BOOM: Vatican Delivers Massive Smackdown On Barack Obama… He Never Saw This Coming


The Pope is coming to America and The White House will be holding a welcoming ceremony but Obama decided to invite some blatantly controversial guests. And the Pope is PISSED!

Hussein felt the need to invite abortion, gay marriage and transgender activists to the ceremony WITHOUT first consulting the Holy man. The arrogance of this Kenyan is absolutely sickening.

Francis X. Rocca reports for the Wall Street Journal:

On the eve of Pope Francis’s arrival in the U.S., the Vatican has taken offense at the Obama administration’s decision to invite to the pope’s welcome ceremony transgender activists, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop and an activist nun who leads a group criticized by the Vatican for its silence on abortion and euthanasia.

According to a senior Vatican official, the Holy See worries that any photos of the pope with these guests at the White House welcoming ceremony next Wednesday could be interpreted as an endorsement of their activities.

The tension exemplifies concerns among conservative Catholics, including many bishops, that the White House will use the pope’s visit to play down its differences with church leaders on such contentious issues as same-sex marriage and the contraception mandate in the health care law.

This is a deliberate insult to Pope Francis and to Catholics here in the US. 

The presence of these figures is especially irritating, the Vatican official said, because it isn’t yet clear if the White House has invited any representatives of the U.S. anti-abortion movement, traditionally a high-priority cause for the U.S. bishops.

ED MORRISSEY at Hot Air reports:

The White House didn’t respond to requests for comment on the Vatican’s reaction to the ceremony’s guest list. White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Thursday he was unaware of the names of individuals on the guest list, but cautioned against drawing any conclusions on specific guests “because there will be 15,000 other people there too.”

This is, to put it frankly, complete crap. Those invitations didn’t come from The Random Catholic Generator. They went out to score points off Pope Francis, and came to light late enough that Francis may not have much choice but to put up with it. No one at the White House is “trying to avoid” it being political — they are going way out of their way to politicize this to pander to their progressive base. It’s an insult, and one that really should have the Vatican consider changing their itinerary to stick to the churches and repay the insult from Obama.

And Conservative Tribune adds:

Pundits also wondered whether Obama would ever consider inviting moderate Muslims or — better yet — homosexuals Jews to visit with Saudi Arabian dignitaries or Iranian negotiators.

The answer is probably not, because Obama only cares about sticking it to Catholics, conservatives and the Christian religion in general.

And yet liberals somehow find it hard to understand why nearly a third of the population thinks Obama is a secret Muslim. If it looks, walks and talks like a duck …

We are just glad that the Vatican fired back against Obama’s petty behavior, not that we expect to find him capable of admitting error, much less correcting it.


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