BOOM: Trump Destroys Jeb Bush On Illegal Immigration… Here’s His Brutal Message


Billionaire GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump provided a statement to Breitbart News regarding Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush’s attacks on his immigration stance, reiterating his support for powerful border security and an immigration policy that serves American interests.

“Mr. Trump is concerned about the 90 million Americans that are outside our workforce, a Trump adviser told Breitbart News. “Jeb Bush wants to import more low-skilled, unemployed foreigners who will further drive down wages for the middle class.”

Read Trump’s statement below:


I am very proud to be fighting for a strong and secure border. This is a very important issue, which all the other candidates would have ignored had I not started this important discussion. I will fix the border — no one else knows where to begin.

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Today, Jeb Bush once again proves that he is out of touch with the American people. Just like the simple question asked of Jeb on Iraq, where it took him five days and multiple answers to get it right, he doesn’t understand anything about the border or border security. In fact, Jeb believes illegal immigrants who break our laws when they cross our border come “out of love.”


As everybody knows, I never said that all Mexicans crossing the border are rapists. Jeb is mischaracterizing my statements only to inflame. As seen with the tragic and unnecessary death of Kathryn Steinle this past week in San Francisco at the hands of an illegal immigrant who was previously deported five times, our unsecured border is a national security threat.

Jeb will never be able to secure our border, negotiate good trade deals, strengthen our military or care for our veterans. The biggest difference between Jeb and me on the border is that I believe in securing our border by building a wall, which will protect our safety, economy and national security. This is a vital step in Making America Great Again!



Again, Trump nails it! I have to say that out of all the candidates I like the Donald. He speaks the truth. He doesn’t bend over to appease people just for a fricking vote. Maybe it’s time to stop bashing him and let’s see where he takes this. He is successful in nearly every endeavor he takes on and he knows how to take care of business.

I am going to research his stand on gun rights very thoroughly and hopefully we can clear up the talk that he is anti-gun. More to come, trust me!


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  1. hottrodscars . says:

    Trump stated that he is pro-gun. We have to see where he stands on assault rifles, but I think that should be able to be cleared up as a semi-auto is not an assault rifle, where as a fully auto can be construed as such. Trump states he is a concealed carrier.

  2. ksmartbl says:

    Securing the border is great, but I want to know what Mr. Trump proposes to do with the 20-30 million illegals already here. If his stance is strong enough in ridding us of these vermin, he may very well sweep the 2016 election.

    • work permits for Life , NO PATH to Citizenship PERIOD

      • As it should be. Come here through proper channels and you’re free to all the benefits that comes with being a United States citizen. Do it illegally and you get NOTHING! No job, no money, no free food, no free housing, no free medical, no free education.

        Take the illegals already here, shove them in a bus, and drive their criminal butts back over the border.

      • They send money back to their families still in their home country, instead of spending it in America, on American business. They take away the demand and only provide the supply, and that hurts economy. I do not agree with work permits for illegals.

        • Do you exclusively buy products made in the USA?

          • Here’s a quick tip: Comments to Likes ratio. If you have many more likes than comments, that means you make sense, and people like what you say.

            Athena, everything you have said so far, makes you out to be a fucking douche. That means, nobody likes you, your logic is flawed, you ask the stupidest questions.

            To answer your question in a way for you to understand your flaw, No, and neither does anyone else. Here is what you miss.. Even foreign products are bought in bulk by American businesses, who in turn, make profit by selling it. It is cheaper to outsource than it is to buy American produced products in some cases. When people send money outside the U.S. to their family, that money is spent in that country, not on American made products or businesses. That means, there is no demand for products sold in the U.S. and the supply is not needed, therefore, workers lose jobs! You should try thinking for once. Just try it. There is no one in any country who buys products made exclusively from their own country unless they are some purist nut job. Now keep calm, and reboot.

      • toobored54 says:

        And NO VOTING RIGHTS if you came here illegally.

    • ksmartbl says:

      Well, I just read the answer to my own question: Trump is for letting them stay as long as they’re “hard workers”. That’s a no from me. I want them OUT.

      • ksmartbl says:

        Just in: The only source at this point to say Trump was for allowing illegals to stay if they were “hard working” has been TMZ, which is not a reliable source, so the jury’s still out. C’mon, Trump — speak out for following existing laws, e-Verify, etc., to get illegals OUT.

    • toobored54 says:

      I like the idea of securing the border, then figuring out what to do with the ones already here. Gotta plug the dike before you deal with the flood.

  3. JEB and MITT are WRONG on this , …………………………Mitt Romney​, I don’t see the 47% you spoke of?

    Mitt Romney, Jeb YOU ARE WRONG ON THIS ………..but here is something you MUST SPEAK UP ABOUT , I Hope Donald J. TrumpEric Trump WILL SPEAK ON THIS ?

    WHY WONT IOWA GET STRICT on Voting ……..

    STRICT Voter ID is Border Security ,,,,,,,,, DEMAND IT ……………ITS Not OBAME , Its Da Democrats and RINO’s FOLKS ,

  4. Jeb Bush = GOP Liberal Progressive RINOcrat / Democrat Fascimile. With Republican RINOcrats like Jeb Bush, McConnell, Boehner, McCain, McCarthy, etc, etc.. who needs Obamacrats, Hillarycrats / Democrats.

    There’s must restoration of our Political 2-Party system, which means removing all RINOcrats from positions of leadership seats of power and not electing new ones. Restoring the Republican party of Lincoln and Reagan back to The People.

    • Donald Trump=antiquated bigoted dinosaur. I’ll be glad when those things are extinct.

      • LaRae Bailey says:

        he is the only decent choice and the only one
        who will save this country from utter muslim rule and destruction under any of the lying corrupt pieces of crap running for office.. he may be many things you do not like but he is the only saviour we have

  5. treebird says:

    Yes, want to know his stand on gun rights. perhaps he can be made to understand things he doesn’t if he does not know much. Will share some info on his page to help!

  6. Anunt Patel says:

    who is going to build that wall for you assholes…we mexicans
    who built your fucking casinos…we mexicans
    go suck your dick bitch!!!

  7. Anunt Patel says:

    tell your wife to suck my dick bitch!!!



      • toobored54 says:

        Ya, I’d be ashamed of my kid too if he was worth 9 billion and told the truth.

        • Without his father, the general public, and the US government, this man would be worth a quarter of a penny. His truth is founded on ignorance, and narrow-minded beliefs. Unfortunately, European settlers founded America on these very actions he claims Mexicans do. Europeans were the first to steal a land that was not theirs, rape women, rob, and murder. #Jebforthewin

      • LaRae Bailey says:

        idiots like you should just keep quiet, Trump is the only one who can and would save this country that both parties have been trying to destroy for 60 years some history homework…the muslims will own us if trump dont win

    • toobored54 says:

      Jeb’s wife is hispanic, He better be pro-amnesty or he ain’t gonna get no tang.

    • I don’t know about that, but I’m sure your family is embarrassed for you.

      • Patrick Fallon says:

        Kriegar i think you are a fence jumper and sucking off the American people

        • Patrick, your comments are every redditor’s dream.
          I think you should swim across the Atlantic. Maybe then, you’ll understand what hard work and dedication is. You think everyone who disagrees with you is a wetback, fence-jumping Mexican that sucks the American system dry. #Jebforthewin

  9. John Moreno says:

    Don’t we have a lot more to worry about then Mexicans? We have millions here working paying taxes and I assume some in jail I am more concerned about all those angry armed Americans who shoot up churches schools movies, others who rape children, starve their kids, etc etc And down here the daily mug shots published on line and in the local paper has mostly pictures of white folks no Mexicans as far as I can tell.

    This all seems out of whack ANYWAY Trump will not be President. The northeastern state will not vote for hom They know him too well. I think it might come down to Hillary vs Jeb

    • Patrick Fallon says:

      John your only wishing . you need to get back across the border your only here to cause trouble . you don,t belong in America because you are a back stabbing wet back

      • John Moreno says:

        Patrick me boyo Born in NYC raised in Jersey Grandparents born in Spain and yes Ireland!! I am a half breed American all the way Bet your relatives said the same about Italians!!!

      • |You need to get back across the Atlantic. You’re causing as much trouble as you say Mexicans are.

  10. Fuck Donald Trump. Ignorant bigoted asshole.

  11. senseinpolitics says:

    So tired of Republican candidates destroying each other. I am resolved to not vote for a candidate that does that. Was impressed when Ted Cruz said positive things about Trump.

  12. Abby Sapp says:

    I did some research yesterday and though I, personally, like Jeb Bush and think he was a great governor for Florida … I don’t believe he would make a great President because of the “soft” on immigration.

    Jeb Bush is married to a Mexican woman who has become a naturalized citizen (she went through the ropes). However ……. she has a real passion for expensive jewelry … to the point where she would go off on a spending spree in Paris, buy $19,000 worth of clothing and jewelry in Paris … and get caught trying to sneak it through American Customs, claiming that it was only $5,000. These people do not think the same way we do. Evidently to her, if you want it bad enough … it is okay to squeak around to get it. Jeb was embarrassed, but it isn’t even the end of the story.

    All of their children have been involved in criminal activity and I won’t go into specifics, but they seem to have been told by someone, at some point that, “if you want it bad enough … do it”.

    Common Core education is just ludicrous, but that is not what this post is about.

    We desperately need a man like Trump, to be the first to put his foot down and say “NO”!!!! with the rest of the good people in the United States. As for the others? Either go by the law or be incarcerated, deported or executed. End of story. That works well.

  13. LaRae Bailey says:

    they fear his honesty and know he can win if the public is behind him…we have all been looking for a leader and our prayers to be answered this is it folks

  14. JoeDrager says:

    The Republican elites continue to pander to the communist Chamber of Commerce – no new news here.

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