viciously attacked a helpless 45-year-old homeless white woman for absolutely no reason at all. The poor woman was knocked unconscious by this coward. The incident was captured on video and the thug was arrested.

Tough guy huh? Not at all. In fact, we think you will enjoy seeing just how tough this hoodlum is in his mugshot!


Here’s the video but I must warn you that it is extremely graphic and very disturbing.

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As America’s Freedom Fighters previously reported, Hunter has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault in the savage attack, which left the unidentified woman critically injured and in the hospital. He’s being held on a $100,000 bond. And by the way, this isn’t this thug’s first offense. He has a long criminal record including possession of cocaine when he was just a young 15 year old delinquent.

According to Press of Atlantic City, Hunter now faces additional charges after an altercation in the county jail.


Hunter was brought to the Atlantic County Justice Facility sometime late Monday, and attacked an officer while he was being strip searched, Warden Geraldine Cohen said.

The unnamed officer was able to take down Hunter, whose mugshot shows an injury to his forehead he got when he hit the floor.


Iben or Ibn Hunter mugshot / Atlantic County Justice Facility

“That’s how these situations are handled, you take their feet out from under them,” Cohen explained.

Strip searches are conducted with just one officer in the room for privacy reasons, but a sergeant was called when the scuffle began, the warden said. All sergeants in the jail wear body cameras, so that part of the incident was caught on video.

Hunter will now be charged additionally with assault on a law enforcement officer, the warden said.

This thug BELONGS in prison. Hopefully, Obama and his racist thugs don’t intervene and there isn’t some left wing loon judge presiding over this case.

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My good friend and colleague Sean Brown at Mad World News sums it up:

Thugs like hunter care little about what charges are brought against them, and his record alone is evidence of that fact. His lengthy rap sheet includes five separate convictions on drug and theft charges, yet this guys was still walking the streets.

That’s right, because of the racism of the criminal justice system, guys like Hunter often have their sentences reduced or even commuted so that the jails aren’t overloaded with people of a certain race, even if they happen to be the people committing the crimes. In fact, Barack Obama reduced the sentences of  VIOLENT drug offenders to help reduce the incarceration rate of those most affected – minorities.

Just think, if such a measure passes, then even more people like Hunter, who didn’t have a history of actual violence, will be roaming the streets. This is why we have the Second Amendment. Lock and load.

Source- AFF

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